Fix OneDrive Sorry There Was a Problem Uploading This File: 8 Ways

Here are 8 easy methods to address the issue of "sorry there was a problem uploading this file" on OneDrive. Keep reading to get more details.


by CBACKUP Lasted Updated April 11, 2024

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Why is my file not uploading to OneDrive?


When I need to upload files to OneDrive, it tells me: sorry there was a problem uploading this file. Please try again. Any ideas about what might be causing this issue? Grateful for any advice you provide! Thanks!

- Question from Microsoft Community

OneDrive not Uploading

There could be various reasons why you encounter OneDrive not uploading.

  • Internet connection issues: If your internet connection is slow or unstable, it might prevent the file from being uploaded successfully.
  • File size/type limitations: OneDrive has specific file size/type limits for uploads. If your file exceeds this limit, it may not upload.
  • Storage limitations: If your OneDrive storage is full, you won't be able to upload any additional files until you free up space.
  • Internal technical issues: OneDrive might experience occasional technical issues, preventing file uploads during that time.

But it's nothing to worry about, you can find some solutions below that may help you fix your OneDrive upload error.

Fix OneDrive "sorry there was a problem uploading this file" in 8 methods

When you encounter the OneDrive upload issue - sorry there is a problem with the OneDrive servers, you could follow the prompt to try to upload again, but the issue seems not fixed. So what else can you do to solve the upload error? After checking out the reasons why your OneDrive is not uploading above, you could follow the ways below to solve it.

Way 1: Check the OneDrive action center

Checking for the action center is a simple way to follow the OneDrive prompts of certain error files to fix your OneDrive not uploading files. You can access the action center by clicking on the blue OneDrive cloud icon on your PC and then look for any errors related to the files you are attempting to upload, and follow OneDrive's suggestions for resolving these errors.

But if you follow the OneDrive suggestion, and it doesn't work, you can try the following ways.

Way 2: Rename the file

OneDrive for work or school has certain restrictions on file characters and file types. So if the file you're trying to upload contains any restricted elements, it will show you OneDrive upload failed. The solution to fix this error is to rename the file to eliminate the restrictions, and then attempt to sync the file again. You can have a quick check of file limitations by clicking here: restrictions.

Way 3: Move the file out and then move back

When your OneDrive is not uploading files to SharePoint suddenly, you can temporarily remove the file that isn't syncing from your OneDrive folder, such as by relocating it to your Desktop or other folders out of OneDrive. Confirm that all remaining files are successfully syncing, then move the file back into your OneDrive folder to check if it syncs properly.

OneDrive Folder Windows

Way 4: Check the file state

If your file is opened by other applications and you don't close it when you upload to OneDrive, you will get the upload error. So ensure that the file is not being actively used by any application. Close any applications that might be holding the file open. In some cases, a computer restart may be necessary to close the file for syncing.

Way 5: Use another browser

Sometimes, browser-specific issues such as incompatible extensions, cache problems, or outdated settings can interfere with the proper functioning of OneDrive services. By switching to another browser, you can determine whether the problem is related to the specific browser you were initially using.

So if you use a browser when you upload your files and you encounter the upload error, you can change to another browser like Firefox, Edge, and Opera to sign in to your account to the OneDrive website and upload the file again. 

Other Browser

Way 6: Check network environment

A stable and reliable network connection is essential for uploading files to cloud storage. So when you need to upload files to OneDrive, you need to check whether your internet is stable or not. Additionally, you can attempt to switch to a different network environment to determine if the issue persists. This step can help identify whether the problem is specific to your current network configuration.

Way 7: Check OneDrive storage space

Insufficient OneDrive storage space may also lead to the upload error - sorry there was a problem uploading this file. You can check your OneDrive storage space to monitor how much storage you have used and how much is still available. If your OneDrive storage space is full, you can choose to increase your OneDrive storage space by upgrading your plan or getting bonus space free.

You can click OneDrive icon in the taskbar and then click Settings under Help & Settings button. You can see the usage of OneDrive storage space at the left bottom.

Check OneDrive Storage

Way 8: Upload files to OneDrive in an error-free way

When unexpectedly encountering some annoying OneDrive errors, like, OneDrive isn't connected or sorry there was a problem uploading this file, you may want to consider using a reliable OneDrive alternative to upload files.

You can choose to use CBackup, a professional yet free cloud backup service, which can effectively substitute the OneDrive client, providing automated file synchronization between your Windows PC and your OneDrive account. It also comes with many other powerful features like:

It offers you 10GB of free CBackup Cloud that ensure you to store your data for security.
It could help you to combine multiple OneDrive accounts to increase your storage space for free.

Uploading data to OneDrive through CBackup is a straightforward process, as outlined in the following steps:

Step 1. Begin by downloading, installing, and launching CBackup on your computer. Sign up for a CBackup account and log in.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Navigate to the Storage tab > select OneDrive > click Authorize Now to initiate the authorization process. CBackup employs the OAuth system to ensure the utmost security of your account information.

Select OneDrive

Step 3. Click Sync tab and select Sync PC to Public Cloud.

Choose PC to Public Cloud

Step 4. Choose the specific files you wish to synchronize to OneDrive and choose a OneDrive folder as the sync destination.

Sync Files to OneDrive

Step 5. Click on Settings and then select Scheduler to schedule OneDrive sync (optional). Once the settings are selected, click Start Sync to enable the automatic synchronization of files to OneDrive.

Sync Scheduler Pro


To solve OneDrive sorry there was a problem uploading this file, you can try the above methods according to your situation. Also, if you want to upload to OneDrive error-free, you can try to use CBackup.

In addition to syncing PC to cloud, it can help you backup your files to OneDrive and other clouds with its backup function. With this option, you can restore file backups from cloud when accidents happen.

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