Google Drive Incomplete Upload on Android | 9 Ways Here!

Google Drive shows incomplete upload on Android phone, how to remove incomplete upload in Google Drive and fix it, just scroll down the get proven ways.


by Ailsa Lasted Updated March 2, 2023

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Got Google Drive Incomplete Upload error!

I can't upload more than 20-30 files at a time or it will get "stuck" in uploading status for days and then result in an incomplete upload. Very frustrating. Any tips on fixing the issue!?

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Google Drive Incomplete Upload

If you are stuck in the Google Drive upload stuck, then get the incomplete upload problem on your Android phone, don’t worry about this, here we will show you effective ways to troubleshoot. Before fixing Google Drive incomplete upload problem, you should be aware of the causes and make your choice to fix it.

Why does Google Drive show Incomplete Upload?

Sometimes, you might get an incomplete upload in Google Drive, and there are some reasons that should be responsible for the problem:

  • Google Drive might be offline.
  • Unstable Internet connection.
  • Too many Google Drive caches.
  • You’re uploading the large files to Google Drive, which have not been updated correctly.
  • Google Drive storage is full.
  • Restricted data usage.
  • Google Drive is not the latest version.

Now, we will walk you through the workarounds and fix it quickly. Let’s get started to show you one by one.

How to Fix Google Drive Incomplete Upload Quickly

You can try the following solutions and the step-by-step guide to remove incomplete uploads in Google Drive directly.

Way 1. Disable the Transfer files only over Wi-Fi option

Sometimes, you might have enabled the Transfer files only over the Wi-Fi option in your Android Google Drive settings, which can cause the Google Drive incomplete upload problem. So, disabling the option can help you upload files to Google Drive successfully, here are the steps to disable Transfer files only over Wi-Fi:

1. Tap the Google Drive icon to open Google Drive. Then click the three lines icon at the top left corner, and select Settings.

2. Turn off the option behind the Transfer files only over Wi-Fi.

Disable Transfer Files Only over WiFi

3. Now, upload the files to Google Drive again to check if the Google Drive incomplete upload is solved.

Way 2. Clear Google Drive cache

You might get the incomplete upload status if there are too many Google Drive cache files. The caches can be the cause to prevent you from uploading files to Google Drive.

Follow the instructions to clear Google Drive caches:

1. Hit the Google Drive icon on your Android phone.

2. Tap the three lines icon > Settings > Clear Cache > OK.

3. Then your Google Drive incomplete upload problem should be solved.

Note: Besides, you could go to your phone’s Settings to clear Google Drive caches: Open Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Drive > Storage > Clear Cache.

Clear Cache on Android

Way 3. Update Google Drive to Latest Version

Please ensure you have installed the latest Google Drive version, if not, please download the latest Google Drive app on your Android phone, then upload photos and videos to Google Drive easily.

Please open Play Store, then search Google Drive and hit Update to update Google Drive to the latest version.

Update Google Drive on Android

Way 4. Check Google Drive status

To make Google Drive run smoothly, you have to check Google Drive status first on the Google Workspace dashboard, then check the Google Drive status, if Google Drive shows the green check mark, which means that Google Drive status is ok.

1. Please sign in to your Google Drive account, then go to Google Workspace Dashboard.

2. Now check Google Drive status.

Google Drive Status

If Google Drive has no problems, it must be something else. If Google Drive has problems, please wait for Google Drive to fix it, and then upload documents to Google Drive, etc.

Way 5. Bond your Account again

You can make all your files sync again by connecting your Google Drive account, then it will sync the files that you set before, and it will take some time to sync all files to the Google Drive server.

Get the steps to reconnect your Google Drive account:

1. Open the Android Settings app.

2. Tap Accounts or Users & Accounts or something like that, and tap the Google Drive account that you want to disconnect.

3. Select Remove account to disconnect your Google Drive account.

Remove Google Drive Account

4. Sign in to your Google Drive account, then check if your incomplete upload in Google Drive is solved.

Way 6. Check Google Drive storage

Make sure you have enough Google Drive storage space to hold all the data from your Android phone, because you will get incomplete upload in Google Drive if your Google Drive storage is full, it will stop syncing files to Google Drive due to insufficient cloud storage.

You can go to the Google Drive website to check your storage space on the left control panel.

Check Google Drive Storage Space

Way 7. Turn off Unrestricted Data Usage

If you restricted the data usage for Google Drive, getting a Google Drive incomplete upload problem is not an odd thing. It will stop syncing files to Google Drive if the data is over the restricted number. So you have to turn off the unrestricted data usage on Google Drive. Here are the steps for you to disable it:

1. Long-press the Google Drive icon on your Android phone, then open the App info page.

2. Select Mobile data & Wi-Fi > toggle off the Unrestricted data usage.

Turn Off Unrestricted Data Usage

3. It should continue incomplete upload to Google Drive, and wait to complete sync.

Way 8. Upload files in batches

If you are syncing many files to Google Drive, it’s suggested to upload files several times to make the Google Drive sync engine run quickly.

Note: If you still cannot fix the incomplete upload in Google Drive according to the above-proven solutions, you can directly delete the incomplete upload files.

Way 9. Restart Google Drive App

The Google Drive app might encounter some bugs and stop syncing files to Google Drive, so you can restart the Google Drive app, then check if the problem is solved or not.

Better Way to Sync Files to Google Drive via CBackup

If you want to upload large files to Google Drive quickly instead of getting the Google Drive incomplete upload error, it’s highly recommended to upload large files on the computer. You can try the free cloud backup service - CBackup, which is dedicated to syncing and backing up files from the local computer to cloud, as well as cloud-to-cloud sync and backup.

The supported cloud drives include Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more, so you can sync or backup files to Google Drive as you want.
There is no limitation on file size and transfer speed, which only depends on your Internet connection.
CBackup uses incremental sync to save your cloud storage as well as the sync time.
You can set up Google Drive automatic sync via the power settings Scheduler, which allows you to sync files to Google Drive hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly.

Here are the steps to sync files to Google Drive automatically via CBackup:

1. Please download the CBackup desktop app and install, then sign up and sign in.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Tap Storage, select Google Drive > Authorize Now, then complete the authorization.

Select Google Drive

3. Select the Sync tab, then hit Sync PC to Public Cloud.

Sync PC to Public Cloud

4. Choose the files that you want to upload to Google Drive, select a Google Drive folder as the destination.

5. Then hit Settings > Scheduler to enable Google Drive auto sync.

Sync Scheduler

6. Click the Start Sync button to sync files to Google Drive automatically.

Start Sync Files to Google Drive

Now, you can bypass the Google Drive incomplete upload problem forever.

Increase Google Drive storage for Free

If Google Drive incomplete upload is caused by insufficient cloud storage, you can try the combined cloud of CBackup to merge two or more Google Drive accounts or other clouds into one, then you can back up more files to Google Drive storage space.

Here are the steps for you to merge Google Drive accounts:

1. Add more Google Drive accounts according to the above steps.

2. Tap Storage > + Add Combined Cloud.

Add Combined Cloud

3. Tick all Google Drive accounts or other clouds, and press Next.

Tick All Google Drive Accounts

4. Choose the order for them, and hit Combine.

Choose Backup Order for Google Drive Accounts

5. (Optional) Tap Backup > Backup PC to Combined Cloud to enjoy the combined cloud.

Backup PC to Combined Cloud

Except for the above features, you can enjoy other valuable functions while protecting files online:

Backup files to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, CBackup Cloud, combined cloud, and many more.
You can directly migrate Google Drive to OneDrive, Dropbox, or other clouds if you meet the Google Drive incomplete upload due to the low available cloud space, it’s fast and safe.
Besides, you could migrate Google Drive to the combined cloud as well by hitting Backup > Backup Public Cloud to Combined Cloud.

The End

Now, you have mastered how to fix Google Drive incomplete upload, and find the solution that suits you best, then you can upload files to Google Drive quickly. If you can fix it, you can try another solution to sync files to Google Drive, which helps you to avoid the Google Drive incomplete upload issues. You can explore other useful features of CBackup to protect files online and safely.

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