How to Merge Two Dropbox Accounts into One (Full Guide)

Do you want to merge two Dropbox accounts to gain more storage space? Keep reading, you will find answers in this post.


by Jonna Lasted Updated February 2, 2023

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Can I Merge Two Dropbox Accounts?

“I have a Dropbox Plus account, and my wife has one too. I would like to combine them all into one, thus we can easily access a larger space for data storage. Is it possible to merge 2 Dropbox accounts? How can I get it done?”

Merge Two Dropbox Accounts

Benefits of Combining Dropbox Accounts

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services on the market. There are many benefits to merging Dropbox accounts.

Eliminate switching between accounts: When using two Dropbox accounts to store files, you need to switch between them. Linking two Dropbox accounts on the same computer gets rid of switching between them.

Get more storage space: After combining two or more Dropbox accounts, you can get more storage space to store your important data.

Manage multiple Dropbox accounts easily: Merging multiple Dropbox accounts allows you to manage files within multiple accounts facilely, and file transfer between accounts is much easier.

Merge Two Dropbox Accounts with 2 Ways for Free

Although Dropbox allows you to log into two accounts, this is only if the two accounts are of different types. For example, Dropbox Basic, Plus, Family, and Professional accounts can’t be linked with each other and a Dropbox Plus account can only be linked with a Dropbox Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise account. If you have two accounts that are on the same plan, Dropbox does not provide a feasible method of account combination for you.

Luckily, after much research and testing, there are still two ways available for you to merge two Dropbox accounts of the same/different type. Our suggestion is to use the first method, as it is easier to operate.

Way 1. Combine Two or More Dropbox Accounts with CBackup (Recommended)

You can easily integrate two Dropbox accounts with the help of a third-party tool, like CBackup, which is a professional yet easy-to-use cloud backup service. Unlike Dropbox, CBackup allows you to link unlimited Dropbox accounts of the same type on a single interface, and you are allowed to combine them together with a few clicks.

Besides, it provides automatically backing up Windows files to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other mainstream cloud storage easily without account-switching. It also provides a cloud-to-cloud sync feature to synchronize data between different Dropbox accounts effortlessly. And with high security, it complies with GDPR to guarantee the privacy of your personal data.

Followingly, let’s figure out how to merge two Dropbox accounts with CBackup:

Step 1. Add your Dropbox accounts to CBackup

#1. Create a CBackup account and click on the Download CBackup button below to get this full-featured program installed on your computer.

Download CBackup Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

#2. Sign in to the CBackup app, visit the “Storage” section, and select Dropbox Authorize Now to connect your Dropbox account to CBackup. Then, click on + Add CloudDropbox > Add to link your another Dropbox with CBackup.

Select Dropbox

Authorizing CBackup to access your Dropbox data does not mean that CBackup will save your personal data. CBackup is based on the OAuth System, which makes CBackup direct users to the corresponding cloud drive server without saving personal information.

Step 2. Combine Dropbox accounts

#1. After finishing adding your two Dropbox accounts, select “Add Combined Cloud”.

Add Combined Cloud1

#2. Check the boxes next to the Dropbox accounts you want to merge with, and you can customize the combined cloud name according to your needs. And then, click on Next.

Tick All Dropbox Accounts

#3. Tap on the triangle icon to determine the storage order of your Dropbox accounts and tap Combine to finish the cloud combination process.

Step 3. Backup files to the combined cloud

Then, you can backup computer to Dropbox combined cloud in the “Backup” tab by clicking on “Backup PC to Combined Cloud”. Then, select local files for backup and pick the combined cloud as the backup destination.

Add Destination Combined Cloud

CBackup also enables you to combine multiple Google Drive accounts, OneDrive accounts, and other cloud drives.

In addition to combing cloud storage, CBackup also provides a huge backup space at a very low price. Since Dropbox provides only 2GB of free cloud storage for each user and upgrading cloud storage could be expensive, you can backup data to CBackup Cloud with 10GB of free storage space. Also, it offers a Basic plan with 2TB storage and a Premium plan with 5TB storage space.

Start Backup

Way 2. Link Two Dropbox Accounts by Sharing

If you want to combine the content of two Dropbox accounts, you can take advantage of Dropbox's sharing feature as well. Although it could be different from merging the space of two accounts, the content of both accounts can be connected by this method. It could be a little complicated but work to combine two Dropbox accounts.

For how to link two Dropbox accounts via the Dropbox sharing feature, please follow the guide below:

Step 1. Log in to the Dropbox website with the account you want to merge with another on your browser. Then put all the files that need to be transferred into a single folder.

Step 2. Click on the Shared button on the left navigation bar, and hit Create shared folder, and select "I'd like to share an existing folder" to locate the folder with all files and continue.

Dropbox Create Shared Folder

Step 3. Then, populate the other Dropbox account, enable “Can edit”, and press “Share”.

Step 4. Log in to another Dropbox account and make sure if the folder has been transferred to it. That’s all about connecting two Dropbox accounts by sharing.

Note: It is not allowed to share the root directories of files. So, files cannot be deleted from the source account after sharing.

Written in the End

On this page, we show you 2 ways to merge two Dropbox accounts. One is counting on a CBackup, the other is with the help of the Dropbox sharing feature. We highly recommend you use CBackup to achieve that. This is because, with CBackup, you could manage various Dropbox accounts in a single interface, as well as get your PC auto backup with Dropbox with ease.

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