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  • Fully use idle space to save crucial data with professional backup methods.
  • Cloud to cloud backup, keep all cloud data safe.
  • Never store user data, safe and reliable.

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What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud technology is the development trend, chasing cloud computing is also a trend!

With the continuous development of the "cloud" concept, cloud is more and more appearing in people's daily life and work, one of which is cloud storage. Users can anytime and anywhere back up their personal data to the network by using cloud storage such as Google Drive (many users misunderstand that this service is google cloud backup, but it is not), OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. This is Cloud Backup.

Cloud Backup

Is it safe to backup to the cloud?

Compared to traditional disk backup, cloud backup makes data more secure. The data transmission process is encrypted, which makes people more reassuring; it is not limited by space and equipment, there's no need to use data line or back up to the memory card. It can avoid the risk of data loss.

At the same time, it also supports multi-platform management. Your storage space will be effectively integrated through backup and transfer, it can not only increase storage space utilization, but also reduce your costs.

And as mentioned in the most famous data backup method - 3-2-1 backup strategy, you need to store your data offsite to prevent you from losing all your data and backup versions in situations such as natural disasters, and the cloud is the most direct offsite storage destination.

Which one is the best cloud backup service for you?

Nowadays, you can see many cloud online backup services on the market. Undoubtedly, the most popular PC cloud backup services are Crashplan, BackBlaze, Carbonite and CBackup. But are they really suit you? Let's simply sort out:

1. CrashPlan

CrashPlan is one of the leading services of cloud backup. This service provider provides unlimited storage and security layers to protect user data. The tool provides real-time backup and recovery of data; supports Mac, Windows and Linux; supports Cross-platform integration with iOS, Android and Kindle devices, etc.

It has so many advantages, but there’s a problem. It provides customized services only for small business. That's not a good choice for home user. $10 per month per computer, you can try the one-month free trial first.


2. BackBlaze

BackBlaze is also one of the most reliable online backup services that store users' data in the cloud. Customized services are available for personal and business cloud backup. Users can upload entire drive data or manually select the data to save; access their web-based space from anywhere, or just use their iOS and Android apps. $50 per computer per year (or $5 per month), then you can get unlimited storage space while using BackBlaze cloud backup.


3. Carbonite

Carbonite Cloud Backup tool can upload files to the cloud automatically and is considered one of the best cloud backup solutions in 2020. It customizes different plans for family and business. Simply install the Carbonite desktop application on your system and upload data to the cloud anytime, anywhere. It has a 15-day free trial for users to experience its features. After that, users can get an advanced plan of $59.99 a year and get unlimited space in the cloud.


4. CBackup

CBackup is a professional and reliable cloud backup service that focuses on both PC Cloud backup and cloud to cloud backup services. For PC to cloud backup, it provides its own stable and remote cloud server called CBackup Cloud. Meanwhile, it also allows you to backup files to mainstream cloud storage including Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. As for cloud to cloud backup, it allows you to add multiple cloud storage accounts on its interface and create a backup or sync task to move files between any of two accounts freely and easily.

In addition, it offers many useful backup settings like scheduled backup and file filter for both PC cloud backup and cloud to cloud backup. What's more, it is cost-effective, the cloud to cloud backup and cloud to cloud sync features are free and the storage plans of CBackup Cloud are also reasonable.

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What CBackup could offer you?

If you are a user of free cloud drive, you can add and authorize your cloud drives (such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) to combine the free space into a complete larger backup space for free, and make full use of free cloud disk resources. You can even achieve unlimited online cloud backup in this way if you have enough cloud storage accounts.

Add Combined Cloud1

More about CBackup

Backup cloud service: CBackup is a professional cloud backup service, and most of the cloud disks on the market now provide synchronization feature only. The advantage of backup is that after the source file is deleted, the backup file remains. In this way, you can delete unnecessary source files to make room for the local disk or cloud drive.

File Filter: Your folders may contain some files that do not need to be backed up (such as system files, cache files, etc.), and the specified file types can be backed up through settings. You can set the excluded types or the contained types, and only back up the files that are needed to save backup time and space.

File Filter

Restore: This is a very useful feature. When the hardware or server crashes, you can quickly restore data through the backup file. When you need to change the computer, you can back up the data of the old computer and restore it to the new computer.


Backup is an effective way to protect data, and cloud data backup is obviously more secure. These cloud backup tools can protect data from accidental crashes and malware attacks, even by extreme disasters such as fires and floods. If you are still looking for one of the best cloud backup solutions, you may wish to try CBackup and discover more possibilities! According to your actual needs, choose the one that suits you best!