Upload PDF to Dropbox on Computer or Phone via 4 Easy Ways

To upload PDF to Dropbox without effort, here comes 4 methods and you can choose one according to your different needs.


by Zoey Lasted Updated February 3, 2023

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How do I upload a PDF to Dropbox?

PDF, a short form of Portable Document Format, is one of the most common file formats. You may use it for it can save words and images and have a clear interface. So there are lots of PDF files created in the process of your work or in daily life.


To protect your PDF files better from local disasters and equipment failures, you may consider uploading your PDF files to a reliable cloud drive. As one of the most famous and popular cloud services, Dropbox become a nice option for you.

You may need an easy-to-use way to upload PDF to Dropbox. Then, how to upload PDF to Dropbox? The most convenient method is to perform Dropbox schedule sync, which will save much time and effort for you. And there are also other manual uploading solutions to do it. Just keep reading to get introductions and guidelines for them.

How to upload PDF to Dropbox on computer

First, let’s talk about how to upload a PDF to Dropbox on your computer. This part includes 3 ways to sync computer to Dropbox. Some of them are official methods provided by Dropbox itself. But for more convenience, you can consider using another reliable cloud service.

Method 1. Upload PDF to Dropbox on desktop

When it comes to uploading or backing up files to Dropbox, you may think of the Dropbox desktop app. Yes, once you set up the Dropbox desktop app on your computer, there will be a Dropbox folder for you. To upload your PDF files to Dropbox, you can drag and drop them into this folder manually but it will not be quick if you have many PDF files to upload.

Follow the guideline to upload your PDF to Dropbox on the desktop:

1. First, download and set up the Dropbox desktop client on your computer. Sign in to your Dropbox account correctly.

Dropbox Sign In

2. You will get a new Dropbox folder on your computer. Just drag and drop PDF files from local to this folder. Then these PDF files will be uploaded to Dropbox.

View Dropbox Through File Explorer

Note: You may encounter the Dropbox not uploading error and ask “why can’t I upload files to Dropbox?”. There are many causes and solutions for such a problem.

It is because the version of your Dropbox client is too old to upload files to Dropbox. Please update your Dropbox client to the latest version in advance.
Sometimes your Dropbox cloud storage is full so your files cannot be uploaded normally. You can fix the Dropbox not enough space on device issue by cleaning cache data, deleting unimportant data, turning on Start Sync, expanding Dropbox cloud storage space, etc.
Unstable network connection can be one of the causes. Please check your network connections and fix it before uploading files.

Method 2. Upload PDF to Dropbox on its website

You may want to free up storage space so you do not want to download extra applications on computer. Don’t worry, you can also upload PDF to Dropbox on the Dropbox website directly. On the official website, you have 2 different operation ways to upload your PDF files. Choose one you like:

Choice 1. Upload PDF to Dropbox manually

1. Go to the Dropbox official website and log into your Dropbox account. In the Home section, click on Upload files/Upload folder.

2. Next, you can choose PDF files or folders include your PDF files from local in the next pop-up windows to upload to Dropbox.

Upload Files To Dropbox


Choice 2. Drag and drop PDF files to Dropbox

1. Find your PDF files or other types of files on your computer.

2. Drag your PDF files and drop them into the Dropbox website on the same interface.

Drag And Drop Files To Dropbox

Method 3. Upload PDF to Dropbox automatically

How to upload PDF file to Dropbox in an easier way? Here comes a satisfying answer - a free cloud backup service called CBackup. With it, your PDF files can be uploaded to Dropbox automatically and regularly.

Besides, there is no uploading file size limit or uploading speed in CBackup. So you can upload any files including uploading video to Dropbox at a high speed. And CBackup provides a Scheduler feature to make your uploading task perform automatically.

You can follow the easy steps below to upload your PDF to Dropbox with the easiest method:

1. Download and install the CBackup desktop client on your computer. Sign up for a new account and run the client to log into the account.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. In CBackup, go to the Storage section. Then you can choose Dropbox and click on Authorize Now to give CBackup authorization to access your Dropbox.

Select Dropbox

3. Press the Sync tab on the left panel, then click on Sync PC to Public Cloud.

Sync Pc To Public Cloud

4. To make this uploading task automated, press Settings at the left bottom. Enable Scheduler on this page.

Sync Scheduler

5. Choose PDF files on your computer as the sync source. Choose a folder from your Dropbox account as the sync destination. After that, press the Start Sync button to upload PDF to Dropbox with a certain frequency.

Start Sync To Dropbox

Tips: In addition, CBackup has many outstanding backup and sync features you can take advantage of.
Cloud to cloud sync: To transfer files between different cloud drive accounts, you can try the cloud to cloud sync feature in CBackup for free. For example, you can use it to move files from Google Drive to Dropbox.
Backup to public cloud: CBackup allows you to backup any type of file to many mainstream cloud drives like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.
Combine cloud storage: You can get more cloud storage for your large files by merging many cloud drive accounts into a combined cloud.

How to upload PDF to Dropbox on phone

You may also want to know how to upload PDF to Dropbox on your phone. There is a mobile app provided by Dropbox as well. You can use the following easy guideline to upload PDF files to Dropbox:

1. Download and install the Dropbox app for phone from App Store.

2. Log into your Dropbox account. Go to the File section and tap Create icon at the bottom.

3. Choose the Create or Upload File option in the pop-up window. Then you can choose your PDF files to upload.

Upload File To Dropbox Iphone

The bottom line

Whether you create PDF files on a computer or mobile phone, you can find a suitable way to upload PDF to Dropbox with ease in this article. If you want the easiest method, just try the professional cloud service CBackup directly.

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