How to Move Files from Google Drive to Dropbox in 3 Ways

In this post, we will show you 3 reliable ways to move files from Google Drive to Dropbox. Keep reading and you will find moving files from Google Drive to Dropbox is not hard at all.


by Jonna Lasted Updated April 18, 2024

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Can I Transfer Google Drive Files to Dropbox?


How to transfer data from Google Drive to Dropbox?

I have thousands of files in Google Drive, but I have just installed Dropbox on my system and I'd like to move files from Google Drive to Dropbox. The question is how to do that in the simplest way. Thanks for your reply in advance!

Cloud storage service offers users an easy way to back up their files, and also lets them access the files on any device, which is quite convenient. Recently, many users run multiple cloud storage accounts owning to same or different cloud drives to take advantage of the additional free storage or advanced features.

run Dropbox and Google Drive

Meanwhile, people are gradually accustomed to file migration between two cloud services like Google Drive to Dropbox, Dropbox to OneDrive, Dropbox to Google Drive, etc. Here in this guide, we will focus on how to transfer files from Google Drive to Dropbox. Just keep reading to get the effective methods.

Why Transfer Google Drive Files to Dropbox?

There are some reasons why users transfer files from Google Drive to Dropbox:

First, Dropbox has no limitation on the file size while using the Dropbox desktop or mobile app while Google Drive is limited to 50MB for Documents, 100MB for Spreadsheets and Presentations, and 5 TB for other files.

Second, Dropbox is much cheaper than Google Drive with the same space, which means that Dropbox cost less money compared with that Google Drive per Gigabyte.

Third, Dropbox uses the block sync technology and Google Drive uses the file level sync method, which means Dropbox sync much faster than Google Drive on the web version.

Last but not least, Dropbox allows you to connect more tools you prefer to use.

How to Move Files from Google Drive to Dropbox or Vice Versa: 3 Ways

Generally, there are 3 ways that you can follow to migrate files from Google Drive to Dropbox. Traditional methods, like downloading and re-uploading files manually between cloud storage, are tedious. The easiest solution is to use a cloud transfer tool. Keep reading and get more details.

Method 1. Transfer Files from Google Drive to Dropbox Automatically - Easiest

Since there may be thousands of files or folders that you want to move, you'd better rely on a convenient tool to avoid wasting too much time in file download and upload. It’s highly recommended you use a free and professional cloud sync and backup service like CBackup to transfer part or all data at once automatically.

CBackup Main Page

CBackup offers cloud to cloud sync, cloud to cloud backup as well as PC to cloud backup and sync. So, you can easily transfer from Google Drive to Dropbox or move Dropbox folder to Google Drive. For cloud to cloud sync and backup:

To transfer Google Drive to Dropbox, or move files between the cloud storage supported by CBackup, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Download and run CBackup

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Add Google Drive and Dropbox account

  • Go to Storage > Google Drive and hit Authorize Now, and then follow the steps to grant CBackup to access your Google Drive files. Then, complete the Google Drive information on CBackup. Repeat the process to add Dropbox to CBackup.

Add Google Drive

Note: CBackup is based on a standard OAuth system that can ensure your account’s security. There is no need to worry about personal information data disclosure.

Step 3. Create cloud to cloud sync task

  • Go to the Sync tab, and click the Sync Public Cloud to Public Cloud.

Sync Public Cloud to Public Cloud

  • Hit the New Task button to create the cloud sync task. 

Create Sync

Step 4. Sync Google Drive to OneDrive

  • You can change the sync task name, then click Add Source to add the entire Google Drive. And go to click Add Destination to select Dropbox.

Add Source Destination

Tips: CBackup also allows you to select a part of files on Google Drive as the source to copy files from Google Drive to Dropbox.
  • Finally, click Start Sync to move data from Google Drive to Dropbox.

Sync Google Drive to Dropbox

It allows you to add multiple cloud storage accounts of OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive on its interface and then create a sync task to move files between any of the two accounts.
In addition, CBackup also offers many useful sync and backup settings like scheduled sync/backup, file filter, email notification, and so on to improve your transfer efficiency and save cloud space. 
What's more, the cloud to cloud backup/sync features of CBackup are free, you can enjoy it easily by signing up for a CBackup account. 

Method 2. Transfer Files from Google Drive to Dropbox Selectively

This way is traditional but the most common one is to migrate Dropbox to Google Drive. Before moving files from Google Drive to Dropbox, you should download the files you need from Google Drive and upload them to Dropbox manually via Google Drive and Dropbox web app. Let's take photos as an example to show you how to transfer photos from Google Drive to Dropbox:

1. Go to the Google Drive website and log in to your old Google Drive account.

2. Create a new folder to store all files under the root directory of your Google Drive. Collect all the files and put them into the new folder.

3. On the Google Drive page, click "My Drive". Then, right-click the files you need, click the "Download" button, and wait for the process to complete.

Google Dive Download

Note: The Google server will compress all the files into a single zip file. When the download is finished, you can unzip the file and extract all your files from the single zip file.

4. Go to the Dropbox website and log in to your account with your email and password.

5. Click on "Upload" in the upper right corner and then you can choose to upload files or folders from your computer.

Dropbox Upload Files

Note: Every file or folder you choose to upload to Dropbox via the Dropbox website can not be bigger than 50 GB. You can use the desktop or mobile app if you want to add larger files or folders.

Method 3. Transfer Files from Google Drive to Dropbox - All Data at Once

If you want to move all the data in Google Drive to Dropbox at once and your account is a G Suite account, you can use Google Takeout to transfer all files from Dropbox to Google Drive. This tool also allows you to transfer Google Drive to another account as well as migrate Google Drive to OneDrive and other clouds. To do it, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Google Takeout, click "Deselect all" and tick the checkbox on the right side of "Drive", then click "Next Step."

Google Frive Takeoout

2. Select "Add to Dropbox" as the delivery method.

Add to OneDrive

3. Scroll down to "Link accounts and create export" and click it to move Google Drive to Dropbox.

Link Accounts Create Export

4. Then, you will be asked to log in to your Dropbox account and Google Drive, please do so and click "Open in Dropbox" after the exporting process ends. Or you can go to your Dropbox and view the archived files.

Bonus tip: Backup Files from Google Drive to Dropbox Without Losing Data

Cloud to cloud backup is available on the CBackup desktop app as well as the web app and it is designed to help users transfer data from one cloud to another in an incremental backup fashion. If you want to create a copy of Google Drive data and move it to Dropbox to prevent data loss, you can use this method to transfer data between clouds.

Enjoy more free and powerful features with the CBackup desktop app and learn how to back up Google Drive to Dropbox.

1. Start the CBackup client and then log in to your CBackup account. Click "Storage" and "+ Add Cloud", select "Google Drive", hit "Add", and then follow the steps to grant CBackup to access your Google Drive files. Then, complete the Google Drive information on CBackup. Repeat the process to add Dropbox to CBackup.

Add Cloud

2. Click on the "Backup" tab, then, click the "Backup Public Cloud to Public Cloud" button to create the cloud backup task. 

Backup Public Cloud to Public Cloud

3. Name your backup task, and add the entire Google Drive as the backup source. Similarly, click the select Dropbox as the backup destination.

Google Drive To Dropbox

4. Click "Start Backup" in the lower right corner to perform the Google Drive to Dropbox transfer. If you need to transfer Dropbox to Google Drive, you can add Dropbox as the source and add Google Drive as the destination.

Backup Google Drive to Dropbox

You can click the "Settings" button before starting backup to enjoy the “File Filter" features. It can help you exclude certain types of files or contain only specified types of files when transferring.
You can click the "Settings" button to set up a scheduled transfer task in One time only/Daily/Weekly/Monthly mode. Then, data will be transferred at a regular interval or simply for a special time automatically, saving both time and effort.
You can also enable email notifications under "Settings". Then, once the task succeeds or fails, you will receive an email from CBackup.

After backing up, you can easily restore the files that have been previously backed up to the original location or a new location easily with CBackup.

Click Restore On Appside

Furthermore, you could combine multiple cloud drives with CBackup to get more cloud storage space for free, even if the cloud drives are from different cloud platforms. And you could sync and backup files to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, CBackup Cloud (10 GB free of CBackup Cloud storage), or even the combined cloud easily.


That's all about 3 solutions on how to move files from Google Drive to Dropbox. It is not hard to see that migrating files from Google Drive to Dropbox or transferring files from Dropbox to Google Drive without downloading can be an easy job with CBackup. And if you have other cloud drives or FTP that CBackup supports, you can also directly backup Google Drive to other cloud drives. For example, you can backup Google Drive to OneDrive, etc. 

In addition to cloud to cloud backup and sync, you can also use this tool to perform auto folder backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other clouds from your PC. Get this all-in-one cloud backup tool to have a try now!

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