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About OneDrive backup

OneDrive (formerly called Microsoft SkyDrive, Live SkyDrive) is a file hosting service provided by Microsoft. It can be used on Windows OS and iOS computer and Windows, Android, iOS phone. If you upload files and folders to the OneDrive, those files and folders will be protected and available on other devices that installed OneDrive.


When you sign up for OneDrive, you can get 5GB of storage space for free. And you can invite other users to upload pictures to OneDrive. Each new OneDrive user you invite can bring you another 8GB storage space.

In the next content, I would like to share with you how I backup data to OneDrive and how I gain more storage space.

How to use OneDrive to back up your data?

OneDrive is embedded in Windows, and you can directly use the OneDrive in File Explorer, follow the steps and see how it works.

Step 1. In the desktop, click “This PC” to open File Explorer, Drag files or folder to want to backup to the OneDrive icon in the left side of the window.

Step 2. Then you will be asked to sign up an OneDrive account, or you can click the OneDrive icon in the bottom, and click “add account” in the account tab.

Onedrive App Sign In

Step 3. Follow the instruction and complete the registration. Once your computer connected OneDrive account, you can view the files and folder from any other supportive devices.

Open Onedrive Folder

In addition, you can browse the OneDrive website ( to download or upload files and folders.

OneDrive is very helpful tool to store files, especially when you don’t have enough space on your PC. However, 5GB free storage is too small to store our data, just one move can take up 5GB space. If you want more backup space, you have to pay.

In order to gain more space of cloud service for free, I turn to other backup apps like Google Drive, so I gained much more storage space about 60GB, and I upload most of my PC files to these “Clouds”. But I also ran into another problem, I have to keep all these apps on my computer, which takes up lots of space, and it is a puzzling thing to find a specific file among so many apps.

How to break the 5GB restriction of OneDrive for free?

Now I find an easy way to break the 5GB restriction of OneDrive for free and avoid all the trouble to deal with so many apps. I find a tool called CBackup that helps me to backup data and files easily and quickly.

Next, I want to share this tool with you. And show you how to use this method to backup data to OneDrive easily and quickly.

Step 1. Enter CBackup, and input your E-mail and set a password and follow the instruction to finish the registration. Download the CBackup app and sign in.

Sign Up

Step 2. Enter your account home page, click the “My Storage” tab, and click “Add Cloud” to add a cloud. And choose a cloud, here we choose OneDrive. And click “Add”.

Add Cloud

Select Onedrive

Step 3. Reset Display Name and you can edit the storage path and allocate space. Click OK.

Complete OneDrive Info

Step 4. Back to the home page and click “New Task” under the “Backup Tasks” tab.

Create Task

Tip: You can choose a file or folder from your PC or a third-party Cloud.

Step 5. Click "Add Source" to select files and folders from your PC, and “Add Destination” to add a cloud, here we use OneDrive to backup.

Add Source

Tip: If your OneDrive cloud is running out of space, you can click My Storage > + > New Combined Cloud to combine storage of multuple cloud drives, and choose Combined Cloud as the backup destination.

Step 6. Then click "Start Backup" at the bottom.

Start Backup Computer to OneDrive

Then you can close the page, it will backup files with OneDrive automatically.


This is all about how I backup data and file to OneDrive easily and quickly. I break the limit of 5GB storage space without charge. I hope this method can save you from so many different cloud apps.

You can upgrade to VIP, and it can give you more services, like 500GB of cloud-to-cloud transferring, uploading 2 tasks at the same time, encrypting files.