Best Free Way to Automatically Sync Google Drive to OneDrive

Wanna find a way to auto sync Google Drive to OneDrive? This article will demonstrate the best way of Google Drive sync to OneDrive automatically for free and other ways to make it.


by Ailsa Lasted Updated March 22, 2023

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Can I automatically sync Google Drive to OneDrive?


Is it possible to sync Google Drive to OneDrive?

For some reason, I’d like to transfer my Google Drive files to OneDrive so that I can access my files on my OneDrive cloud. So how to auto sync Google Drive to OneDrive? Please give me some suggestions. Thanks!


Benefits of auto sync Google Drive to OneDrive

You might be using cloud storage to preserve your data online nowadays, and perhaps own multiple cloud drive accounts at the same time. Since both Google Drive and OneDrive are two popular online storage services, which can keep your files saved, synced, and accessible on various devices, why do you need to auto sync Google Drive with OneDrive?

Snyc Google Drive to OneDrive

There are some benefits of syncing between Google Drive and OneDrive automatically as below:

1. Save time and energy:

There is no need to download and upload your files respectively in a manual way if you sync between OneDrive and Google Drive automatically, which saves time and energy.

2. Access files on both clouds anytime:

If you sync Google Drive files to OneDrive automatically, you can access these files both on Google Drive and OneDrive at any time you need. It could be rather convenient for those who are using Google Drive and OneDrive at the same time, for you don't need to switch accounts to transfer files.

3. Automatic integration of features:

After you create an auto Google Drive sync to OneDrive, as a part of your subscription to the organization's Microsoft 365, you can integrate OneDrive features with other Office services to help you conduct your work more efficiently.

Best free way to auto sync Google Drive with OneDrive

So what is the best free way to automatically migrate Google Drive to OneDrive? If you’re unwilling to waste your time downloading and uploading files between two clouds manually, it’s suitable for you to turn to the free cloud backup service, CBackup, which helps you to automatically sync Google Drive with OneDrive for businesses or individuals more quickly and easily.

CBackup Main Page

CBackup is a mighty and secure cloud backup and sync tool. It provides you with:

A free chance to add public clouds as data transfer sources and destinations in one platform, so cloud-to-cloud backup and sync can be achieved easily here. And you could sync between Google Drive and OneDrive with ease.
Besides, you can schedule your task for auto-sync, say one time only, daily, weekly, etc., which helps you save both time and effort.
The supported cloud drives include Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP/SFTP and more. 
You could transfer everything from Google Drive to OneDrive directly or transfer only some Google Drive files to OneDrive as you like, it's very convenient for you.

Steps to Sync Google Drive to OneDrive with CBackup

Now, please follow the steps below to check out how to auto sync Google Drive to OneDrive via CBackup:

1.  Please download the CBackup desktop app and sign up for a CBackup account and sign in.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Click the Storage tab and choose Google Drive to click Authorize Now. After that, follow the step to authorize CBackup to access your files in Google Drive.

Add Google Drive

Note: CBackup can provide you with high security since it is based on an industry-standard security framework that applies not only the OAuth authorization system but also 256-bit AES Encryption in data transfer, which keeps powerful protection for your information. Besides, you can repeat the steps to add OneDrive to CBackup as well.

3. After adding your Google Drive and OneDrive accounts, click Sync on the left and choose the Sync Public Cloud to Public Cloud button.

Sync Public Cloud to Public Cloud

4. It will lead you to the Sync Tasks tab on the CBackup web app, hit the New Task button to create Google Drive to OneDrive sync task.

Create Sync

5. Next, rename your task name, click Add Source, and select Google Drive. Then, click on Add Destination to choose OneDrive.

Add Source Destination

Note: You’re able to manage multiple cloud storage accounts at the same time with a clear interface and simple operations. 

6. Finally, click the Setting button in the lower-left corner. And in the Sync Settings window, click Scheduler to choose different sync modes from One time only, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. 

Sync Settings

7. After that, click Start Sync to sync Google Drive to OneDrive automatically.

Sync Google Drive To Onedrive

Besides, you could choose OneDrive as the sync source and select Google Drive as the sync destination in the above step 4, then you could sync OneDrive to Google Drive quickly.

Traditional Ways to Sync Google Drive to OneDrive

Except for CBackup, you can use the traditional ways to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive, please go to find out the best way that suits you:

Way 1. Manually Sync Google Drive to OneDrive via Google Takeout

Google Takeout is a data collection tool to helps you to migrate data from Google services, like Google Drive, Google photos, Gmail, and more to other services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box. So, you can use Google Takeout to let Google Drive sync to OneDrive easily.

The detailed steps to sync Google Drive to OneDrive via Google Takeout are listed below:

1. Please sign in to your Google account in Google Takeout.

2. Hit Deselect all and then scroll down to tick the Drive option, then hit Next step.

Deselect All

3. Choose the Add to OneDrive option from the context menu.

Add to OneDrive

Tips: You can choose Send download link with email, Add to Drive, Add to Dropbox, or Add to Box as the destination to store Google Drive files.

4. Tick Export Once or Export every 2 months for 1 year, then choose the File type & size.

5. Hit Link accounts and create exports to sync Google Drive to OneDrive.

Link Accounts and Create Exports

Wait for a while, all the Google Drive files will be uploaded to OneDrive, and you will get an email about these file locations. However, Google Takeout can cost much more time to process the changes, so it's time-consuming to sync Google Drive to OneDrive.

Way 2. Copy Files from Google Drive to OneDrive via Power Automate

Power Automate is a software as a service (SaaS) platform created by Microsoft to automatically process recurring tasks. So, you can use it to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive on a scheduled basis, like daily, weekly, etc.

Automatically syncing Google Drive to OneDrive with Power Automate can be described here:

1. Please sign in to Microsoft Power Automate. Then hit the Templates on the left control panel.

2. Search for Google Drive to OneDrive, and select Copy files from Google Drive to OneDrive on a daily basis.

Search Google Drive to OneDrive

3. It will show you like this, and it will connect both Google Drive and OneDrive, and sign in to both accounts, then hit Continue.


4. Check the intervals and frequency, then specify a folder in Google Drive as the source, and set up the OneDrive folder as the destination, and hit Save to sync Google Drive to Onedrive on daily basis.

Specify A Folder in Google Drive

You can use this way to sync between Google Drive and OneDrive, but it's difficult to specify the settings if you use it for the first time, you can be dazzled, and don't know how to set it up. But it's quite a personalization for you to set up the settings you'd like after familiar with it.

Backup Google Drive to OneDrive for Data Protection

If you want to let Google Drive sync OneDrive for data security, like keeping all the backup versions, and restoring data at any time you need, it's highly recommended to backup Google Drive to OneDrive with CBackup, it's fast and easy.

Here are the steps to backup Google Drive to OneDrive with CBackup:

1. Ensure you have added Google Drive and OneDrive to CBackup according to the above steps. Click Backup > Backup Public Cloud to Public Cloud in order.

Backup Public Cloud to Public Cloud

2. Choose Google Drive as the source, and select OneDrive as the target. Hit Settings on the bottom left, tap Scheduler, and choose an interval to automatically back up Google Drive to OneDrive.

Schedule Backup

3. Press the Start Backup button to back up Google  Drive to OneDrive automatically.

Backup Google Drive to OneDrive

When the backup run first, it will create a full backup of the selected data, it will create incremental backups since the first full backup if you enabled the Scheduler option, which saves your backup time and cloud storage.

Further reading: Get more free OneDrive cloud storage with CBackup

Since OneDrive offers merely 2 GB of free cloud storage, it is possible that OneDrive storage is insufficient for you to upload all the Google Drive data. So what can you do to deal with this problem? You can try to backup Google Drive to another larger space. If you don't have the larger cloud space, don't worry. Here is a free way to get more free OneDrive storage space even unlimited cloud storage with CBackup.

Next, please do as follows to enlarge your OneDrive account storage. (You are allowed to increase Google Drive storage for free as well.)

1. Likewise, click Storage > + Add Cloud to choose OneDrive and click Add. Repeat the process to add more OneDrive accounts.

Add Cloud

3. Then, on the Storage tab, click + Add Combined Cloud.

Add Combined Cloud1

4. Tick all your added OneDrive accounts and click Next. After determining the order of your OneDrive account, choose Combine. Now, you can see the combined cloud in the Storage list.

Combine Cloud Onedrive

Note: If you are ready to set Google Drive auto backup to the large combined cloud, you can choose the "Combined Cloud" as the backup destination to enjoy a larger backup space for file transfer by clicking Backup > Backup PC to Combined Cloud.

Google Drive to Combined Cloud

Other useful features of CBackup can be provided while performing cloud backup:
You can set up scheduled PC to cloud backup tasks without file format and size limitations at a fixed frequency, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or one time only.
You to enjoy multiple special services, such as file filters, email notifications, flexible restore, and so on.
CBackup offers a free 10GB cloud storage of CBackup Cloud, and you could upgrade to get more, like 1TB (1024GB) or 5TB (5120GB). 

Final words

If you are wondering about the best way to auto-sync Google Drive to OneDrive, you are tremendously recommended to use CBackup, a free and professional cloud backup tool, to get auto sync Google Drive to OneDrive folder easily and safely. What’s more, you are able to enjoy unlimited free cloud space with the combined cloud via CBackup.

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