2 Free Ways to Do Hourly (Cloud) Backup in Windows 11, 10

In the following text, you will find the best free way to get hourly backup or backup files to cloud every hour, please scroll down to get details.


by Ailsa Lasted Updated April 30, 2024

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Hourly Backup not working in Windows 10?


How to perform hourly backup in Windows 10

I just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro.  Under Windows 7 had a scheduled weekly image backup. In Windows 10, I have attempted to turn on hourly backups to a secondary disk (D:).  The screen shows, naturally, no backups made.  When I select the "Backup Now", it says "backing up", but then  after a wait, comes back to the "no backups made" screen. Please help, what should i do, Thank you.

- Question from answers.microsoft.com

If you want to create a scheduled hourly backup to a local hard drive, you could achieve that with File History; If you would like to perform an hourly cloud backup, please try the free cloud backup service - CBackup. We will show you the detailed information in the following part.

Create Hourly Backup to Local Hard Drive with File History

File History will help you to create a scheduled hourly backup for files if you want to backup files to a local location, like local hard drive, external hard drive, etc. By the way, Backup and Restore (Windows 7) can only do the daily backup, weekly backup, or monthly backup, no hourly backup. Here are the steps to create a scheduled hourly backup with File History.

Note: File History is only available on Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

1. Please input file history in Windows 10 search box, then choose Backup Settings and hit Enter.

2. Click + Add a drive, then choose your local partition to backup, here we choose D drive.

File History Add A Drive

3. Then it will auto-turn on the option Automatically back up my files under Back up using File History section. And hit More options.

4. Now you could set up the backup frequency in the Back up my files field, choose Every hour (default), and other settings you want to configure.

File History Hourly Backup

5. Press the Back up now button to create a scheduled hourly backup on your hard drive.

However, File History can only backup some of your files, like Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, Desktop folders, and OneDrive offline files, not everything.

Sometimes, you may want to take another protection for your local files, and want to backup files to cloud every hour, what should you do? Don’t worry, here is a very easy way for you to make it.

Perform Hourly Cloud Backup with Hourly Backup Software

CBackup is a professional yet free cloud backup software, which is capable of backing up files to current mainstream cloud drives, like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, CBackup Cloud, even the combined cloud. It will backup everything on your hard drive to cloud, like system files, program files, your settings, and data files.

Besides, it provides you useful features while backing up, like schedule backup, email notification, file filter, and more to accelerate the backup process and make it convenient for you.

Let’s get started to schedule an hourly cloud backup to Google Drive in Windows 11 for example with CBackup:

1. Please download and install the CBackup desktop app, then create a new CBackup account and sign in.

Download CBackup Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Click Storage on the left side, choose Google Drive then hit Authorize Now.

Select Google Drive

Tip: Then follow the steps to grant CBackup to access your Google Drive account, then complete the Google Drive information on CBackup, like Cloud name, Storage path, etc.

Complete Google Drive Info

3. Select the Backup on the left side, then choose Backup PC to Public Cloud to create an hourly cloud backup task.

Create Hourly Backup Task

4. Rename the Task Name if required, choose the local Windows 11 computer files to backup, the tick Google Drive as the destination.

Hourly Backup Files to Google Drive

5. Hit Settings on the bottom left, then choose Scheduler > tick Set a backup schedule for automated backup, then choose Daily > Intervals, then specify the start and end time, and the interval time: 1 hour, now press OK.

Hourly Cloud Backup

6. Press the Start Backup button to perform hourly cloud backup automatically in Windows 11.

Notes:✎Except for backup files to Google Drive, you could also do an hourly database backup. Moreover, CBackup could help you do the following work:
Combine multiple cloud drives if you encounter a problem like your Google Drive storage full and don’t want to pay for the subscription plan from Google Drive.
Perform cloud to cloud sync tasks to transfer everything from one cloud to another especially useful while switching cloud drives.
Backup one cloud to another to protect the data from your source cloud, if the files get lost, you could restore them anytime.
10GB free cloud storage space of CBackup Cloud.
Sync files to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

The Epilogue

It’s quite easy to operate hourly backup or hourly cloud backup, right? An hourly backup will back up any changes within an hour from the source to the destination to maximum protection of your data security. There are two ways for you to get hourly backup, File History and CBackup. File History can only backup some files on your hard drive, while the hourly backup software - CBackup can backup everything from the computer to the cloud. Just choose the way that is suitable for you.

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