Upload SD Card to Google Drive on PC/Phone [5 Ways]

This post will introduce 5 different ways to upload SD card to Google Drive. You can choose the most convenient solution for your SD card data.


by Zoey Lasted Updated February 3, 2023

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How do I upload from my SD card?

SD card, as a traditional storage device, can save all kinds of data like documents, photos, videos, programs, etc. for you. It frees up the local storage space of your computer or phone, and provides a new storage location for your data. However, at the same time, you need to carry your SD card everywhere if you want to access your data on it easily. Once the SD card is full, you need to pay for a new SD card.

Nowadays, cloud backup can be a nice choice for you to save your data. Then, how to upload data from your SD card and what is the best SD card backup software? For this, Google Drive is an outstanding cloud service and you can upload SD card to Google Drive for larger storage space, easy operation steps, and more useful features.

How to upload SD card to Google Drive on computer

How to move files from SD card to Google Drive? If you want to do that on computer, there are 3 main methods here: the official Google Drive for Desktop and another easy direct cloud backup service. After reading, you can make a decision for your uploading task.

Way 1. Upload SD card to Google Drive via Drive for Desktop

Drive for Desktop is an official desktop app provided by Google Drive, which provides professional backup and sync features. You can use it to upload SD card to Google Drive on your desktop. Here are the easy steps to do it:

1. First, download the Drive for Desktop app on your computer. Connect your SD card to the computer with a cable properly.

2. Launch the Drive for Desktop and Sign in with browser to connect your Google Drive account.

Drive For Desktop Sign In With Browser

3. Google Drive will automatically pop up a window to notify you if you want to upload your SD card to Google Drive or not.

Add Device

4. Tick the box next to Back up to Google Drive. Then click on Save.

Backup Iphone To Google Drive

Tip: Once you set up the Drive for Desktop app, there will be a Google Drive disk on your computer. You can upload SD card to Google Drive by dragging and dropping your SD card data to this disk directly.

Google Drive Disk

Way 2. Upload SD card to Google Drive on website

In addition, you can transfer your SD card to cloud via the official website of the cloud drive. For instance, to upload photos to Google Drive, just head to the Google Drive website.

1. Sign into your Google Drive account. Connect your SD card to your computer.

2. In the My Drive part, click on Upload files or Upload folder to choose photos from your SD card to transfer to Google Drive manually.

Upload Files to Google Drive

However, it will be troublesome to use this method if you have a number of photos to transfer to cloud. So please consider trying other ways as follows.

Way 3. Upload SD card to Google Drive in an easy way

How to upload files from SD card to Google Drive? There is another way that can meet your needs - a free cloud backup service called CBackup. With the help of CBackup, you can upload your SD card to Google Drive directly.

In CBackup, you can upload any type of data from SD card to Google Drive such as uploading music to Google Drive, uploading documents, photos, videos, and so on. In addition to Google Drive, CBackup also allows you to upload SD card to other mainstream cloud drives like OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

What's more, there is no limitation on file size and upload speed in CBackup, which means you can add as large files as you have to upload.

At the same time, CBackup provides many useful features for free:
Combine cloud storage: With this feature, you can increase Google Drive storage for free by merging multiple cloud drive accounts into a combined cloud, which is also applicable to Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.
Cloud to cloud sync/backup: To transfer or backup files between different cloud drive accounts, you can use the cloud to cloud sync/backup feature in CBackup for free.
Backup to public cloud: CBackup allows you to backup data from PC to different mainstream cloud drives to protect them better.

Now, you can read the following steps to know how to upload SD card to Google Drive via CBackup:

1. Download and install the CBackup desktop app on your computer first. Sign up for a new account and then run the desktop app to log into your account. Connect your SD card to your computer correctly.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Click on the Storage tab. Choose Google Drive > Authorize Now. Then follow the instructions to make CBackup access to your Google Drive account.

Select Google Drive

Note: CBackup uses OAuth Authorization System so you do not need to worry about data security. CBackup will never save your login information and password.

3. Click on the Sync tab, then choose Sync PC to Public Cloud.

Choose Pc To Public Cloud

4. Choose any file, folder, photo, video, program from your SD card as the sync source. And choose a folder from the Google Drive account as the sync destination. Finally, select Start Sync to upload files from SD card to Google Drive directly.

Start Sync To Google Drive

Note: You can click the Settings button on the left bottom to configure more options for your sync task. For example, you can set up Scheduler to make your uploading task perform regularly and automatically.

Syn Scheduler

How to upload SD card to Google Drive on Android

If you are using your Android phone and want upload SD card to Google Drive as well, how to transfer data from SD card to Google Drive then? Here we prepared 2 different solutions for you.

Way 1. Upload SD card to Google Drive with Google Drive app

There is also a Google Drive app on Android and you can download it from the Play Store first. Then follow the steps below:

1. Launch the Google Drive app and log into your Google Drive account.

Android Google Drvie

2. Choose the folder icon on the right bottom and then choose your SD card data.

Android Open Folder

3. Tap the plus icon then. Choose Upload to choose certain files or folders to upload them to Google Drive.

Andorid New Upload

Way 2. Upload SD card photos to Google Drive with Photo Gallery

How to upload photos from SD card to Google Drive on Android? If you only want to upload photos or videos to Google Drive, you can do it via Photo Gallery on your phone. Here is the guideline to do it:

1. Open Photos Gallery on your phone. Choose the photos you want to upload and click SHARE.

Samsung Share Option

2. Choose the Save to Drive option in the pop-up window.

Share To Drive

Backup SD Card to Google Drive Before Formmating on Android

Since you have synced SD card to Google Drive, each sync will overwrite the previous file. There is no version history and you cannot restore to the previous version. But for backup files, CBackup provides unlimited backup history version, so you can restore files to any version. 

To protect your data better, it is advisable for you to backup SD card to Google Drive. The CBackup desktop application can help you do it easily. Just follow the steps below to backup your SD card to Google Drive directly for free:

1. Likewise, connect your SD card to the computer.

4. After adding your Google Drive account to CBackup, click on the Backup button and click Backup PC to Public Cloud.

Create Task

2. Choose files on your SD card as the backup source, and select the Google Drive account you just added to CBackup as the backup destination.

Add Destination

3. After the above, click the Start Backup button to backup your SD card to Google Drive easily.

Start Backup

Note: You can also create an automatic backup to Google Drive from PC by clicking on Settings on the left bottom and enable Scheduler for your backup task.

Schedule Backup

Final words

We have introduced 5 different ways to upload SD card to Google Drive. You can do it on both computer and phone easily. Just make your own decision after looking through this post.

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