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User case: Dropbox not syncing in Windows 10

“Hello everyone, I am running Dropbox in Windows 10 but my Dropbox stopped syncing. When I click app icon in the system tray, it says it is syncing. However, Dropbox keeps this state for several days and no files have been synced. What can I do? Any kindly reply will be appreciated!”

Why is Dropbox not syncing on Windows 10 PC?

As we know, Dropbox is one of the popular cloud backup services for users who want to save and backup their important files in the cloud drive. It allows users to upload files to the cloud and then users are able to access these files on any of their devices including Mac, PC, iPhone or Android devices.

But like all apps and software, it also throws occasional errors and issues. One common error that quite a few users face is Dropbox not syncing properly on Windows 10. Why is dropbox not working? The reasons may be file in use, identical names, file with incompatible characters, anti-virus software, misconfigurations and bugs in settings, firewall issues, etc.

How to fix “Dropbox not syncing in Windows 10” error?

If your Dropbox suddenly stops syncing, it would bring big inconvenience to you. But keep relax and find the reasons and solutions to “Dropbox not syncing Windows 10” issue from the following contents.

Fix 1. Restart Dropbox process

If Dropbox synchronization stuck on your computer suddenly, the first thing you should do is check whether the Dropbox process is running on your computer. If the Dropbox process isn’t running or responding or has frozen up, you may encounter the sync issue. You can simply start or restart the Dropbox process to see if you can fix this error.

1. Right-click the Taskbar and select "Task Manager".

2. Look for the Dropbox process on the list.

  • If Dropbox is showing here, select it, right-click and select "End task".

  • If Dropbox is not present or you have ended the task, restart it using the desktop icon or menu item.

Task Manager

Fix 2. Check the Internet Connection

Internet connection is basic for Dropbox to work properly. Sometimes, Dropbox stops syncing for lacking an internet connection. So, you should ensure the Internet is connected. In addition, you should keep enough network speed and do not limit the Dropbox download and upload rate.

Fix 3. Check the file

If there is something wrong with your file, Dropbox will not sync the file. To fix the sync problem of Dropbox, you need to check your files from the following aspects:

  • Make sure the file you are trying to upload is not open anywhere on your computer.

  • Check the filename of the file and make sure it doesn't contain any special characters such as “&”, “?”, “%”, “#”, or “$”.

  • Change files with identical name. If you have two files with the same name, your files will not be synced. Just rename your files at first.

  • Keep your files with only one version. If you have different versions of files, the Dropbox app will not work as usual. Just keep the latest version of the files.

  • Check the shared folder. For Dropbox not updating shared folder, you need to check if you are still a member of this shared folder, the shared files have been dragged out, or the shared files have been changed by other members.

Fix 4. Delete Dropbox caches

The full Dropbox caches might cause Dropbox not syncing on Windows 10, you can try to clear the caches by following steps below:

1. Open the File Explorer and go to the Dropbox folder.

2. Locate to the .dropbox.cache and choose all the files in that folder to delete.

Fix 5. Disable selective sync

Dropbox selective sync is a new feature to sync only the selected files, leaving the rest of the files offline on the computer. You can try to solve Dropbox not syncing via disabling the selective sync feature.

1. Right-click the Dropbox icon in the Windows taskbar.

2. Click the Settings button, go to Preferences > Sync

3. Select "Selective Sync" and make sure the folder containing the file is not selected.

Dropbox Selective Sync

Fix 6. Check your Windows Firewall and antivirus software

Your Windows Firewall and antivirus program like Windows Defender, Norton, AVG, etc. may regard the Dropbox application as dangerous software and prevent it from running. So, you need to configure it to make sure it works with Dropbox. If Windows Firewall blocked Dropbox, you can add this application to the exception list to allow access with the following steps:

1. Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Defender > Open Windows Defender Security Center > Firewall & network protection > Allow an app through firewall.

Allow App

2. In the pop-up dialog, click Change settings, scroll down the list of apps, find Dropbox and check the boxes of Private and Public. Then, click OK to save the change.

Change Settings

Fix 7. Adjust Dropbox settings (for Advanced Users)

Dropbox also has certain configurations that are set through the command prompt it is possible that those configuration settings were meddled with somehow and that might be causing the issue with syncing your files. Before adjusting those settings make sure to try signing out and then signing in. If that doesn’t work, follow these steps:

1. Click the Dropbox icon in the system tray, go to Settings (gear icon in the notifications panel) and choose Exit Dropbox.

2. Type cmd in the search box, right-click it and Run as administrator.

3. Copy and paste the following commands in the command prompt window and press Enter after each one.

icacls “%HOMEPATH%\Dropbox” /grant “%USERNAME%”:(F) /T

icacls "%APPDATA%\Dropbox" /grant "%USERNAME%":(F) /T

icacls "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Dropbox" /grant "%USERNAME%":F /T

icacls "%PROGRAMFILES%\Dropbox" /grant "%USERNAME%":F /T

Adjust Dropbox Settings in Command Prompt

Fix 8. Upgrade or uninstall Dropbox

Upgrading or uninstalling is also a way to fix the “Dropbox not syncing Windows 10” problem. If your Dropbox is the lasted version, you can try to uninstall and re-install Dropbox. Dropbox won’t delete your files anywhere. Neither in the cloud nor on your computer, so don't worry.

1. Search for and open Control Panel from the Start menu and go to Uninstall a program.

Uninstall Device

2. Then, find Dropbox here and right-click to select the Uninstall option here.

3. Download the latest stable version of Dropbox and install it. You will need to sign in and set it up before sync begins again.

Fix 9. De-link and then re-link your PC/laptop to Dropbox

1. Sign in to and open the account menu.

2. Go to the Settings > choose the Security tab.

3. In the Devices section, click on the “X” for the computer that you want to unlink.

4. At last, relink your Windows PC or laptop using the app.


Fix 10. Using Dropbox client alternative tool

If you have tried the above methods but they don’t work to fix the issue of Dropbox not syncing files/folders but you want to backup files to Dropbox automatically, you can use a Dropbox client alternative tool - CBackup to replace Dropbox.

CBackup is a cloud backup service that allows you to add third-party cloud storage accounts like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. on one interface. And after adding, it can not only help you backup files to these cloud drives automatically and easily.

1. Download CBackup on your computer.

2. Create a CBackup account and sign in.

CBackup Sign Up

3. Click the My Storage tab, and then click Add Cloud to add your Dropbox account.

Add Cloud

4. After logging in, click on the Backup Tasks and click on the New Task button.

Create Task

5. Click on Add Source to select the PC files that you want to backup to OneDrive. And choose Dropbox as the backup destination. After selecting, click Start Backup.

Start Backup


That’s all about how to fix the “Google Drive stopped syncing” issue, you can try the fixes one by one until your problem gets solved. However, chances are that you take a long time to handle this problem but can’t fix the error successfully. Therefore, you can use CBackup as a Dropbox client alternative to backup and sync your files to Dropbox or do cloud to cloud transfer directly. What’s more, it is totally free, why not give it a try?

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