Top 2 Free Google Drive Migrator in 2023

Here we provide the 2 free Google Drive migrator to achieve Google Drive data migration directly and easily, just find the best free data migration tool for Google Drive.


by Ailsa Lasted Updated February 1, 2023

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How can I realize Google Drive data migration?

Numerous users are desired to move Google Drive files to another account or other clouds due to varies reasons, like the limited free cloud storage, better picture performance, work change, etc. If you want to realize Google Drive data migration, like migrate Google Drive to OneDrive or transfer Google Drive to another account, don’t worry any more. Follow this article and here are the top 2 free Google Drive migrator recommended to you to do Google Drive data migration.

What is Google Drive migrator?

Google Drive migrator can also be called Google Drive migration tool. It is used to migrate Google Drive to another account or transfer Google Drive to other cloud drives directly, like Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. You can move some of files or even everything in Google Drive to other cloud storage freely and easily.

Besides, the Google Drive migration tool could be smart to perform Google Drive automatic backup, and free your hands to perform unattended tasks.

The traditional way is download files from Google Drive to computer, then upload these files to another cloud, it’s not only occupy your local hard disk storage but also quite time-wasting and boring.

Google Drive Migrator

So what is the best free Google Drive data migration tool? Please keep reading in the following content to get more details about Google Drive migrator.

The best free Google Drive Migrator - CBackup

Here we first show you the best free Google Drive migrator for you. Compared with the traditional way, the free cloud backup service - CBackup, can be the best free Google Drive migrator, which allows you to transfer files from cloud to cloud directly and easily, since it supports the mainstream cloud drives, say OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive, etc.

CBackup not only migrate files from one cloud to another but also help you to transfer everything from one cloud to another, which means you could migrate Google Drive to another account, or transfer Google Drive to OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. 

Moreover, it will not use your computer resources while migrating because it performs on the web-based platform, even you close the browser, it can finish the Google Drive data migration until it’s completed. The whole process will be down more quickly and conveniently.

Main Page

Main Features:

1. PC to Cloud Backup  

Backup your files from local PC to cloud storage, including OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, CBackup Cloud, etc., as well as the combined cloud.

2. Cloud to Cloud Backup & Sync

Support cloud to cloud backup and cloud to cloud sync easily with CBackup.

3. Schedule Backup and Sync

Backup and sync all your files at fixed periods, like one time only, daily, weekly, and monthly, which avoids to repeat the same process and save your time.       

4. Integration of Idle Cloud Space

You are allowed to merge all your Google Drive accounts and other cloud storage into one as whole to get large cloud storage space, even unlimited free cloud storage.

Version and Cost: 

◆You can enjoy CBackup for free and have free 10GB of CBackup Cloud.

◆The pricing plan is quite simple and affordable, like Basic plan costs $4.99/month and Premium plan costs $14.99/month.

Transfer Google Drive files Directly with CBackup

The Google Drive migrator tool mentioned above can help you migrate Google Drive to OneDrive, Dropbox, etc., or vice versa. And it's much more convenient, easier and faster to transfer files compared with downloading and reuploading. So if you wanna transfer Google Drive files to another account, or migrate Google Drive to OneDrive automatically via CBackup, just follow the steps below:  

First of all, please download CBackup desktop app by clicking the Download CBackup button.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Tip 1. Transfer Google Drive files to another cloud drive

Now, follow the steps to backup files from Google Drive to another cloud storage with simple steps via CBackup, here's an example to transfer Google Drive to OneDrive:

1. Create a CBackup account and sign in to CBackup desktop app.

Sign in

2. Then click Storage and select Google Drive and click Authorize Now. (Repeat the step to add OneDrive or other drives)

Select Google Drive

 You have to complete the authorization of OneDrive and Google Drive or other drives, which enables CBackup to access your cloud without the username and password required. So, you can safely add your clouds.

3. Click the Backup Backup Public Cloud to Public Cloud to create Google Drive to OneDrive migration task. 

Select Cloud to Cloud Backup

4. Next, add Google Drive or certain Google Drive folders/files as the backup source. Then choose OneDrive as the backup destination.

Add Source

You can enjoy other convenient services here, in the “Settings” (lower left corner), there are 3 choices for you: File Filter or Email Notification and Scheduler. You can set a backup schedule for automated backup as follows, which is specially useful to backup the changed part since the last full backup. 

Schedule Backup

5. Lastly, click the Start Backup button to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive easily.

Start Backup Google Drive to OneDrive

There is another way to convert Google Drive to OneDrive, use the Drive Files to OneDrive extension, but it don’t have the user friendly interface and has ads, besides, the transfer speed is slow.

Tip 2. Transfer Google Drive files to another Google Drive account

If all you want to do is to transfer Google Drive files from one to another account, please try the following steps.

1. Add and authorize your two Google Drive accounts under the My Storage tab according to the above step 2.

Add Another Account

2. Click on the Backup tab on the left, and then hit Backup Public Cloud to Public Cloud likewise. Now, add one Google Drive account as the backup source, and select another Google Drive account as the backup destination. 

3. Then, click Start Backup to transfer Google Drive to another account easily and directly.

Start Backup Google Drive to Another

Another Google Drive Migrator - Google Takeout

There is another tool for you to transfer everything from Google Drive to Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, etc., or just download all Google Drive files to your computer, that’s Google Takeout.

1. Please go to Google Drive Takeout, then click Deselect all under CREATE A NEW EXPORT section.

Deselect All

2. Then scroll down to find Drive, and tick it, then click Next step.

Tick Drive

3. Under Delivery method, please select the option you need, and modify the frequency and file type. Now click Link accounts and create export.

Delivery Method

4. Then follow the steps to complete the data migration from Google Drive to Dropbox, OneDrive, or other clouds

However, this way might cost you hours or days to complete the export, so it’s not worth trying.

Final words

In conclusion, here we provide top 2 free Google Drive migrator for you. Compared with Google takeout, CBackup is smarter and more convenient for you to transfer Google Drive files to another account or other cloud storage. Most importantly, with CBackup, you are able to access multiple drives at the same time, including Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. Besides, CBackup allows you backup files to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more easily protect your computer files.

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