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When you use a computer at home or work, Google Drive will automatically back up your files to your computer. If multiple people use the same computer, this may cause you to worry that other people will access your private files.

If you are bothering with this issue, read on and this article will show you how to stop Google Drive backup.

Guides to Stop Google Drive Backup and Sync

When you have to stop Google Drive backup for some reason, you may worry about how to stop Google Drive auto backup. Don’t be sad, this article will provide you with several simple and straightforward ways to stop Google Drive backup, the following methods will be helpful for you.


Method 1 Disconnect Your Account

To stop Google syncing completely, you can sign out of your account.

  • On the Google Drive page, click Google Account in the upper right corner.

  • Click Sign out.

Click Sign Out

Method 2 Pause Backup

To temporarily stop backing up, you can pause the program.

  • When your Google Drive is backing up, a prompt box will pop up.

  • You just need to click Cancel in the upper right corner of the prompt.

Click Cancle

Method 3 Disable Google Drive Offline

This is also one way to turn off backup from Google.

  • Click Settings in the upper right corner of the Google Drive page.

  • In the pop-up window, in default General tab, move to Offline column.

  • Uncheck “Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings files to this computer so that you can edit offline” option.

Select Offline

Method 4 On WhatsApp

You can also operate through a third-party mobile application: stop Google Drive backup on WhatsApp.

  • Login to WhatsApp and open settings.

  • Tap on Chats.

  • Tap on Chats backup.

  • Tap on Back up to Google Drive.

Whatsapp Select Back Up To Google Drive

  • Now you can see a pop-up window looks like shown in Photo, choose the option Never.

Whatsapp Select Never

Stopping Google Drive backup on WhatsApp is also a convenient way, if you are not comfortable using your computer, and don’t know how to stop Google Drive auto backup, it is quick and easy with this application.

Method 5 Delete Google Drive Backup

If you just needn’t Google sync or back up a file, stopping the entire Google Drive backup may be a bit annoying for you. At this time, you can also choose to delete Google Drive backup.

Googledrive Select Storage

  • On the top right, click Backups.

Select Backups

  • Delete a backup: Right-click the backup and then click Remove.

Googledrive Select Remove

Tip: How to Make an Efficient and Safe Backup?

When you feel that the files in your cloud storage cannot be effectively secured, and stop Google Drive backup for security, how to make a cloud backup may become your top priority. Here, take a look at CBackupper, a completely free cloud backup.

CBackupper is a server for cloud backup and management, it can manage multiple cloud storage services at the same time.

This means that if there is any problem with your Google Drive, you can freely and quickly access and move files saved on other locations before. This allows for efficient and secure data management and cloud backup.

Let’s follow the steps below to execute Google Drive with CBackupper.

Step 1. Enter CBackupper's homepage and sign up for a new account (if you have an account, you can sign in directly).

Sign Up

Step 2. Add and authorize your Google Drive under the "Clouds" tab.

Add Cloud

Step 3. First click Tasks, then click Create Task to create a backup task.

Create Task

You can perform cloud backup of files in single cloud storage, or add and authorize other cloud storage in the same way to facilitate the operation of files between different cloud storage. Of course, everything in CBackupper is safe and effective.


This article ends here. The above provides you with several methods of how to stop Google Drive backup. I hope you can find the one that is helpful to you. If you are using multiple cloud storage services and want security, why not try CBackupper, it will not let you down.