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Getting Free Up Storage Space Message in Windows 10?

“Recently, I found my C drive is almost full and keeps getting the message:

Free up storage space

Your computer’s running low on storage space. Visit storage settings to free some up.

And I checked my hard disk and find other partitions have enough space except for C drive, what should I do to free up disk space on my computer? Please help, Thanks a lot.”

Free Up Storage Space

If you get this message and it implies that your computer don’t have enough disk storage and you have to learn how to free up disk space on Windows 10. Why you keeps getting low disk space? Below content will show you some reasons and effective solutions.

Other Related Low Disk Space Errors

Except for your computer is running low on storage space message, you might also find other errors that remind you to free up disk space:

  • Low disk space. You are running very low on disk space on Local Disk (C:). Click here to see if you can free space on this drive.

  • Delete Windows? Your computer’s running low on storage space. We can create some space by deleting Windows.

  • Your computer's running low on storage space. We can free some up by deleting your previous version of Windows.

  • Low disk space. You are running out of disk space on local disk (D:).

  • Windows needs more space to update. Due to low disk space, Microsoft can’t install the latest security and feature updates for Windows 10.

Although they are different messages, but what you should do is freeing up some space and then they will be gone.

How to Free Up Disk Space on PC? (9 Effective Ways)

To solve this problem, you can follow the below 9 effective ways to get more available disk storage space.

Way 1. Delete files with Storage Sense

Storage Sense is the tool in Windows 10 that helps you to remove temporary files and unneeded apps and features, documents and more effectively on system hard drive. Here is how to delete files automatically with Storage Sense:

1. Please input storage sense in Windows 10 search box, and choose Turn on Storage Sense.

2. Click Configure Storage Sense or run it now, and press Clear now button under Free up space now section.

Storage Sense Free Up Space Now

Also, you could click the category as you like before the above step 2 if you still don’t have enough storage space, and do what you want to do, like uninstalling apps, remove large folders, manage Documents folders, and so on.

Storage Sense Clear Temporary Files

Way 2. Delete files manually

If you running out of disk space on local disk like D drive or other non-system partitions, you might need to delete unnecessary files manually, and if there is nothing to delete, you might need to extend the partition using the professional disk management software for free.

Way 3. Move files to Another (External) Drive

Generally, your personal files and the system files is on different drives, but some of your personal files like user files is still stored on your C drive. To free up space on your C drive, you could move the downloaded files, videos, musics and other files to D, E or external drive, and save a lot of storage space for C drive and the free up storage space notification will be gone.

Way 4. Uninstall Apps and Programs

There is a chance that your computer is full of many applications, and for some professional users, like photographer, 3D designer, the application might use lots of storage space, and if you don’t need it anymore, just uninstall successfully like this:

1. Click Start on Windows 10, then choose Settings icon > Apps.

2. Scroll down to find the programs that you want to delete, and click it, then choose Uninstall.

Uninstall Apps

Wait for a while, then it will be uninstalled successfully. Just uninstall other programs until there is enough storage space on your computer.

Way 5. Use Disk Cleanup tool

Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr.exe) is a hard drive storage space maintenance tool, which helps you to free up disk space. Therefore, if you get Free up storage space notification, please do the following steps to clear disk space easily:

1. Please input disk cleanup (or cleanmgr.exe) in Windows 10 search box, and select Disk Cleanup.

Disk Cleanup

2. Choose the drive that you want to free up space, here we choose C drive, and click OK.

3. Tick all the checkboxes before the options, and tap OK to free up storage space.

Disk Cleanup Clear Previous Windows Installations

Tips: It will remove your temporary files, Recycle Bin, previous Windows installations, user file history, downloaded program files, and other junk files.

And then you could do the same things for other partitions until you clear all the junk files.

Way 6. Clear Desktop and Recycle Bin

If your C drive is almost full, the first thing you should do is check your desktop and clear Recycle Bin. They will occupy many storage space on your local computer hard drive if you never cleared both of them.

Clear Desktop

  1. Please remind that don’t save your files and folders that important to you on your desktop, and just move it to other drives for data protection.

  2. Delete files and folders that you don’t need on your desktop, and it will free up more available storage space for your current computer.

Clear Recycle Bin

  1. Double click your Recycle Bin and press Ctrl + A key combination to select all files and folders.

  2. Then press Delete on your keyboard and hit Yes to confirm.

Way 7. Disable Hibernation

Hibernation feature helps your computer restore where you left off, and it uses a lot of disk storage space. Thus, if you are encounter the Free up storage space your computer is running low on storage space message, please disable hibernation in Windows 10 as follows:

1. Please input cmd in Windows 10 search box, and right click Command Prompt, and choose Run as administrator.

2. Then type the following command and hit Enter to run this command:

powercfg.exe /hibernate off

Disable Hibernation

Now, your hibernation mode has been turned off and you will get more free disk storage space.

Way 8. Make OneDrive Files Online-only

As we all known, OneDrive is built-in in Windows 10 and many users store files on OneDrive. But unfortunately, OneDrive taking up space on C drive bothers you. Why OneDrive taking up disk storage? Here is the reason, OneDrive owns a feature called Files On-Demand, which permits you to save storage space and store files on OneDrive server, and only download when you use them.

So, please make sure OneDrive Files On-Demand feature has been turned on, here is how:

1. Please click OneDrive icon in system tray, and right click it, choose Help & Settings.

2. Choose Settings, select Settings tab on the pop up window, and ensure the option Save space and download files as you use them under Files On-Demand section.

OneDrive Files On-Demand

Way 9. Save to Cloud

What should you do if there still no enough disk space after trying the above solutions? Don’t worry, here may be your last chance, save files to cloud instead of local hard drive space, because cloud storage owns the following benefits:

  • Access flexible. You could access and use the cloud file anytime and anywhere from any devices as long as there has Internet.

  • Flexible Scalability. The cost of cloud storage is much lower than that of the physical devices, like hard drive, SSD, USB, SD Card. Thus, you could get more cloud storage space at the same cost.

To transfer files to cloud, it’s highly recommended to try the free cloud backup service - CBackup, which helps you easily backup files to cloud, like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, CBackup Cloud, etc.

Here is how to backup files to Google Drive with CBackup:

1. Please sign up for a free CBackup account and download CBackup desktop app, and log in.

Download CBackup Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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2. Click My Storage tab, then click Add Clouds, then choose Google Drive and hit Add, follow the steps to authorize CBackup to access your Google Drive files.

Select Google Drive

3. Pitch on Backup > Backup PC to Public Cloud.

Create Task

4. Choose your computer files and select Google Drive as the destination. Press Start Backup to backup files to Google Drive easily and free up space for your computer hard drive.

Start Backup Files to Google Drive

Tips: There are some other features you could configure in Settings:

  • Scheduler: You could backup files on regular basis like daily, weekly, monthly, or even one time only once you set it up, it will save your lots of time to repeat the same process.

  • Email notification will send you the email after the backup or restoration completed with a success or failure.

  • File Filter helps you to save cloud storage space, because it allows you backup the file types you’d like.

Schedule Backup

CBackup offers other useful functions that you may need:

  • Backup one cloud to another easily for data protection, like backup OneDrive to Google Drive, backup Dropbox to Google Drive or vice versa, etc.

  • Sync one cloud to another with everything transferred, it’s easy to operate especially for switch cloud drives.

  • Provides 10GB free of CBackup Cloud storage space to store files.

  • Combine unlimited cloud drives to get unlimited storage space for free.

The Conclusion

How to free up disk space on Windows 10 to solve the free up storage space message? Try the above 9 solutions to fix your computer is running low on storage space. Please keep in mind, clear junk files, use the external hard drive or the cloud storage could help you free up space on your computer.

And backing up files to cloud is another effective way to gain more available disk sapce, and it's highly recommended to try the free cloud backup service -CBackup.

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