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How to Backup Windows 10 Folder to Dropbox?

"I am looking for a way to copy or backup a folder on the Windows 10 computer automatically to Dropbox every week. I am an audio engineer, and my audio console utilizes all of its inner workings into a small file. This is why having the console work directly from a synced folder in drop box could pose a reliability problem. Right now this is being done manually. Would love to find a way to automate this. I appreciate your help! "

--Question from

Don’t worry If you stuck in Windows 10 backup to Dropbox problem, today we will show you different ways to backup Windows 10 to Dropbox with the detailed steps.

In the next part, it will be three parts: backup Windows 10 folder to Dropbox, backup Windows 10 system files to Dropbox, backup Windows 10 entire computer to Dropbox.

Backup Windows 10 folder to Dropbox

You will find different ways to backup Windows 10 folder to Dropbox with the following words:

Way 1. Set Up to Automatically Backup Windows 10 Folder

To backup Windows 10 to Dropbox, please install the latest version of Dropbox desktop app, then sign in your Dropbox account or create a new Dropbox account and sign in.

1. Start the Dropbox desktop app on your Windows 10 computer, then tap the Dropbox icon on the system tray, click your Dropbox profile, and select Preferences.

2. Tap the Backups tab, press the Set up button under This PC section.

Set Up Auto Backup for PC Dropbox

3. You could tick the Windows 10 folder to backup, like Documents, Desktop, Downloads. Then press Set up.

Choose Windows 10 Folders

Tip: You could click Add folders to choose Windows 10 folders, such as Music, Pictures, and Videos.

4. (Optional) You will be prompted for the Dropbox Plus free trial if you are using Dropbox Basic Plan, click Continue with Basic > Yes, continue.

Continue with Basic

Note: Get answers here If you get some errors like the following:

  • Can’t back up to both OneDrive and Dropbox: just remove the folder from OneDrive, and try again to backup the folder to Dropbox.

Can't Back Up Both Onedrive And Drobox

  • Dropbox and folder are on different drives: Make sure Dropbox and the folder you are backing up are in their default locations, then try again.

If you would like to turn off computer backup for Dropbox, here it is:

1. Tap the Dropbox icon on Windows 10 system tray, and click your Dropbox profile, choose Preferences.

2. Tap the Backups tab, click the Set up button.

3. Uncheck all the Windows 10 folders, and click Save to turn off Dropbox computer backup.

Turn Off Dropbox Computer Backup

Way 2. Move Windows 10 Folder Location to Dropbox Folder

Except for the above way to perform Windows 10 backup to Dropbox, you could move the folder location to the location in the Dropbox folder, and it will automatically backup Windows 10 folders to Dropbox. This way only available for these Windows 10 folders: Desktop, Documents, Download, Pictures, Music and Videos.

1. Create a new folder in the Dropbox folder to hold all your users' data. Then create new folders in that new folder, for example, create Documents folder if you want to backup Documents folder to Dropbox, etc.

2. Please input %HOMEPATH% in Windows 10 search box, or press Win + R key combination to open Run dialog, then input %HOMEPATH% to open your Windows 10 account location.

Home Path Windows 10

3. Right-click the Documents folder and select Properties. Then select the Location tab in the window, and click Move... button.

Move Documents Folder To Dropbox Folder


4. Then choose a Dropbox location and click OK.

Move Documents to Dropbox Folder

Then the Documents folder location is moved to Dropbox folder, and it will automatically be backed up to Dropbox once the change occurs.

And you could repeat the above steps to move other folder location to Dropbox folder, and then you could backup Windows 10 folder to Dropbox in automated mode.

Sometimes you might want to sync folders outside the Dropbox folder, just follow the link to get things done.

However, the above two ways cannot help you backup other folders to Dropbox, if you want to backup other folders, please try the last way.


Backup Windows 10 Operating System to Dropbox

If you are intending to backup Windows 10 operating system to Dropbox, the free Windows backup software AOMEI Backupper Standard could help you a lot. Although Backup and Restore could help you create a system image, you probably encounter the Windows 10 system backup failed or create a system image not working for the USB drive. Hence, please download AOMEI Backupper Standard to backup Windows 10 system to Dropbox with simple clicks:

1. Download and perform AOMEI Backupper Standard, then select Backup > System Backup subsequently.

Windows 10 System Backup

2. Rename the Task Name, choose the Dropbox folder as the destination.

Windows 10 System Backup to Dropbox

3. (Optional) Tap Schedule at the bottom of the window, choose Daily, Weekly, Monthly to backup Windows 10 regularly, here we choose Weekly and hit OK.

Schedule Settings General

4. Press Start Backup button, then choose Add the schedule and start backup now to backup Windows 10 system to Dropbox automatically.

Then the Windows 10 system backup will be synced to the Dropbox server automatically.

Important: Please ensure your Dropbox has enough cloud storage space to store Windows 10 system backup. Upgrade Dropbox account or try CBackup to get extra Dropbox cloud storage.


Backup Windows 10 Entire Computer to Dropbox

To backup Windows 10 entire computer to Dropbox, the free cloud backup service CBackup desktop app will do you a big favor. You could backup entire computer to Dropbox easily, including Windows 10 system files, user profiles, installed program files, system settings and other your personal files. It provides you free 10GB cloud storage (CBackup Cloud), and you could backup files to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, CBackup Cloud, even the mixed cloud storage (merge different clouds into one big backup space).

Download CBackup Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Add Dropbox to CBackup

1. Please create a new CBackup account and sign in to CBackup desktop app.

Sign In

2. Tap My Storage tab on the left, click Add Clouds button to choose Dropbox, and click Add. Then follow the steps to grant authority to CBackup, which allows accessing your Dropbox files.

Add Cloud

3. Then edit the Cloud name, and Storage path, then tick the option "Note: please don't modify or delete the CBackup path or backup files in your Dropbox account.", and click OK.

Complete Dropbox Info

Backup Windows 10 Entire Computer to Dropbox

1. Select the Backup tab, then click Backup PC to Public Cloud button to create a backup task.

Backup PC to Public Cloud

2. Modify the Task Name, select Windows 10 entire computer files, then choose Dropbox as the target location.

3. (Optional) Tap Settings at the bottom, tick Set a backup schedule for automated backup option under Scheduler tab, choose a time to backup: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or One time only, and click OK.

Schedule Backup

★Tips: With Settings, you could enjoy the following features:
Enable email notification to get email alert after the backup finished with a success or failure.
File Filter allows you to backup all files, include or exclude the file types you want to or don’t want to backup to Dropbox.

4. Press the Start Backup button to backup Windows 10 entire computer to Dropbox automatically.

Backup Files to Dropbox Start Backup

Besides, Dropbox is not a backup solution and if you intend backing up Dropbox, the CBackup is much more help, because you could perform cloud to cloud backup, such as sync Dropbox to Google Drive or vice versa, or between other clouds.

Important: If your Dropbox lack storage to store Windows 10 system backup or an entire computer backup file, it’s highly recommended to try CBackup to merge multiple Dropbox accounts, even other clouds (Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) to increase Dropbox cloud storage.

Wrapping Things Up

According to the above solutions, it’s easy for you to perform Windows 10 backup to Dropbox, no matter what you are backing up, files and folders, Windows 10 operating system, or even entire computer, you could follow the step-by-step guide to backup computer to Dropbox more flexible.

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