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How to sync computer files to Dropbox not Dropbox to computer?

How to sync computer to Dropbox easily?

My dropbox is syncing only the folders that are in the dropbox to my computer but not from my computer to the dropbox which is what I need. If I go to selective sync it only shows me the folders that are already in my dropbox not the ones I want to sync. How can I change that?

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Dropbox desktop app is quite easy for all of us to sync files to Dropbox and manage Dropbox files. However, some users like above might don’t know how to sync files to or from Dropbox, here we will walk you through all the solutions to sync computer to Dropbox or Sync Dropbox to computer. Let’s find out.

How to Sync Computer to Dropbox?

If you want to sync files from computer to Dropbox easily, here are some solutions for you.

Way 1. Drag and Drop Computer Files to Dropbox Website

1. Please sign in to your Dropbox account, and go to Dropbox website.

2. Open your files explorer to find the files you want to backup to Dropbox, then drag the files to Dropbox website, it will sync computer files to Dropbox directly.

Drag And Drop Files to Dropbox

3. If you want to sync all computer files to Dropbox, you have to repeat the above steps, but, it’s quite time-consuming.

Way 2. Move Folders to Dropbox Folder in your Computer

Please ensure you have installed Dropbox desktop app first before the following steps.

Typically, Dropbox only syncs the folders in the Dropbox folder automatically on your computer. Hence, you have to move the folders to Dropbox folder, then it will sync all the newly added folders and files.

Or you could try the solutions to make Dropbox sync folders outside of Dropbox folder.

Way 3. Upload Computer Files to Dropbox

1. Please sign in to your Dropbox account, then go to the Dropbox website.

2. Click All Files on the left, then press the Upload button, then select Files or Folders to sync computer to Dropbox.

Dropbox Upload Folder

If you want to store these files in Dropbox but not on computer, you could try Dropbox Selective Sync to uncheck these files, then it will remove these files from computer and you have copy of these files in Dropbox.

Way 4. Automatically Backup Specific Folders on This PC

1. Please go to Dropbox Preferences: click the Dropbox icon on system tray or Finder, tap your Dropbox avatar, select Preferences.

2. Click the Backups tab, tap Set up under This PC section.

Dropbox Set Up Backup

3. Select the folders you want to backup to Dropbox automatically, and click Set up.

Select All Folders Selective Sync

It will start syncing your files and folders to Dropbox.

This way only works for Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos folder on your computer.

Way 5. Sync Computer to Dropbox with CBackup

Although you could use the above 3 solutions to sync computer to Dropbox, it’s quite cumbersome if you want to sync all the files from computer to Dropbox. Fortunately, there is a better way to backup computer to dropbox, the free cloud backup service CBackup. It’s not only a computer cloud backup solution but also one of the cloud to cloud backup solutions.

Step 1. please create a CBackup account for free and sign in to CBackup desktop app.

Sign In

Step 2. Click the My Storage tab, and hit Add Cloud button, then choose Dropbox and click Add. Then follow the instructions to allow CBackup to access your Dropbox files.

Add Cloud

Step 3. Modify the settings for Dropbox account on CBackup. Edit the Display Name and Storage Path, and tick the option “Note: Please do not change the path directly in the third-party cloud disk, or modify or delete the backup file.”, and hit OK.

Complete Dropbox Info

Step 4. Then your Dropbox has been added to CBackup. Please select Backup Tasks > New Task to create a new backup task to backup computer to Dropbox.

Create Task

Step 5. Modify the Task Name and click Add Source to select entire computer files, individual drive, or some files as you want. Click Add Destination > Single Cloud > Next. Then click Dropbox and hit OK.

Add Source

Select Destination Single Cloud

Tips: You could enjoy the following features in Settings on the bottom left:

  • Scheduled Backup: Dropbox will automatically sync files to Dropbox, and it will slow down your computer performance especially when you are at work and there are a lot of changes to sync. CBackup allows you to sync files on idle time that you specified, like at a specific time, daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Email Notification will send you the email alert once the backup finished successfully or failed, it’s very useful when you are not around the computer.

  • File Filter enables you to include or exclude the file types you want or don’t want to backup.

Step 6. Press Start Backup button to backup computer to Dropbox easily.

Start Backup

What If Dropbox Run Out of Cloud Space?

If you are Dropbox basic plan user, if you sync computer to Dropbox, and the 2 GB free cloud storage will be filled quickly, and you don’t want to upgrade Dropbox account to get extra cloud storage due to the limited budget. It’s highly recommended to try CBackup to merge multiple Dropbox accounts into one big backup space, then backup files to Dropbox mixed cloud storage.

1. Add other Dropbox accounts to CBackup according to the above step 2 and step 3. And click My Storage > New Combined Cloud to tick all Dropbox even other cloud drive accounts you added before.

Add Combined Cloud2

2. Click Backup Tasks > New Task, click Add Source to select the files you want to backup, and hit Add Destination > Combined Cloud, and click Next > OK.

Add Destination Combined Cloud

3. Press Start Backup to backup files to Dropbox mixed cloud storage.

Start Backup Files to Combined Cloud

Besides, you could perform cloud to cloud backup and cloud to cloud sync if you want to change Dropbox school account to a work or business account without losing everything.

Further Reading: How to Sync Dropbox to Computer?

Way 1. Sync with Dropbox Selective Sync

If you are Dropbox Basic or business users:

1. Please click the Dropbox icon on system tray or Finder, tap your Dropbox avatar, select Preferences.

2. Click the Sync tab, and tap Selective Sync... under the Selective Sync section.

Dropbox Selective Sync

3. Select the folders you want to backup to Dropbox automatically, and click Set up.

4. Tick Select All to choose all Dropbox folders, click Update to sync the entire Dropbox to computer.

Select All Folders Selective Sync

Way 2. Sync with Dropbox Smart Sync

If you are Dropbox Business users (Dropbox Plus, Family, Professional, or Business), Dropbox Smart Sync will do you a big favor.

Sync a Dropbox file or folder to computer:

1. Go to File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) and open the Dropbox folder.

2. Right-click the file or folder you’d like to sync to Computer.

3. Select Smart Sync > Local to sync Dropbox to computer.

Way 3. Download Entire Dropbox Folder to Computer

Select all folders in the Dropbox root folder, and click Download to backup Dropbox to computer.


Any ideas to sync computer to Dropbox or vice versa? You will find 5 ways to sync computer to Dropbox with the step-by-step guide and 3 ways to sync Dropbox to computer, and a bonus tip for you to deal with your Dropbox is full error.

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