4 Ways to Bulk Upload to Google Drive from Phone and PC

This post not only provides you with a detailed guide on how to bulk upload to Google Drive but also introduces a proven method to get more Google Drive storage space for free.


by Jonna Lasted Updated November 3, 2023

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How Do I Upload Thousands of Files to Google Drive?


How Do I Upload 1000 Photos on Google Drive?

I need to upload about 1000 Photos (around 600 GB) to Google Drive for archival purposes. What is the best way to bulk upload to Google Drive?


Best Way to Mass Upload to Google Drive?

I want to back up my Pictures folder (about 150 GB, 55K files, and 3K folders) to Google Drive for protection. Is there any way, or the best way, to do this without having to manually break the Picture folders up into smaller chunks and upload them piece by piece?

Although there are several ways to back up files to Google Drive, users may find that things do not go smoothly when uploading files in bulk. For example, when uploading batch photos, Google Drive uploads stuck or takes a lot of time, large files do not upload to Google Drive, and other problems may occur from time to time.

How to batch upload to Google Drive quickly and freely? Read on and get the detailed guide to figuring out how to upload multiple files to Google Drive from phone and PC.

How to Bulk Upload to Google Drive in 4 Easy Ways

Whether you want to mass upload photos to Google Drive from your phone or perform Google Drive mass upload for documents on a PC, you will find an appropriate solution here.

Way 1. Bulk Upload Photos to Google Drive from Phone

If you want to batch upload photos to Google Drive from your phone, you can rely on the mobile application, which is provided to back up camera photos seamlessly. How to mass upload photos to Google Drive from iPhone/Android? Do the following:

Step 1. Install the Google Drive app on your phone from Play Store and log in with your account.

Step 2. Launch the program, click on the red plus button, and choose Upload.

Google Drive Upload

Step 3. Select the Images folder and tick all photos that you want to upload to Google Drive. Then, tap Done to backup camera photos to Google Drive easily.

Upload Images

If you want to know how to bulk upload to Google Drive from your computer, the following are three practical methods for you.

Way 2. Batch Upload File/Folder to Google Drive through Website

As is known to all, Google Drive offers a web interface allowing you to backup files to the cloud using a browser. But it is important to highlight that Google Drive bulk upload on the web, for individual users, is limited to 750 GB each day between My Drive and all shared drives. And, web uploads may take much time for low network connectivity, and other reasons.

How to bulk upload photos to Google Drive through its website? Here are the steps:

Step 1. Navigate to the Google Drive website and sign in.

Step 2. Click on + New and select File upload.

File Upload On Google Drive

If you want to sync folders to Google Drive, you should choose the Folder upload option.

Step 3. Go to the location that contains the data you want to backup, select multiple files to upload to Google Drive by pressing Shift or Ctrl (Windows)/Command (Mac), and click Open to save them to Google Drive.

Google Drive Upload Open

Way 3. Bulk Upload Folder to Google Drive using Desktop Client

How to complete Google Drive batch upload on a computer desktop? You can get it done with the Google Drive desktop application. You can enable bulk photo uploads with the “Add folder” option or through the Google Drive disk on your computer.

Step 1. Download Google Drive desktop app on the computer, run it, and log in to your Google account.

Step 2. Click Add Folder under the My Computer tab to select the folder where your photos are stored.

Add Folder

Step 3. Pick Sync with Google Drive to select Google Drive as the target location.

Add Folder Sync With Google Drive

You can also upload multiple files/folders to Google Drive by dragging and dropping data to the Google Drive disk on File Explorer.

Google Drive Disk

Way 4. Bulk Upload Photos/Files/Folders to Google Drive with CBackup (Recommend)

Except for the Google Drive desktop solution, you can try the best free cloud backup software - CBackup. It is freeware for Windows that can help you bulk upload data to Google Drive without file size and type limitations. You can use it to batch upload photos, files, folders, and any other data to Google Drive more flexibly.

Let's go on to explore some of its powerful features:
>> It offers Scheduled Sync to let you run auto data uploads at required frequencies like daily/weekly/monthly.
>> It runs data uploads in the background and does not interfere with your normal work.
>> It uses 256-bit AES encryption in data transfer to protect privacy.
>> It enables you to batch upload and upload large files to OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and various cloud storage.

Now, you can get this software and follow the guide below to learn how to upload bulk photos to Google Drive.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Create an account for CBackup. Run the CBackup desktop app and sign in.

Step 2. Choose Storage then select Google Drive, and go on to finish the authorization of granting CBackup to access the Google Drive storage.

Select Cloud Drive

Step 3. Tap Sync PC to Public Cloud on the Sync tab.

Choose Pc To Public Cloud

Step 4. Select the targeted items that you want to upload to Google Drive, and specify a Google Drive folder to save the uploaded data.

Start Sync To Google Drive

To set up data automatic uploads to Google Drive, you could click Settings and enable Scheduler to perform the sync task at a fixed frequency.

Step 5. Click Start Sync to begin free bulk upload to Google Drive.

Bonus Tip: How to Increase Google Drive Storage without Payment

There are multiple methods that you can use to bulk upload photos, files, and folders to Google Drive. However, with more and more data saved on Google Drive, you may run out of cloud space and need more storage space for new data.

Upgrading the storage plan is expensive. Therefore, we offer a solution for you to get more free Google Drive storage - merging Google Drive accounts with CBackup. If you have multiple Google accounts, you can combine them to get a large cloud space at no charge.

Step 1. Run the CBackup program and click Storage > + Add Cloud to add all your Google Drive accounts to CBackup.

Step 2. After adding, tap + New Combined Cloud.

Add Combined Cloud1

Step 3. Select all the clouds to click Next. Then, determine the order of clouds to save files, and tap Combine.

Tick All Google Drive Accounts

Step 4. Click Backup > Backup PC to Combined Cloud to upload data to the combined large space.

Backup Pc To Combined Cloud

Other powerful features of CBackup
One-way sync files to Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox without local copy.
Backup Google Drive files to combined cloud, another Google Drive account, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.
Use File Filter to exclude unwanted files from sync/backup with one click.
Backup files to CBackup Cloud with 10GB free space and expandable storage space.


Now you know how to bulk upload to Google Drive in all workable ways. If you want to upload data to Google Drive without file size, file number, and file type limitations, you can use the third-party cloud backup software CBackup. Also, it can help you expand Google Drive storage without payment. Get it and explorer more features.

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