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My Dropbox desktop app is not opening!


How to open Dropbox desktop app?

I need to open the Dropbox desktop app so I can change the settings. The problem is that when I 'open' the Dropbox app on my computer, it just shows the Dropbox files on my computer. The app itself never opens. I just installed the latest update and it still doesn't open the app.


Have you ever encountered a similar issue of Dropbox desktop app not opening to the user above? Never mind. Read this article and your anxiety will be terminated soon.

Why isn’t my Dropbox app opening?

Although as one of the best online storage for files, Dropbox offers many conveniences to its customers, “the Dropbox app can not  be opened” is a common issue that many of you may face. Why is Dropbox app not opening on Mac or Windows? Well, it may possibly be caused by multiple errors in the app or Windows system, such as client bugs, icon missing, firewall issues, Anti-virus affection, etc.


Now, you must be curious about how to solve the Dropbox not opening error and how to open the Dropbox app correctly. Please keep reading and you’ll get useful suggestions indeed.

How to open the Dropbox desktop app

Plenty of people are asking how to open the Dropbox desktop app, so the issue of Dropbox can’t open may be caused by you did not open it in the correct way. Here is how to open Dropbox app.

1. Download the Dropbox desktop application. (If you have downloaded and installed it, just skip to step 4.)

2. After that, open the installer of Dropbox in your system.

3. Then, follow the instructions in the install wizard to complete the installation.

4. Click on the Start menu and search Dropbox in the applications list. Then click the Dropbox icon in your taskbar.

5. You can open Dropbox and sign in to it.

Sign in to Dropbox

How to fix the cannot open Dropbox desktop app on Windows/Mac

However, how can you fix the Dropbox desktop app won't open in Windows 10/11 or on Mac in the normal way as the above? Here are 5 common solutions for you, please check them and have a try if necessary.

Fix 1. Restart the Dropbox desktop app

To start with, many application issues, like Dropbox not working, Dropbox won’t open, etc., might be caused by its client bugs inside, so to make it easy, why not restart your Dropbox desktop app and have a try again? Here is how to do it.

On Windows 10/11:

1. Press the Windows key on the keyboard or click Start Menu, then right-click Taskbar and select "Task Manager".

2. Find the Dropbox process on the list as follows.

  • If you see Dropbox here, right-click it and select "End task".

  • If Dropbox is not here, maybe you have ended the task.

Task Manager

3. Restart Dropbox by clicking the desktop icon or menu item to check if it works.

On Mac:

1. Find the Finder menu at the top of the screen of your Mac to select the macOS menu bar.

1. Then, tap on the black apple icon in the upper-left corner.

2. Select “Force Quit” from the drop-down menu, and you will be guided to the new window named “Force Quit Application”.

3. Now, choose the Dropbox application and click “Force Quit”.

Dropbox Force Quit on Mac

4. Restart the Dropbox application to see if the problem still appears.

Fix 2. Change the notification area of the Dropbox icon

Besides, sometimes the Dropbox app on Mac or Windows not opening is caused by the Dropbox icon missing. Even though you installed the Dropbox desktop app but you can not see the Dropbox icon on the desktop. So please do as follows to find the icon.

On Windows 10/11:

1. Right-click your taskbar in Windows 10 and then choose Taskbar at the bottom.

2. Under the Taskbar settings, locate the Notification area section and choose Select which icons appear on the taskbar.

Enable Icon on Taskbar

3. Search for the Dropbox icon on the list and turn it on. Then you can see the Dropbox icon and click it to see if you can open Dropbox now.

On Mac:

1. If the Dropbox app not opening on Mac due to an icon missing, click the three-dots (More) icon in the upper left corner and select the gear icon.

2. Then select the Control Menu Bar Items option from the drop-down menu that shows to you.

Control Menu Bar Items

3. Now, you can manually move the Dropbox icon to be shown on the menu bar.

Fix 3. Disable your Windows/Mac antivirus protection

What if you can see the Dropbox icon but still can't open Dropbox on Mac and Windows 10? Don’t be panic. It may be due to the Windows antivirus protection in your system. To solve it, please try to do this.

On Windows 10/11:

1. Click on Start > Settings Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection > Virus & threat protection settings (or Manage settings in Windows 10).

2. Next, switch Real-time protection to turn it off.

Disable Windows Defender Antivirus

On Mac:

1. Click the Trend Micro icon on the Menu bar of your macOS, and select Shut Down Trend Micro Antivirus.

Shut Down Trend Micro Antivirus

Note: If it does not work after that, you can use the Diagnostic Toolkit tool:

1. Open up your Spotlight, type Trend Micro Antivirus Diagnostic Toolkit, then press RETURN.

2. In the General window, please select Stop Components.

Stop Components

Fix 4. Turn off Windows/Mac firewall

In addition to Windows antivirus protection, the Windows firewall can also prevent you from launching the Dropbox process due to Dropbox permission denied. Therefore, you have to fix the Dropbox Permission error in Windows or macOS by doing this:

On Windows 10/11:

1. Similarly, select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Defender Open Windows Defender Security Center Firewall & network protection Allow an app through firewall one by one.

Turn off Firewall

2. Then, you will see a pop-up dialog, just click Change settings, look through the list of apps, when you find Dropbox, check it and the boxes of Private and Public. At last, click OK.

Allow APP

On Mac:

1. Click on the Apple icon at the top left corner of the screen and select System Preferences.

2. Once done, the System Preferences window will appear on the screen, hit the Security & Privacy icon.

Security And Privacy

3. Click on Firewall, turn on the lock icon at the bottom left and enter valid unlock credentials, like your username and password.

4. Then, click on "Turn off Firewall" button under the firewall tab. Next, tap on the lock icon to prevent further changes without your permission.

Fix 5. Upgrade or uninstall the Dropbox app

If you have tried turning off all the Windows protection settings and Dropbox app won’t open in Windows 10 or on Mac. You may try upgrading or uninstalling the Dropbox app, which can be helpful in most errors, such as Dropbox not connecting with Windows 10, the Desktop Dropbox not syncing issue and so on. You can uninstall Dropbox like this.

On Windows 10/11:

1. Open the Start menu and select Settings > Apps > Apps & features in turn.

2. Find Dropbox here and click on Uninstall, keep clicking Uninstall as the pop-up appears.

Uninstall Dropbox

3. Now, please go to download the latest vision of Dropbox app from the official website and then install it again. After upgrading, relaunch Dropbox to check if the error is fixed.

On Mac:

1. Open Finder on your Mac, input the Dropbox in the search bar to find the Dropbox app

2. Just right-click on Dropbox and select Move to Trash.

Move to Trash

3.  Right-click on the Trash app in the bottom right corner of your Mac and click Empty Trash and confirm it. 

4. Similarly, download the latest version of Dropbox as the foregoing step.

2 Tips for Dropbox desktop app not opening

If you are always anxious about multiple Dropbox desktop app issues, not only can’t open Dropbox, but also other troublesome Dropbox errors, like Dropbox not loading or Dropbox direct download not working, and so on. Why not try another safer and more valuable online backup service to replace Dropbox, which can terminate your anxiety forever? CBackup is a professional and high-efficient online backup tool for computer users, which can be the best alternative for you.   

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CBackup is available for you to sync and back up files to Dropbox quickly, and other clouds, like Google Drive, OneDrive, and other clouds also supported. 

If the Dropbox 2GB of free cloud storage is not enough for you, just try the CBackup Cloud, which provides 10 GB of free storage, with the 256-bit AES encryption, OAuth authorization system, etc., in CBackup, you’ll never worry about the security of data in the cloud. Therefore, you can conduct many PC backups without any limitations.

CBackup offers you a wonderful user experience with its clear interface and easy operations so that you can transfer files online rather quickly and simply. Now, we will show you how to backup files to Dropbox and CBackup Cloud separately.

Tip 1. Backup Files to Dropbox Quickly

Just follow the steps to backup files to Dropbox if you want to bypass the Dropbox desktop app not opening problem:

1. Download CBackup on your computer first. Then, create a CBackup account freely and sign in.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Then hit the My Storage icon on the left side, choose Dropbox to add, then follow the guide to finish the authorization.

Add Dropbox

3. select Backup and click on the Backup PC to Public Cloud option.

Backup PC to Public Cloud

Tips: You could use the Sync PC to Public Cloud under the Sync tab to sync files to Dropbox as well.

4. Select the computer files in the source section and tick Dropbox as the destination, press the Start Backup button to backup files to Dropbox easily.

Start Backup Files to Dropbox

CBackup enables you to do Dropbox schedule backup automatically, so you can create a scheduled task in a frequency-time as you need so that it will backup files automatically for you as follows. To do so, click “Settings” before pressing the start backup button and select ''Scheduler'', then choose one from 4 scheduled modes.
Email Notification can help you to get the email after the backup is finished.
File Filter will do you a big favor to exclude the file types that you don't want to backup.


Schedule Backup

Tip 2. Backup Files to CBackup Cloud Instead

Now, please follow the specific guide to back up your local files to CBackup Cloud if you want more free cloud space.

1. Select Backup and click on the Backup PC to CBackup Cloud option.

Select Pc To Cbackup Cloud

2. Now, you can choose to modify the Task Name in terms of your preference. Then please select the local files that you want to backup. lastly, click on the Start Backup button to start the backup task right away.

Backup App Data Start Backup

Remember that if the cloud storage in the CBackup platform is insufficient for you, you can get unlimited cloud storage with Combined Cloud for free or try to upgrade it to get a larger space with high cost-effective subscription plans.

Final words

The Dropbox desktop app not opening issue can be really annoying for multiple Dropbox users, so please try these 5 recommended solutions and 2 tips to solve your Dropbox desktop app won’t open problem in Windows PC/Mac. Besides, you can enjoy various benefits if you use CBackup as the PC cloud backup tool.

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