Solved: Dropbox Waiting to Upload

This article list 7 methods to fix “Dropbox waiting to upload”, and there is a way to increase Dropbox storage for free.


by Jonna Lasted Updated February 2, 2023

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Dropbox Error - Waiting to Upload


I am uploading about 1TB of files to Dropbox, but it is stuck and saying “Waiting to upload”. Why would this happen? How can I fix the “Dropbox waiting to upload” problem?

Dropbox is a file hosting service that allows users to store files and collaborate with group members. It makes it easy for users to access files from multiple devices such as computers/phones, and automatically synchronize files between different devices. Though Dropbox offers many useful features, many users encounter some annoying problems when using Dropbox, such as Dropbox upload stuck, Dropbox not syncing, Dropbox uploading slow, and so on.


On this page, our topic is how to solve the Dropbox file waiting to upload problem. We will describe the causes of this error and workable solutions. In addition, we will provide you with a quick way to upload multiple files or large files to Dropbox with ease.

Why is Dropbox Saying Waiting to Upload?

Why Dropbox stuck on waiting to upload? There are many reasons for this. Some common ones are:

  • Your internet connection is unstable.
  • The Dropbox cache data affects the normal upload of files.
  • The Dropbox application is not updated on time or your device system is outdated.
  • Dropbox security settings do not allow file uploads.

After knowing the reasons, we will list some useful solutions for you below.

How Do I Fix Dropbox Waiting to Upload?

You can try the following approaches one by one until the “waiting to upload on Dropbox” problem is resolved.

Way 1. Clear Dropbox Cache

Caching data allows Dropbox to read data faster, but it may also cause some files to fail to be uploaded to the cloud. In this case, we recommend that you try clearing your cache first to resolve the waiting to upload issue on Dropbox.

On Windows:

Step 1. Open the Run dialog by pressing WIN + R, and then paste %HOMEPATH%\Dropbox\.dropbox.cache to click OK.

Input The Command

Step 2. Then, remove all cached data on Dropbox.

On Mac:

Step 1. Open the Finder app and select Go to the folder.

Step 2. Copy and paste  ~/Dropbox/.dropbox.cache and tap Go.

Dropbox Cache Folder

Step 3. Delete the files in the Dropbox cache folder.

On phones:

Step 1. Run the Dropbox app on your phone, and click Account.

Step 2. Tap Settings > Clear cache.

Clear Cache

Way 2. Check Internet Connection

Dropbox is an online storage service. An unstable network or disconnected network connection is also the main reason why files cannot be uploaded to the cloud.

If you are using a wireless network, please make sure that Wi-FI is available correctly. If you are using a wired network, you can try to restart the router.

Way 3. Sign out and in Dropbox

Sometimes, logging out of Dropbox and back into it can solve most Dropbox sync issues, such as Dropbox stopped syncing folder, Dropbox not loading, etc.

Step 1. Run Dropbox, and click on Settings.

Step 2. Choose Quit Dropbox.

Quit Dropbox

Step 3. Wait for a while, and then log into Dropbox again to see if the “waiting to upload” issue is solved.

Way 4. Update Dropbox

Please check to see if your Dropbox application is the latest version. The update of the client app may cause some functions of the old versions to fail to work normally, resulting in Dropbox waiting to upload issue.

Way 5. Update Your Mobile OS

If you are using your mobile phone to upload files to the cloud and meet Dropbox waiting to upload on iPhone, Android, or iPad, this may be due to your phone’s operating system not being updated. Please update the OS of your phone, and then upload the file again.

Way 6. Change Dropbox Proxy Settings

According to some user feedback, proxy settings may affect the normal operation of Dropbox, and disabling proxy settings on Dropbox can help to fix Dropbox not uploading, Dropbox uploading solve, and other problems.

Step 1. Click on the Dropbox icon in the system bar, and hit Settings > Preferences.

Step 2. In the Proxies, change Proxy settings to No Proxy and click OK.

Dropbox Proxies

Way 7. Error-free Way to Upload Files Faster to Dropbox with CBackup

While the above methods can help resolve the Dropbox waiting to upload issue, it may recur or you may meet other upload issues in the future. How to upload files to Dropbox with zero errors? How to upload faster to Dropbox? We strongly recommend you use CBackup - a professional and free cloud backup service.

This is a freeware that helps you sync files to Dropbox. It supports automatic file upload to Dropbox, and there is no file size, file type, and upload speed limit for data. Here are some of its useful features:

✨ Synchronize individual files, folders, partitions, and entire computers to the cloud.
✨ Support uploading data to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, CBackup Cloud, and multiple cloud storage providers.
✨ Provide cloud-to-cloud backup services. You could back up Dropbox to Google Drive, FTP, and other popular cloud drives with one click.
✨ Provide 10GB of free CBackup Cloud backup space, and you can expand to 1TB or 5TB of storage space as needed.

Easy steps to upload files to Dropbox using CBackup

Step 1. Register a free account for CBackup. Download and run the CBackup desktop app and log in.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Clicking Storage > Dropbox > Authorize Now to connect your Dropbox account to CBackup.

Select Dropbox

Step 3. Head to the Sync tab and choose Sync PC to Public Cloud.

Choose PC To Public Cloud

Step 4. Select the files/folders you want to upload to Dropbox. You can also choose to sync external hard drive to Dropbox.

Select Source Files

Step 5. Choose a Dropbox folder as the sync path, and press Start Sync to upload data to Dropbox simply.

Start Sync To Dropbox

Bonus Tip: How to Increase Dropbox Storage without Payment

If you are troubled by running out of Dropbox storage space, CBackup can help you. Its cloud storage combination function lets you expand storage for free by merging multiple cloud accounts.

For example, you can increase storage by combining multiple Dropbox accounts. You can also merge Dropbox with OneDrive or Google Drive. It also supports combining free cloud accounts and paid ones.

Step 1. Launch the Dropbox client and click + Add Cloud on the Storage page to add more cloud accounts to CBackup.

Step 2. Click on Add Combined Cloud.

Add Combined Cloud1

Step 3. Edit the combined cloud name and select all needed clouds. Click Next > Combine.

Ttick All Dropbox Accounts

Final Thoughts

After reading through this guide, you should already know how to fix Dropbox waiting to upload. If you want to completely avoid the problems associated with Dropbox uploads, you can directly use CBackup to upload data.

In addition, you can also use this software to transfer Dropbox files to other clouds or expand storage space for free by combining accounts. Hope this guide helps you.

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