How Can I Tell If A File is Uploading to Dropbox?

How can I tell if a file is uploading to Dropbox? Here we will show you how to upload and stop uploading files to Dropbox to your preference.


by CBACKUP Lasted Updated April 11, 2024

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What is Uploading in Dropbox?

File is uploading to Dropbox, what does uploading a file mean? Uploading involves the process of transferring data from a local device to a remote device. From the user's perspective, uploading a file means sending it to another computer. In essence, uploading a file is making a copy of it and transferring it to a server.

And here you may have doubts like me: What is the difference between Dropbox uploading and Dropbox sync? Uploading files to Dropbox is a process of manual behavior; syncing files to Dropbox is a two-way action and happens automatically, which means when you change the content of a file in your local place, your copy of the cloud will change and vice versa.

Upload Dropbox

How to Upload Files to Dropbox Account from Your Computer

It's easy to upload files from your computer to your Dropbox account. So if you are looking for a detailed guide to free up space on your computer or just want to upload files to your Dropbox account. You can read the following instructions to upload your files.

1. Go to the Dropbox website and sign in to your Dropbox account.

2. Click All files on the left pane > click Upload > choose Files or Folder to upload and follow the prompt to complete uploading. (You can click Create to create a new folder to store your uploaded files.)

All  Files

3. Or you can just drag and drop files or folders from your computer to Dropbox. Then your file is uploaded.

Tip: If you have installed the Dropbox desktop app on your computer, you can use the Dropbox folder to upload files to the cloud easily.

How Can I See if File is Uploading to Dropbox?

As uploading is a manual process, people tend to figure out where to see the uploading process on their Dropbox account. Now let's see where to check out the uploading process via Dropbox Website.

1. Log in to your Dropbox account in the Dropbox website.

2. Drag and drop your files to your Dropbox account when you upload your files, you should see a progress bar along the bottom of the web page. The progress bar will show your uploading progress like "Uploading 6 of 6 items, 3 minutes left"


3. And also you can click the up arrow to check out the uploading progress.

Tip: If you don't see the uploading progress on your website browser window, this absence of visible progress might be attributed to various factors, including potential issues during the file upload process, such as a web page timing out or encountering other technical difficulties.

Let's see where to check out the uploading process via Dropbox desktop app.

1. Click the Dropbox icon in your taskbar.

2. Click the Sync history on the left top.

Sync History

3. If files are syncing, they will show in order and follow the order to sync.

4. You can change the sync order by click Sync order at the end of the file.

Why is Dropbox Uploading Stuck?


In the past month on 6 different Macs at work, my Dropbox keeps getting stuck uploading files. I have to unlink Dropbox, relink it, sync nothing, then sync individual folders one at a time. It's starting to be not worth it. What's going on? I've tried bringing work machines home and using my home network which is very fast 100mb/s, but it doesn't work as well.  When I try to upload files, my Dropbox shows "uploading 24 files" but the number never changes.

- Question from Dropbox Community

Like the user's problem above, I believe many users also encounter issues like Dropbox upload stuck, and Dropbox upload failed. So first here I list several common reasons and solutions. You can check whether those problems stuck your uploading process or not.

☁ Network Connection Issues: When you upload files to Dropbox, you should first check whether the network connection is stable or not. If not, just reconnect them.

☁ File Incompatibility: There are three kinds of web-based files including Google Docs(.gdoc), Google Sheets (.gsheet), Google Slides (.gslides). So when you upload files to Dropbox you should check the file's compatibility.

☁ Files in Use by Other Programs: If you encounter a notification stating "the file is currently in use, please try again" while attempting to upload a file to Dropbox, it's essential to address this issue as follows: close the running program, save the latest version and attempt to upload again.

Dropbox Storage Limit: Dropbox not updating files may because your storage space is full. You need to free up space by deleting files or upgrading your Dropbox account.

☁ File Name Overlap: If the file name of the local file matches the file name of a file already existing in Dropbox, the file will not be uploading to Dropbox, so it's advisable to rename the local file to have a unique name before attempting the upload.  

☁ Outdated Dropbox Version: If your Dropbox is not the latest version, your Dropbox will fail to work as well, so you just need to update your Dropbox.

How to Stop File Upload on Dropbox

When you upload your files via Dropbox website, you can see a progress bar along the bottom of the web page and click the up arrow to see the uploading progress, and on the right side of the file( in queue) you can see the button Cancel, and you can click cancel then your file will not upload.

Use an Error-Free Way to Upload Files to Dropbox

After reading, you may have an overview of how to upload files to Dropbox and how to solve Dropbox sync errors while uploading files. But if your problem still can't be fixed, you can use the error-free software, CBackup to upload files to Dropbox without speed and file name limitation.

CBackup serves as an effective cloud backup tool that enables seamless file synchronization with Dropbox, all at no cost. It accommodates a wide range of data formats, like uploading photos to Dropbox, and it supports videos, music, zip files, and more. Here is a guide on how to upload files to Dropbox via CBackup:

1. Download and install CBackup desktop app on your computer > sign up and log into CBackup client.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Click Storage on the left side > select Dropbox > click on Authorize Now and follow the prompts to complete the authorization.

Select Dropbox

3. Now, click the Sync tab on the left menu > choose Sync PC to Public Cloud.

Choose PC to Public Cloud

4. Choose the computer files that you want to sync to Dropbox > then select a Dropbox folder as the destination. Now click Start Sync to upload files or folders as your preference.

Select Target Location

Tip: If you want to let CBackup automatically sync your computer files to Dropbox. You can set a scheduled sync task before hitting the button Start Sync. You can click Settings > Scheduler and set the time you want. (In advanced version)

One Time Only


After reading, you may find the answer to how can I tell if a file is uploading to Dropbox. Moreover, you can learn about the potential problem while uploading files to Dropbox and find several solutions. Besides that, you can make sure Dropbox secure upload via CBackup to upload your files to Dropbox with ease and convenience.

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