Most people protect data by using cloud backup services to store files, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Although cloud storage has strong technology to prevent data from losing, the protection is only on their side.

In case of disaster, you need a cloud to cloud backup software to back up data between cloud drives, which adds an extra layer of protection for your data on cloud drive by creating a second copy in another cloud.

In What Situations will You Need CBackup?

Under Threat

Unexpected events such as accidental deletion or overwriting, virus attacks, and cloud disk service providers stop providing services will threaten the security of cloud data.

Troublesome Management

People tend to store different data and files on different cloud drives, but it may take too much time on downloading and re-uploading, logging in different accounts or cloud drives.

Unreasonable Restrictions

Transferring certain types of files between clouds may trigger many restrictions, such as insufficient storage in the target cloud, or the size limit for a single backup.

Untimely Backup

Many factors, such as the tedious backup and forgetting to back up, will cause people to fail to back up in time, leading to loss of important data.

What can CBackup do for you?

CBackup offers free cloud to cloud backup solution to backup files between different cloud services or multiple accounts of the same cloud. Efficient and secure.

  • Place backups on other clouds, make online cloud backup. Get more free cloud storage.
  • Will not occupy the memory and network resources of the computer.
  • Save the time of downloading and uploading between cloud drives.
  • Automatic offline backup after setting.
  • No limit to the size of a single backup file.

How to Backup One Cloud to Another with CBackup?

Make a cloud-to-cloud backup in three steps.

  • Add your cloud drives and configure the backup space.
  • Click "Backup" > "Backup Public Cloud to Public Cloud" to add the source and destination clouds.
  • Finally, click "Start Backup” and check the backup progress in real-time.
Add Cloud Drives
Create Cloud to Cloud Backup Task
Backup One Cloud to Another

Why Choose CBackup Cloud Data Backup Service?

Never Want to lose any file? Backup your data with the best free cloud data backup service.

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