How to Upload Photos to Dropbox | 4 Methods Included

On this page, you can learn how to upload photos to Dropbox easily. Besides, there is also a tip to get more Dropbox storage space for free.


by Zoey Lasted Updated February 3, 2023

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Is Dropbox good for storing photos?

Dropbox is a simple cloud storage service, and it is very good for storing photos. It is easy to upload photos to Dropbox via different devices, which can back up and protect all your photos. Once you set up Dropbox photo backup, you can access these photos via Dropbox on any device. Though Dropbox provides only 2GB of free cloud storage, you can pay for a subscription plan according to your needs, or take a free method introduced in the latter part of the article.

4 effective ways to upload photos to Dropbox

So, how to upload photos to Dropbox? In general, there are four effective methods to backup photos to Dropbox. You can do it on a website, phone, desktop client, or free cloud backup software. You can continue reading to learn which one is suitable for you.

Way 1. Upload photos via the Dropbox website

The basic way to upload photos to Dropbox is to use the upload feature on the Dropbox website. If the number of your photos is not too much, you can consider using this way to upload photos manually. Here are the simple steps to upload photos via the Dropbox website:

1. Go to the Dropbox website, log in to your account.

Login Dropbox

2. On the Dropbox interface, click on Upload files or Upload folder on the right menu to select photos or photo folders.

Upload Files To Dropbox

Way 2. Upload photos with Dropbox desktop app

If you want to automatically upload photos to Dropbox easily, how to send pictures to Dropbox step by step? You can try the desktop application for Dropbox and it will help you complete the upload process automatically. Just follow the guideline:

1. Download and install the Dropbox desktop application.

2. Then, Sign in to your account.

Dropbox Sign In

3. Dropbox desktop application will create a Dropbox folder on your computer. You just need to drag and drop your photos into this folder. Then your photos will be uploaded to Dropbox automatically.

View Dropbox Through File Explorer

Note: You can go to Manage Backup and set up an automatic backup of Pictures to let Dropbox upload image.

Way 3. Upload photos on the phone

Nowadays, many users store their photos on the phone, but how to add photos to Dropbox on these mobile devices? Here we provide different methods for iPhone and Android phones.

♦ On iPhone

If you are using iPhone, how to upload all photos to Dropbox? You can refer to these easy steps:

1. Download and install the Dropbox application from the App Store.

2. Launch it and log into your account. Go to the Account section.

Iphone Dropbox Account

3. In the Camera Uploads section, turn on the Camera Uploads switch to enable Dropbox image upload. After that, the Dropbox application will upload photos from your iPhone automatically.

Camera Upload On

♦ On Android phone

If your phone is based on Android system, you can backup Android to Dropbox following these steps:

1. Download and install the Dropbox application from the Play Store.

2. Run it and log into your account.

Sign In Android Phone

3. Click the Menu icon > Settings > Turn on Camera Upload.

Backup Android Photos

Way 4. Upload photos to Dropbox Automatically

If you want to upload photos to Dropbox on PC, but do not want to drag and drop them manually, we advise you to use a free cloud backup service, like CBackup. CBackup allows you to add cloud drive accounts to it, containing Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive. Then you can set up a PC to cloud backup task to upload your photos to Dropbox for free.

What’s more, you can set up a Scheduler to create a Dropbox automatic sync to upload photos to Dropbox with a selected frequency automatically, freeing up your hands.

Let’s see how to upload pictures to Dropbox via CBackup:

1. Download and install the CBackup desktop on your PC. Register for a new account, then open the client to log into it.

Download CBackup Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Click Storage to select Dropbox to Authorize Now. You need to authorize CBackup to connect to your Dropbox account.

Select Dropbox

3. Then, click Sync > Sync PC to Public Cloud to create a new sync task for Dropbox photos upload.

Choose Pc To Cloud

4. Choose your photos on PC as the sync source. Choose a Dropbox folder as the sync destination. Finally, click Start Sync to upload photos to Dropbox.

Start Sync To Dropbox

⇒ Note: Click Settings to set up Scheduler. Then CBackup will help you upload photos to Dropbox automatically.

Sync Scheduler

You can also use the Backup feature in CBackup to backup photos, files, folders, programs, and even the entire PC to Dropbox directly.

Tip: Expand your Dropbox space for free

As we all know, Dropbox provides only 2GB of free cloud storage for each account. However, photos always require much storage space. If you do not want to pay for Dropbox subscription plans, you can use CBackup to combine cloud storage accounts. Here are the easy steps to merge two Dropbox accounts or more accounts to increase Dropbox space for free.

1. After adding your Dropbox accounts to CBackup, click + Add Combined Cloud in the Storage section.

Add New Combined Cloud

2. Then, check the Dropbox accounts you want to merge, and click Next. After determining the order of these cloud drives, choose Combine to finish it.

Tick All Dropbox Accounts

3. After that, you can select the Combined Cloud as your backup destination to use the large storage space.

Add Destination Combiend Cloud

Final words

After looking through this page, you may learn the way to upload photos to Dropbox. If you are using a computer to do it, you can try the free cloud storage service - CBackup to perform your tasks automatically. Besides, you can use it to get more Dropbox cloud storage for free.

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