Top 6 Best Online Storage Services for Files (2024)

Are you searching for the best online storage for files? If you are, you are in the right place. Here you will learn about a complete list of the best 6 cloud storage and an easy way to get unlimited cloud storage.


by Jonna Lasted Updated April 26, 2024

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What is Online Storage?

Online storage refers to storing data on a medium or a device that is under the control of a processing unit, which could be a virtual storage approach that allows users to store data in a cloud with the Internet. Compared with physical storage, which stores data on a hard disk or local drive, online storage is more convenient.

In the following content, we will list the essentials of online storage and the top 6 best online storage for files. Please keep on reading.

Advantages of Online Storage

With more and more online cloud storage services spring up, many people choose to store data in the cloud. These are some advantages of it:

Easy access: It is easy for users who store data online to access their files. With the network connection, you can get files across multiple devices, like mobile phones, computers, and so on.

High security: Using online storage means you won't have to save paper documents or store items on a hard drive. Therefore, you would not suffer from threats, such as fire, accidental damage to files, that make data lost.

More low cost: The charge of online cloud storage is cheaper than buying a hard drive. And most cloud storage services offer limited free space without payment.

Top 6 Best Online Storage Services for Files

In this chapter, we will show you the best 6 online storage services on the market. All of them will meet the requirements of online storage for documents, and they offer you free storage ranging from 2GB to 15GB.


Idrive Cloud Drive

IDrive is one of the best online storage for documents, with 5GB of free storage for every user. It offers online backup, cloud storage, file syncing and sharing, and file versioning. And it supports backing up an unlimited number of devices to a single account.

Pros: Unlimited devices per account; file versioning with unlimited period; end-to-end encryption; solid mobile apps; Works on various devices; Generous storage plans with affordable prices.

Cons: No unlimited storage option; no online editing; slow upload speed in testing.

Plans & Pricing: 5GB of free storage permanently; For Personal plan, $79.50 per year for 5TB, $99.50 per year for 10TB. For Team and Business plans, the pricing starts at $99.50 per year and $199.50 per year.


Pcloud Icon

If you are looking for the best cloud storage for files and photos, pCloud is eligible, and it describes itself as one of the best cloud storage for personal use. pCloud is an easy-to-use service that comes with 10GB storage for free. It allows you to access and share your files and photos from multiple devices with ease.

Pros: Unrestricted features with the free plan; integrate with social media; media files online playable; accessible for file version control; available for family accounts.

Cons: No collaboration tools; maximum of 5 devices.

Plans & Pricing: $4.99 per month ($47.88 per year) for 500 GB; $9.99 per month ($95.88 per year) for 2 TB.


Box Main

Box is one of the best cloud storage for business since it is packed with a number of mainstream third-party apps, such as Office 365 and G-Suite. Box is a secure platform for file creating, sharing, co-editing, and it works great on data organization and classification.

Pros: 10GB of free space; store any type of file; support for online editing; share files with email; highly integrated with third-party services; on-demand file syncing; top security protection.

Cons: No Android app; pricey for paid accounts.

Plans & Pricing: Box offers Individuals and Teams plans with the monthly payment and annual payment, and Business plans with payment and annual payment. The pricing varies from plan to plan. You can click here for detail.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is worthy to be included in the best online storage for large files. Google Drive is a part of the Google suite of apps, which allows you to sync files to the cloud with the desktop app and the website. It is full service for file storage, sharing, syncing, and collaboration.

Pros: Generous free storage space (15GB); easy to share data with classmates or colleagues; powerful compatibility with all kinds of files; up to 5TB of file size limit; highly security.

Cons: Tied tightly into Google's other applications; Privacy concerns.

Plans & Pricing: 100 GB for $1.99, 2 TB for $9.99, 30 TB for $299.99.

Microsoft OneDrive

Onedrive Main Page

Microsoft OneDrive, among the best online storage for files, is a feature-rich online cloud storage service with a user-friendly interface, which lets new users store 5GB of data for free. It is integrated with Microsoft Office apps and makes document management easy.

Pros: Powerful file-sharing feature; integrate greatly with Windows; slick mobile apps; convenient document collaborative editing; sufficient data protection.

Cons: Less free storage (only 5GB).

Plans & Pricing: 50 GB for $1.99 per month; 1000GB for $6.99 per month (comes with Office 365 Personal); 5000GB for $9.99 per month (comes with Office 365 Home).


Dropbox Main Page

Dropbox is a pioneer cloud storage and synchronization service for individuals and businesses. It focuses on file storage and collaboration and determines to reduce busywork for the modern workspace.

Pros: Fast and reliable file-sharing; perfect integration with other Microsoft programs; file previews available; easy to use.

Cons: 2GB for file size limitation; skimpy on free storage (2GB).

Plans & Pricing: For individuals, $11.99 a month for 2TB, $19.99 a month for 3TB; the price for Business Dropbox accounts starts at $15 per month per user.

Get Unlimited Storage Space for Free

As introduced above, the top 6 best online storage for files offers new users free storage ranging from 2GB to 15GB. In fact, 15GB free cloud storage could only store 5000 original quality pictures, not to mention storing assorted items with only 2GB space. As a result, you need to pay for the high pricing of paid storage packages.

Fortunately, CBackup could help you out, which enables you to get unlimited storage with cloud storage combination for totally free. It supports merging your free or paid storage space of popular cloud drives, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and so on, into a complete backup space with ease. The more account you have, the larger space you can get.

Cbackup Main Page

Besides, CBackup is a versatile tool that specializes in PC cloud backup and cloud to cloud backup. It not only allows you to back up files from Windows PC to its secure CBackup Cloud, but provides to transfer data between clouds with simple clicks, without downloading and uploading files, and switching between interfaces.

Let’s figure out how to get unlimited storage with CBackup:

1. Download the CBackup app first. Then, create an account for free and sign in to the desktop app.

Download CBackup Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Select the Storage tab, and choose Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, and hit Authorize Now. After that, sign into your account and finish the authorization to allow CBackup to access your cloud storage.

Add Cloud

Note: You can add all your Google Drive accounts, OneDrive accounts, and Dropbox accounts to combine them into a single space.

3. After adding, click on + Add Combined Cloud.

Add Combined Cloud1

4. Tick the checkbox of the cloud storage account that you need to combine, and tap Next > Combine.

Add Combined Cloud3

Then, you will get the combined cloud with huge storage space. You can backup any large files to it with CBackup easily.

Add Destination Combined Cloud


This article covers 6 of the best online storage for files free and offers you a reliable way to get unlimited storage space. You can choose the right online cloud service according to your own needs.

If you happen to be a Windows user, you can't miss CBackup, which makes the combining cloud storage job easier on your device. You can download it and have a go.

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