Fixed: Backup Encountered a Problem While Backing Up File

This article introduces 5 different solutions for your backup encountered a problem while backing up file. Read on and learn more details about them.


by Zoey Lasted Updated January 11, 2023

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“My Backup Encountered a Problem!”

I have a new laptop and all my files are on the SSD C drive. I wanted to move a few files to D drive by going into the properties of the files and changing the path drive letter from C drive to D drive. My files show correctly on D drive, but there is still a path from C drive in the file system. When I run the backup software on my Windows system to back them up, I get this message:

"Backup encountered a problem backing up the file C:\Users\imadi\Music. Error. STATUS_WAIT_2 (0x80070002))"

Backup Encountered A Problem

Today, many Windows users tend to back up their files to protect their data. But some users react that their backup encountered a problem while backing up file and they got a Windows backup error message the system cannot find the file specified. The error code is different for various reasons including Windows 10 error code 0x81000037, error 0x80070002, and so on.

The Causes of the Backup Error

What causes the Windows backup error? We have researched different user reports about these errors and concluded some possible causes as below:

The network connection is not stable.

The VSS service is set to manual.

Files in the Windows Image Backup folder are corrupted.

System files are corrupted.

Underlying files are corrupted.

5 Solutions to the Backup Error

According to the different causes of the backup error, there are 5 different solutions to them as well. After checking the possible cause of the problem you meet, you can choose a suitable method to solve the problem.

Fix 1. Check Your Network Connection

If your backup encountered a problem while backing up file, the first thing is to check your network connection. You can follow these methods:

Open several websites with the browser and if you can open them at a normal speed, your network connection is normal.

Make sure that your power is connected properly. If you use a wireless connection, make sure the router is running normally. If it performs improperly, you can restart the router to reconnect to the network.

If there is a problem with your network, you can go to Settings > Network & Internet to use Network troubleshooter to fix it.

Network Troubleshooter

 Fix 2. Set the VSS Status to Automatic

A common cause that can lead to backup errors is an incorrect instance of the Volume Shadow Copy Service (often called the VSS service). Most likely this is because the start type of the VSS service is set to manual. So you can follow these steps to set the VSS service to automatic:

1. Press the Windows key + R key at the same time, then a Run window will appear. Type “service.msc” in the blank and press OK.


2. Then you will go to the Services window, find the Volume Shadow Copy, and right-click on it to select Properties.

Volume Shadow Copy Properties

3. Select the General tab to change the Startup type to Automatic, then click OK.

Vvs Automatic

4. Restart your computer and set up your backup again.

Fix 3. Clean the Windows Image Backup Folder

It may have an effect on backups in cases where the drive already contains the files from previous backups. In most cases, this backup error will occur when a previous backup procedure has been interrupted or there is not enough space to complete.

Some users try cleaning the contents of the Windows Image Backup folder and then the error won’t appear. Maybe you can try this method:

1. Go to the drive that you want to set up the backup in File Explorer.

2. Find the Windows Image Backup folder and double-click on it. If it is hidden, check the box related to Hidden items.

Hidden Items

3. Then you can open the Windows Image Backup folder to delete the files in it.

4. Set up the backup again to see if the error is resolved.

Fix 4. Use SFC and DISM Scans

Based on the responses of several users, this problem may also be due to some type of system file corruption that interferes with the backup process. You should potentially be able to fix this backup error by using utilities that can fix the backup errors and system file corruption situations. DISM (Deployment Image Service and Management) and SFC (System File Checker).

Here are the steps to use SFC and DISM:

1. Press the Windows key + R key at the same time, then a Run window will appear. Type “cmd” in the blank and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open a Command Prompt with admin access. Select Yes to grant administrative privileges.


2. Then you enter the elevated CMD window, type the command as follow:

Dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth

Dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

After that, click Enter to start the DISM scan.

3. After the DISM scan is finished, restart the computer.

4. Open another elevated Command Prompt, and type the following command and press Enter to perform another SFC scan:

sfc /scannow

5. Restart the computer and set up your backup again.

Fix 5. Use the System Restore Utility

If the problem occurred after you performed some action, you may be able to fix it by using the System Restore utility to restore the state of your computer to a point in time when the error did not occur. Here are the step to use it;

1. Press the Windows key + key at the same time, then a Run window will appear. Type “rstrui” in the blank and click OK to open the System Restore wizard.


2. Click the Next button to the next menu.

System Restore Wizard

3. Select a point that is dated before you back up for the first time, then click the Next.

Select A Point

4. Click the Finish > Yes to start the restoring process.

Start Restoring

5. Your computer will get restarted in a few seconds. Try to back up again.

Note: You can input Create a restore point in the Windows search box to create a computer restore point step by step

Tip: Use a Professional Backup Software - CBackup

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Let’s see how to back up from PC to CBackup Cloud for free:

1. Download and install CBackup desktop app on your computer. Launch it and sign up for an account.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Backup PC to CBackup Cloud

3. Select local files that you want to back up to the cloud, and the CBackup Cloud will selected by default and press Start Backup to backup files to CBackup Cloud easily.

Select Cbackup Cloud2

Note: You could enjoy the schedule backup, file filter, and email notification in Settings on the bottom left corner.

Schedule Backup

Besides, you could use CBackup to backup or sync files to mainstream clouds like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. and helps you to combine different clouds or multiple cloud drive accounts into one huge cloud space to deal with the problem like your Dropbox is full, etc.


We believe you have found a way to solve the “backup encountered a problem while backing up file” issue. Also, we introduce an easy-to-use cloud backup service - CBackup to you. If you meet the error again, you can switch to using CBackup for backup.

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