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Why Do You Need Cloud Backup?

  • Are you afraid of accidentally losing the data stored on your hard drive?
  • Are you anxious that there is not enough space locally for backup?
  • Are you panicked that you have lost all local backups due to local accidents?
  • Backup all your data to the cloud offsite, never lose data and recover them from any PC.

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Why Do We Need Backup?

Nowadays, data plays a more significant role in daily life so data safe has become a big problem for us. There are too many situations that maybe a challenge data safe such as hard drives crash, computer viruses, or data and files can be deleted or corrupted accidentally. Besides, when you need to upgrade to a new computer, you also need to back up your files.

Can We Back Up Windows 11 Automatically?

Though backup is important for users, it is a complex job. Setting up Windows 11 auto-backup becomes a necessary task. There are several ways to help you back up Windows 11 files automatically, including built-in features and third-party backup tools. Continue to read and choose anyone to set up your Windows 11 backup files.

4 Ways to Make Windows 11 Backup Automatically

It is necessary for users to backup automatically so that it can greatly improve working efficiency. Here we prepared 4 ways to help you back up automatically in Windows 11:

Way 1. Back Up with File History

File History has been the main backup tool for the Windows systems for a long time, which is recommended by Microsoft for backing up files. File History is different from Backup and Restore for its important purpose is to help you back up your personal files rather than creating a whole system image.

Follow these steps to use Windows 11 File History:

Step 1. Click on the search icon in the taskbar, and type file history in the search column.

Windows 11 File History 1

Step 2. Click on the Turn On button to enable File History.

Windows 11 File History 2

Step 3. When you see the following page, File History is on to backup automatically.

Windows 11 File History 3

Way 2. Back Up Using Windows Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore is the main backup tool of Windows. It can set up file and folder backups and system images backups, which is the help of recovery after data corruption, hard disk drive crash, or malware infection. Windows 11 Backup and Restore also provides the same features as it does before the Windows version. You can follow the steps to launch it:

Step 1. Click on the search icon in the taskbar, and type control panel in the search column.

Windows 11 Backup And Restore 1

Step 2. Go to Control Panel, and select Backup and Restore(Windows 7).

Windows 11 Backup And Restore 2

Step 3. Click the Set up backup button to set backup tasks: you can choose the backup destination that you want to save your backup. Then click Next to continue.

Windows 11 Backup And Restore 3

Step 4. Select what do you want to back up:

Let Windows choose (recommended): Windows will back up data files in libraries, on the desktop, and in default Windows folders. They will be backed up on a regular schedule.

Let me choose: You can select libraries and folders in the backup. The items you choose will be backed up on a regular schedule.

Windows 11 Backup And Restore 4

Step 5. You can set up a schedule to back up your files automatically at a frequency that you want. Click the Change schedule to make your settings.

Windows 11 Backup And Restore 5

Way 3. Back Up to OneDrive

OneDrive supplies cloud backup services provided by Microsoft. It gives each account user 5GB of free storage space. You can set up OneDrive auto backup on both Windows PC and Mac. In Windows 11. Microsoft adds OneDrive synchronization to Setting, which makes your backup easier. Follow the steps below to set up backup tasks to OneDrive in Windows 11:

Step 1. Click the Windows Start icon and select the Settings icon. Find the Storage option in the default System tab, and click on it.

Windows 11 Onedrive 1

Step 2. Click on the Advanced storage settings and select Backup options.

Windows 11 Onedrive 2

Step 3. Click the Manage sync settings within the OneDrive folder syncing option. The folders you select will be protected and available across your devices.

Windows 11 Onedrive 3

Step 4. You can manage and choose folder backup in Windows 11 OneDrive. The files you selected will be available on other devices even though you lose this PC.

Windows 11 Onedrive 4

Way 4. Back Up via CBackup

Besides the Windows built-in features and OneDrive desktop app, you can also use a professional third-party cloud backup tool – CBackup in Windows 11. CBackup not only offers a safe and stable data backup service but also provides some personalized features to make your backup tasks easy and fast.

CBackup offers 10GB cloud backup space of CBackup Cloud for free. If you need more space, only $2.99 per month is required, and you can enjoy 1000GB cloud storage.

CBackup allows users to backup local files on Windows PC to the third-party clouds including OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox.

CBackup supplies backup service between cloud to cloud. You can back up your files from one drive to another via CBackup effectively.

CBackup also has a feature of Scheduled Backup. This function can help you to set up a backup task automatically. You can choose the backup frequency you want on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, which can make your backup tasks easy and convenient.

Now let’s see how to set up auto backup tasks via CBackup:

Step 1. Download and install CBackup on your Windows PC, then run it.

Step 2. Sign up for a new account and log in.

Sign In

Step 3. Click on Backup Tasks on the left pane, and click the New Task button.

Create Task

Step 4. Click Add Source > Local Files to select the files which you want to backup. If you need to rename the Task Name, type the new name on it.

Add Source

Step 5. Click Add Destination, select CBackup Cloud as the backup destination, then click the Next button.

Add Destination

Step 6. Press the Start Backup button to back up your files from Windows PC to CBackup Cloud.

Start Backup

Written in the End

That’s all about how to set up Windows 11 auto backup. You can choose the Windows built-in feature or OneDrive. We also recommend you the professional backup tool – CBackup. With it, you can enjoy more cloud storage for free and personalize features.

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