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Google cloud storage for photos

Nowadays, many users may store many awesome photos and videos on their phone or computer, but when they decide to buy a new device or the storage of device becomes too full to take any more, how to deal with these pictures and videos has been a problem to them.

Actually, cloud storage is a good choice for data storage especially for photos and videos, which take up a lot of space. As one of the biggest cloud storage providers in the world, Google provides two kinds of Google cloud storage for photos and videos: Google Drive and Google Photos.

Google Photos and Drive

Overview of Google Photos and Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to backup almost any type of file like PDF, ZIP, MP3, MP4, JPG, PNG, etc. to the cloud server and access these files from anywhere. Meanwhile, Google Drive offers mobile app, web version and desktop client to help you backup and access your photos on smartphone, tablet, or computer with ease.

Generously, Google Drive gives you 15GB of storage for free, so depending on the size of the photos and video you're saving, you'll likely be able to save thousands of photos and hundreds of videos. However, this space is shared across Gmail, Google Drive, or any of the other G Suite apps. If you want to increase the amount of storage, you can pay to upgrade to an advanced plan.

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos is a photo gallery app that supports three types of media files – photos, videos, and GIFs. Nowadays, it has been one of the best ways to store, backup, and view your photos if you have a smartphone. You can also do some basic photo editing. After setting, all of the photos and videos you've taken on your phone will be automatically copied to the cloud where you can access them from anywhere.

Besides the Google Photos app on mobile devices, you can also go to the site to view your stored images and clips on a PC or mobile web browser. And if you want to backup and sync photos on computer to Google Photos directly, Google’s Backup and Sync app can help you achieve it.

What’ more, there is no Google Photos cloud storage limit. It offers unlimited storage as long as you upload files in High Quality mode. That means Google will compress the photos and save them at 16MP. As for videos, they will be compressed to 1080p.

How to backup your photos to Google cloud storage?

In general, Google Drive is a file storage service and Google Photos is a sync and backup service for photos and videos. Both of them can help your backup, store, and view your photos. No matter Google Photos or Google Drive you want to backup photos to, you can read the following contents to learn how to do it with detailed steps.

Backup your photos to the cloud using Google Photos

You can follow the steps below to backup your photos to the cloud using Google Photos.

Part 1. Via Google Photos app

1. Download and install Google Photos from the Google Play store.

2. Open the Google Photos app and tap on the menu icon (three lines) in the top left corner.

3. Tap on Settings > Back up & sync and turn the backup process on.

Backup Android Photos to Google Photo Library

Part 2. Via website

1. Go to the website of Google Photos and log in to your Google account.

2. Click Upload in the upper left corner.

Upload Files to Google Photos

3. Choose “Computer” or “Google Drive” to select the files you want to backup.

Upload Files to Google Photos

Backup your photos to the cloud using Google Drive

Here are detailed steps for you to backup photos to the cloud via Google Drive.

Part 1. Via Google Drive app

1. Download and install the Google Drive app from the Google Play store.

2. Open Google Drive on your device and sign in with your Google email address and password to sign-in.

3. After signing in, tap the Plus (+) icon at the corner. And then, tap Upload.

4. Select the files that you wish to backup to Drive.

5. After selecting, tap Open in the upper-right corner. Then, your chosen items will be backed up to the cloud automatically.

Google Drive Backup

Part 2. Via website

1. Go to the website of Google Drive and log in to your Google account.

2. Click My Drive > Upload file or Upload folder in the upper left corner and select the files you want to backup.

Google Drive Upload Files

How to Sync your photos to the cloud using Backup and Sync?

Google's Backup and Sync app for Windows or Mac can help you backup and even sync photos from your computer, camera, or SD card to Google Drive and Photos. Here's how you set it up.

1. Download and install Backup and Sync to your PC or Mac.

2. If it asks, grant the app permission to access your photos.

3. The app will install a folder on your computer called Google Drive, and you can drag photos and documents onto the folder to sync its contents with Google Drive on Google's servers.

Google Drive Folder

4. To sync folders on your computer with Drive, open Backup and Sync preferences and select the folders you'd like to sync, such as Documents or Pictures.

Google Backup and Sync

Note: Please remember to adjust the upload size (High quality or Original quality) according to your needs.

Bonus tips: how to get more storage space for photos?

Generally, 16MP is more than enough for a regular user. But if you are a professional photographer, compression might result in a loss of quality. If you choose to upload media in its original quality, it will take up your Google Drive storage so that 15GB of free storage maybe not enough for you. And according to the latest news, Google even will end the unlimited storage space service of Google Photos on June 1, 2021.

If you need more storage space for your photos, of course, you can subscribe to an advanced storage plan. It starts at 100GB for $1.99, 200GB for $2.99, and 2TB for $9.99 per month. But if you are not satisfied with the plans that Google offers to you. You can try the tips below to get more storage space for your photos.

Tip 1. Combine storage space of multiple Google clouds

You can use a multiple cloud storage manager like CBackupper to add and merge Google Drive accounts. In this way, you can combine your Google Drive cloud storage into one and take full use of all your free cloud storage. CBackupper is a cloud service that offers a free web app to help you achieve cloud combination easily. And with a clean interface and user-friendly design, you can figure it out even for the first time.

Let's see how to use CBackupper to expand your space of Google Drive:

1. Create an account and sign in. Just go to the main page of CBackupper, under the SIGN UP section to type your email, password, and name.


2. Add your cloud storage accounts owning to one or different cloud drives. Click “Add Clouds” under “Clouds” tab, select your clouds (here is Google Drive), and click “OK”. Then sign in your account and authorize CBackupper to access and manage your Google Drive files.

Add Google Drive

3. Now, you complete the entire process of adding cloud drives. To add more clouds, you just need to repeat the above steps. And you’d better change the default name to a unique one for distinguish.



You can click the three-dot icon next to each cloud drives and select “Allocate Space” to adjust your storage allocation flexibly.

Modify Confirm

And besides the cloud combining function, it also supports cloud to cloud transfer with flexible transfer settings like automatic backup and File filter. If you need to transfer files from Google Drive to other cloud drives, just go to the "Task" tab and click on “Create Task” to set up your cloud transfer task according to your needs.

Create Task

Besides the web app, CBackupper also has a PC client for Windows PC cloud backup offers large storage space at a reasonable price. CBackupper only provides one storage amount option, that is 1000GB, but you only need to pay $6 per month to enjoy it. If you pay for a year directly, it costs only $60. What's more, it kindly offers a 15-day free trial, you can download it for free and have a try first. If you need more storage for your photos, turning to CBackupper from Google cloud storage is also a good choice.

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That’s all about Google cloud photo storage. If you want unlimited cloud storage, you can upload your photos to Google Photos in high quality. And if you want to upload your photos in original quality, Google Drive is a good choice for you. Although Google Drive provides you with 15GB of free storage, it will be run out sooner or later. Don’t forget to use CBackupper to get more storage space for your photos.