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Data safety is our gene, We take security seriously.

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How Does CBackup Guarantee Your Security?

We have seven aspects to ensure the security of your account and your privacy. Please be assured that it's 100% safe for you to use the service of CBackup.

Best-in-class Cloud Storage

CBackup also provides users with CBackup Cloud to store backups. It is the most secure and stable cloud storage service. CBackup Cloud servers are located in the United States and staffed every hour of every day of the year with top-notch security features.

256-bit AES Encryption

We choose to apply 256-bit AES Encryption in data transfer. It is one of the most secure encryption technologies, which can effectively ensure that your data is not tampered, blocked or cracked.

Delete Account Permanently

You can permanently delete your CBackup account at any time.When you choose to close your account, CBackup will permanently remove all your account information from the database.

You Own Your Data

CBackup enables you to combine multiple free and idle cloud storage of your own into a larger space for storing critical data backups so that you don't have to pay money to buy storage for cloud backup. CBackup works as a channel that only connect your cloud drive accounts. All of your backups are stored in the cloud storage services that you trust, and only you have the authority to access them.

Compliance With GDPR & Privacy

We respect your privacy. We apply appropriate security and technical measures to protect the privacy of personal data. Besides, only personal data that is necessary for the specific purpose can be processed by CBackup. You can click here to see our privacy policy and know what information we collect, how we use, share, and protect user information.

OAuth Authorization System

OAuth is an industry-standard security framework. Most cloud storage providers like Google Drive use it to authorize 3rd-party applications like CBackup a limited access to users' data. When adding a cloud drive, CBackup will direct you to the cloud drive provider's authorization server. In such case, CBackup never saves your login information like cloud account and password. Besides, you can cancel the access from your cloud drive account at any time.

Remove Access Anytime

You can remove access to the CBackup from your cloud account at any time. When you cancel the authorization, we will disconnect from this account. You can know more about it in your cloud account treaty. Learn more >>

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