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Can I stop Google Drive upload in progress?

“Hi all, I was trying to upload 2 GB of photos to Google Drive but the upload was going extremely slow. So, I wanted to pause the upload for a few hours, but there is no option for that, neither is there an option to cancel the uploads entirely. Does anyone know if there is a way to stop Google Drive upload in progress? Thanks in advance!”

How do I stop Google Drive upload in progress?

As one of the famous file storage and synchronization service, Google Drive is very convenient for users to upload and store files like photos, videos, docs, sheets, presentations, etc. on servers. Sometimes, users need to stop uploading in progress for some reason but don’t know how to do it.

If you are confused about how to pause Google Drive upload on PC, you can read on. There are 5 free ways to stop Google Drive upload in progress in the following contents, and you can select the one that suits your situation to follow.

Way 1. Disconnect from the network

When it comes to an app that requires an internet connection to work, you can disconnect it from the network, and then, the Google Drive upload process will also be suspended.

Way 2. Pause the app

1. Just go to the system tray and click the icon of this app. If you don't see the icon, click the upward-pointing arrow in that same area to expand more icons.

2. Click the three-dot menu and choose Pause.


Note: Whenever you want to resume uploading, right-click on the app icon you will get the Resume option click on that.

Way 3. Stop app forcefully

If the “pause” function till cannot help your stop Google Drive uploading progress, we need to take a harsher step of close the app. For that, you can click on its icon on the system tray on the bottom right. Then, a window will pop up. Click the three-dot menu and Quit Backup and Sync.

Quit Google Drive

Way 4. Disconnect your account

To stop Google Drive uploading completely, you can go to the Google Drive page and click Google account in the upper right corner and then click Sign out.

Click Sign Out

Way 5. Cancel upload task manually

When your Google Drive is backing up, a prompt box will pop up. You can click Cancel in the upper right corner of the prompt to cancel the upload task manually.

Click Cancle

Bonus tip: Google Drive alternative without any issue

Actually, sometimes, it is hard to get the Google Drive client back to normal and you cannot upload or download files normally. If you still need to backup files to the Google cloud server, you can use the Google Drive web app with a browser. However, as we all know, the web app supports manual upload and download only, if you have a lot of files, it may waste you much time.

Thus, if you still want to use Google Drive cloud storage but want to save time and effort also, you can rely on an alternative to Google Drive client, which can help you backup local files to Google Drive without the Google client. There are some other third-party cloud backup service like CBackup that can help you achieve that.

CBackup Sign Up

CBackup is a powerful and professional cloud service. It supports multiple types of cloud backup including PC to cloud backup, cloud to cloud backup. The PC to cloud backup features allows you to backup your PC files to its own cloud server called CBackup Cloud and other mainstream third-party cloud servers like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

Therefore, if you meet any issue when using the desktop app of Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox, you can use CBackup as an alternative to backup PC files to cloud. In addition, if you have to stop Google Drive service due to some unsettled matters, you can also turn to CBackup Cloud that offered by CBackup to continue back up your files to cloud for protection without any issue.

You can follow the steps to backup your files to Google Drive with CBackup.

1. Download and install the CBackup PC client on your Windows PC.

2. Run the software. Then, sign up for a CBackup account and sign in.

3. Click My Storage on the left side, and click + Add Cloud button, then choose Google Drive and hit Add. Then follow the on-screen guide to allow CBackup to access your Google Drive files.

Add Cloud

4. Select the Backup Tasks tab, and then press + New Task button to create your backup task.

Create Backup Task

5. Specify the Task Name, and click Add Source button to choose folders you want to backup to Google Drive. Hit Add Destination button to choose Google Drive as the target location. Then, press the Start Backup button.

Backup To Google Drive

Note: If the backup space of your Google Drive is not enough or you don't want to use Google Drive anymore, you can also choose CBackup Cloud when you choose the backup destination.

Select Destination Cbackup Cloud


It is not hard to see that stopping Google Drive upload in progress is not a hard job. However, Although Microsoft has done a remarkable job with Google Drive, there are times when it doesn’t work properly. For example, you will find that "Google Drive stopped syncing" or "Google Drive upload paused" when you try to backup and sync your files to Google Drive.

Therefore, if your Google Drive cannot work normally, CBackup is the best alternative to Google Drive. No matter you use CBackup as Google Drive client alternative to backup PC files to Google Drive or switch to CBackup Cloud directly, CBackup and backup your files securely and quickly.