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My Google Drive Failed to Retrieve File Permissions

Are you using Google Drive to store important data and conduct cloud backup? If so, you may have trouble that Google Drive failed to retrieve file permissions. And you may get an error message showing access certain files or documents denied like this:

Error Message

There’s no doubt that Google Drive is a wonderful online storage service that brings benefits to hundreds of millions of users. However, it is true that some users are annoyed by they could not access Google Drive files sometimes.

Google Drive

In addition to the error message above, you may also encounter similar issues as follows:

  • Issue 1: You receive an "Access Denied" error message or a similar message.

  • Issue 2: You are unable to access the document that others send to you.

  • Issue 3: You can’t access, change, save, or delete files and folders.

  • Issue 4: You can’t open a file or folder after you install a new version of Windows.

You may keep asking “how do I fix permission on Google Drive”. Don’t worry. No matter what kind of issue you are facing, you could find out the answer to get permission on Google Drive in this article. Please read on.

Why did Google Drive fail to retrieve file permissions?

Google Drive failed to retrieve file permissions in Windows PC/Mac may be caused by multiple reasons. Normally, there are 5 possible elements that may lead to access Google Drive files denied.

  • An interrupted internet connection. 

  • Using multiple Google accounts on the same device.

  • Corrupted files and sectors on Google Drive.

  • You have logged out and still trying to access the data from Google Drive.

  • Add wrong credentials while logging in to the Google Drive account.

9 ways to fix Google Drive file permissions issue

How to fix access denied or unable to access Google Drive documents in Windows PC/Mac? Here are displayed 8 ways and the best Google Drive alternative- CBackup in total as follows. Keep reading and you will be directed to fix your trouble with professional operations quickly.

Way 1. Check the Status of Google Drive

Before trying any other method that may be complex, just try checking the status of Google Drive. Since if Google Drive is down for some reason, you may have difficulty accessing certain files or documents you need. Normally, most Google services will show up in G Suite Status Dashboard as the picture shows. Check if the little circles next to them are all green.


Way 2. Try New Web Browser or Device

If there is no problem with your Google Drive status, the access may be denied by the unsuitable web browser. You can change any other browser you prefer, and here are some recommendations: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and so on, which can all be alternatives to access Google Drive Website.

Other Browser

Way 3. Sign Out Other Google Accounts That You Have

If it does not work changing web browser, you can try this way: sign out other Google accounts that you have. When you are signing in with multiple accounts, what you need to do first is to make sure that you are signed in with the Google account correctly (the account that is connected with the files you try to access). After that, please go ahead and try to continue signing out other Google accounts that you have, which are useless to you at the time.

Way 4. Try to Use Incognito or InPrivate Mode

In case the problem remains after signing out other Google accounts, please try to use the incognito or inPrivate mode of your browser. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Launch the browser on the device and click on the dotted option present in the top right corner.

Step 2: In the drop-down menu, select the option of New incognito window.

Step 3: Once you are in the Incognito window, now access your Google Drive.

New Incognito Window

Way 5. Clean Cookies and Caches

In addition to the browser mode, the cookies and caches on your internet browser may have an influence on the normal operation of Google Drive. So please clean cookies and caches by doing this:

1. Click the symbol at the top right of the screen and select More Tools.

2. Choose Clear browsing data and then select All time.

3. Select Cached images and files and Cookies and other site data, then click Clear data.

Clear Data

Way 6. Disabling Any Google Extensions

Still unable to access document Google Drive? Don’t be confused. Here is another way: disabling any Google extensions. Similarly, multiple Google extensions at the same time may force Google Drive permission error. Follow the step as follows.

1. Copy and paste the following link into your navigation bar: chrome://extensions then proceed.


2. On the Extensions page, simply either uncheck the Enabled box to disable the Chrome extension or click the trash button to remove any extension.

Way 7. Try another Google account

Trying another Google account can be considered a way to fix failed to retrieve file permission Google Drive problem. If you have several Google accounts, then just try to do this:

1. Open the file you are trying to open.

2. On the "You need access" page, click Change account on the bottom.

3. Now select another Google account and sign in.

Choose An Account

Way 8. Ask the sender to grant access

Ultimately, if you encounter Google Drive access denied you need permission when opening files that others send to you in Gmail. The mistake may be due to the sender of the file has not given you permission to open the file, or they may have removed your permission to view or open the file. So you can do the following steps to ask the sender to give you access. 

1. Open the file from Gmail and you will see the "You need access" page.

2. Here click on Request access.

Request Access

3. The sender will then receive an email requesting access. Once they approve your request, you will receive another email and then you can open the file.

The Best Alternative Way for Google Drive

Using Google Drive to store your files and documents online can be convenient to you at most of time, but it’s really perturbing that you could not access certain files when you are urgent to find some vital information from the files. So how can you avoid similar problem of Google Drive permission completely in the future?

Please do not be concerned too much. There is another choice for you, CBackup, the best alternative way for Google Drive and it can ensure you access any file without difficulties. With CBackup, you can enjoy free cloud storage for computer backup with high security, backup or sync your files and even the entire hard drive to the cloud anytime and anywhere, without worrying about file permission problems.

CBackup Main Page

Multiple Functions

  • Support cloud to cloud backup and sync, which is rather convenient if you have multiple cloud storage 

  • service accounts.

  • You can backup/sync files to CBackup Cloud or third-party cloud storage, namely Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive.

  • Free cloud storage of 10 GB in CBackup Cloud, which is large enough for most individuals in basic uses.

  • Get free unlimited cloud storage with Combined Cloud.

Here is how to backup your files to CBackup Cloud with CBackup.

Step 1. Download and install CBackup desktop app, and sign up for a new CBackup account.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2.  Click Backup on the left line and Select Backup PC to CBackup Cloud to create a new task.

Create New Task

Step 3. (It is optional to edit the Task Name.) Choose the file you’d like to upload and press the Start Backup button.

Start Backup

Note: If you want to backup your files to the public cloud, say Google Drive, please refer to how to backup up to Google Drive.

Final words

Google Drive failed to retrieve file permissions issue may be due to 5 possible causes mentioned in this article, which is a reference for you to check your errors first. And here are in total of 9 ways to solve Google Drive permission issue, including 8 common methods and the best alternative choice-CBackup to carry out files cloud backup and sync. Wish you solve the problem successfully.

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