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User Case: My Google Photos Not Syncing Across Devices

“I use Google Photos both on my Android phone and my iPad. For some reason, the photos from my phone are not visible on the iPad and vice versa. Photos from both devices are visible on the web app. I've looked through the setting, but have not found any solution. How do I resolve Google Photos not syncing across devices issue?”

Google Photos is a photo sharing and storage service developed by Google. It retains many of the features of the old Google+ photos, as well as some new features. It has been favored by users since its release.

When I visited the forum, I found that many users said that they would encounter the problem that Google Photos fail to sync. When they want to access their pictures and videos between different devices, it will bring them distress.

Google Photos

Why Is Google Photos Not Syncing?

Some of these users are still trying to synchronize Google Photos and Google Drive. They understand that as long as they are set up in Google Photos and you have enough space in your Drive to add to Google Photos All content will be synced back to Google Drive.

But the situation changed on July 10, 2019, and Google announced that Google Photos will no longer include the option to sync with Google Drive. This means Google Photos not syncing with Google Drive directly. This is why many users report that Google Photos not updating on computer.

Most other users have this problem in multiple forms, such as "Checking for items to sync". When you use more than one device and the problem of photos not uploading to Google Photos persists, the frustration will continue to increase.

Don't worry, we have collected and compiled the 4 most effective solutions to fix the sync Google Photos not working problem.

4 Ways to Solve Google Photos App Not Syncing

Here are some practical solutions to try to fix Google Photos not syncing to computer and phone. You can choose the most suitable solution to solve your situation.

Method 1. Confirm power status

When the device turns on battery saving mode, it will restrict background work. So you need to make sure you turn off the battery save mode.

On most Androids, tap the device Settings (Gear icon); Apps; Photos; Battery; turn off battery optimization.

On iPhone, according to different models, you can drag out the menu bar and click the battery icon to turn off the low battery mode, or you can turn it off in the settings: Settings; Battery; Low Power Mode; Turn off.

Low Power Mode

Method 2. Check several Google sync status settings

Log in the Google account with the problem into Google Photos, then refer to the first card that appears under Assistant. And confirm the following content separately.

Waiting for connection/waiting for Wi-Fi.

Check if the device is connected to the network and the network status. Make sure the device is connected to the appropriate network.

Back up and Sync is off.

When the "Backup and Sync" feature is turned off, it will cause Google Photos not updating. Make sure the option is turned on.

Method 3. Clear app data and cache

On Android, go to Settings, and then select the Apps. Then, select the Photos, Storage, and click Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Google Photos Clear Cache Data

On iOS, go to Settings and tap General. Go to iPhone Storage and select Google Photos. Then, choose to Delete App. You can then reinstall the app on the App Store.

Method 4. Configure the Back Up & Sync setting

Open the menu in Google Photos, click Settings, and then go to "Back up & Sync." Make sure this option is turned on. Click "Backup Device Folder" to see if folders are enabled for automatic backup and sync. If you don’t open the Google Photos folder, you can’t back up and sync them.

Google Photos Backup And Sync

Frequently Asked Questions about Google Photos Syncing

Photos not backing up to Google Photos is a very common problem, but in addition, Google users may also encounter other problems. Here are two frequently asked questions that may be helpful.

#1. How do I Sync My Google Photos?

Since Google Photos can’t sync with Google Drive, many people do not know how to sync Google Photos, here is a method for you - use Google Backup and Sync app. The Google Backup and Sync application for Windows or Mac can sync photos from your local or external drive to your Google Drive and Google photos.

To use Google Photos with Backup and Sync, you need to upload photos and videos to these two places, but once you start your PC, you can select a single folder to automatically sync. All new images and videos on your PC are available through Google Drive.

Backup And Sync

The settings of how to sync photos to Google Photos are as follows:

Step 1. If you haven’t downloaded "Backup and Sync" to your PC or Mac, please download it, then follow the instructions to install and log in.

Mac Sign In

Step 2. If it asks, authorize the app to access your photos.

Step 3. The app will install a folder called Google Drive on your computer, and you can drag photos and documents onto that folder to synce its content with Google Drive.

Step 4. Open Backup and Sync preferences and select the folders you'd like to sync.

Backup And Sync Preferences

#2. How do I Refresh Google Photos?

You can try the following 6 methods to refresh Google Photos:

1. Restart the app.

2. Uninstall and reinstall the app.

3. Sign out and sign in to your Google account again, switch to another account, and switch back.

4. Restart your phone.

5. Cut off the network connection and reconnect it.

6. Clear drive database.

What If the Photo Cloud Backup Space is Insufficient?

It can be seen from people's demand for Google Photos sync that people's demand for photo backup is increasing. Whether it is work or life, the method of cloud backup storage photos has become a trend.

Is there any way to help us effectively expand the space of photo cloud backup? Here we recommend to you a free way to maximize the cost savings to expand the storage space of photos, while still ensuring your data security-use third-party cloud backup services: CBackup.

Cbackup Main Page

Combine cloud storage for larger photo cloud backup space (Free)

CBackup can connect multiple cloud storage accounts (supports Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) and combine their storage into a larger backup space for free. CBackup does not limit the number of added cloud storage service accounts. If you have enough accounts, you can even get unlimited online cloud backup space. And in this way, as long as you log in once, you can access and manage all the files in the authorized cloud backup.

Step 1. Download CBackup and create a new CBackup account to sign in to this app.

Sign In

Step 2. Go to My Storage > + Add Cloud button, then choose Google Drive and hit Add. Then follow the instruction to allow CBackup to access your files of the cloud drive.

Add Cloud

Note: If you need to combine multiple cloud drive accounts into a Combined Cloud, you just need to add all your accounts according to this step, and then click New Combined Cloud under the Backup Tasks tab to create.

Add Combined Cloud1

Step 3. Select the Backup Tasks tab, and then press + New Task button to create your backup task. And click Add Source to choose folders from the PC that you want to backup. Click Add Destination to choose Combined Cloud as the target location.

Add Destination Combined Cloud

Step 4. Click Start Backup to backup any file to the cloud with CBackup.

Note: You can tap "Settings" at the bottom of the window before starting back up, under the Scheduled Backup tab, select the frequency you want to auto backup files to cloud, and click "OK".

Schedule Backup

Backup PC to cloud with CBackup

Services such as Google Photos, Google Docs, etc. sometimes run unstable. To avoid accidental data loss, we recommend that you perform a more professional data cloud backup.

With CBackup, in addition to combining the free storage of multiple cloud drive accounts into a huge backup space, you can also perform automatic Windows PC cloud backups. You can easily back up files on your computer to a safe and stable remote server - CBackup Cloud, and each account can get 10GB free storage. Besides, when your Google Drive freezes or crashes, you can use CBackup as the best alternative.

Start Backup

This service provides the function of backing up laptops to the cloud, and supports most mainstream cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. If the cloud drive you are accustomed to has problems that are difficult to repair, you can use CBackup to back up data to your account in a more professional and safer way.

Backup one cloud to another for data safe-keeping

If there is an error in the network or server, the files in Google Photos are easy to lose. You can back up the files in your Google Drive account to another cloud drive through CBackup, which means that your important data will have an extra layer of protection. Go to the CBackup website and easily perform cloud to cloud backup and sync operations without downloading and uploading, saving time and effort.

Transfer Google Drive to OneDrive

Final Words

Solutions for Google Photos not syncing have been listed above, you can follow these methods according to your situation and try these fixes one by one until your Google Photos sync problem gets solved.

If you often use cloud backup to store photos and want to find a way to enlarge the storage space and easily manage and access it by yourself, I strongly recommend that you use CBackup, it has more possibilities waiting for you to discover. It also provides the most professional, safest, and most cost-effective cloud backup service for Windows PC users. You can download and try it for free.

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