Our Mission

Data security

Responsible for the safety of user data and ensuring zero loss of data is what we have been pursuing.

User first

We will strictly control every detail of the product and provide users with the best cloud backup service.


We encourage employees to continue to innovate and provide users with the best quality customer experience.


We will strive to become an industry benchmark, so that more users can benefit from CBackup.

Bright Features And Prominent Highlights We Offer

Back up all your data to the cloud, and combine all your cloud space to store your backup files.

  • Backup and sync PC data to the secure cloud.

  • Support backup and sync between different cloud drives.

  • Provide incremental flexible backup plan.

  • Easily restore data from cloud drives when the server crashes.

  • Totally free and comprehensive cloud backup service.

  • Combine all idle space of clouds to unlimited backup storage.

  • Provide additional free and safe CBackup cloud space.

  • Support data backup to any of your third-party cloud.

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What We Focused on


Double backup insurance and the strongest 256-bit AES encryption.


Powerful cloud backup function and higher operation success rate.

Easy to Use

Clear and technological interface and simple operation process.


Provide professional 24*7*365 technical support and service.

Why CBackup

Receive recognition and support from authoritative websites.

It is strongly recommended that you try a free backup solution——CBackup, which has a simple interface and simple operation steps. It is a free network-based cloud-to-cloud backup service.

“ CBackup completes the work in a simple, direct, and non-cumbersome way. It's certainly speedy, files and folders moved between the cloud. ”

Data loss and leakage are inevitable. CBackup is a solution that not only provides you with safe and unlimited storage space, but also provides many other convenient functions.

Backing up data to the cloud has become essential. Backup is a safe and free cloud backup tool, and is your best choice.

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