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How do I stop Dropbox from syncing or uploading my files?

“Yesterday, I used selective sync to let Dropbox stop syncing a few large photo folders to my computer. I deleted this folder on the website and on my computer. Also used select sync to fully unsync the original folder (not just subfolders). Somehow, Dropbox is still syncing these files. To where I'm not sure. How do I stop syncing on Dropbox?”

Dropbox has a wide audience and is a popular file storage and sync service. With it, users can easily upload and sync files and folders (including photos, videos, documents, tables, etc.) to a safe place. By default, Dropbox will directly sync all folders. Some users may want Dropbox to stop syncing specific folders or even all files for some reason.


Generally, users may need to unsync the Dropbox folder in three situations:

1. Dropbox has been running for a long time and is always in sync, and needs to be suspended.

2. The user accidentally put the wrong file into the upload list and needs to stop Dropbox to sync it to the cloud.

3. The continuous sync task of Dropbox takes up a lot of Dropbox and PC storage space, and it is necessary for Dropbox pausing sync specific folders to free up space.If you need to stop syncing files from Dropbox, continue reading this article to learn the methods of how to unsync the Dropbox folder.

How to let Dropbox stop syncing folders?

Whether you need Dropbox to save hard drive space or prevent the wrong files from being uploaded to the cloud, you can continue reading the next content and learn 6 free ways to stop Dropbox syncing.

Way 1. Pause the sync process

If you just want to pause the ongoing sync task, you can do so through the pause function of Dropbox.

Step 1. Click the Dropbox icon in the tray in the lower right corner of the desktop to view the task status, click the Settings icon in the upper right corner, and click Pause syncing.

Dropbox Pause Syncing

Step 2. If you need the task to continue running, just click Resume Syncing in the Settings list.

Dropbox Resume syncing

Way 2. Disconnect your account

Log out of your account on Dropbox to stop all Dropbox tasks directly on the device.

On Dropbox app:

You should click the Dropbox icon on the desktop taskbar, then click your profile picture or initials, and tap the Quit Dropbox option.

Quit Dropbox

On Dropbox website:

Go to the Dropbox website, if you have already logged in to your account, you need to click on the avatar in the upper right corner, and then click Sign out in the drop-down menu.

Dropbox Sign out

Way 3. Disconnect from the network

Dropbox is an application that runs on the network, so if you disconnect from the network, you can also make Dropbox pause syncing folders.

Way 4. Unlink Dropbox account

You can also stop uploading files to Dropbox by disconnecting from your account directly from the Dropbox app.

Step 1. Click the Dropbox icon in the desktop task tray and select Preferences in Settings.

Dropbox Preferences

Step 2. Then in the pop-up window, go to the Account tab and click the Unlink This Dropbox... button.

Unlink this computer

Way 5. Move the file out of the Dropbox folder

When you install and log in to your account on your COMPUTER to the Dropbox app, it will create a Dropbox folder locally where the data will be automatically uploaded to the Dropbox cloud server.

If you need to permanently stop Dropbox sync, the easiest way is to remove or delete the target file from the Dropbox folder, and the application will stop syncing the target file.

Way 6. Turn off the device

Dropbox sync files will no longer occur when your computer or phone is turned off. Therefore, you can turn off the device you are using to stop the file upload in progress. Similarly, you can power off to end sync tasks.

Note: If you only need Dropbox to stop syncing individual files, you can enable <a href="" target="_blank" textvalue="Dropbox selective sync">Dropbox selective sync, select the folders that need to be uploaded to the cloud, and Dropbox will sync only the selected folders.

Sync specific folder to Dropbox with CBackup

If your Dropbox has an error temporarily, you may not be able to edit the Dropbox sync task. You can switch to a more stable cloud backup service as an alternative to Dropbox, such as CBackup.

CBackup is a professional cloud backup and sync service. It can help you back up PC files to Dropbox without a Dropbox client. To save space, you can set Dropbox to sync specific folders with CBackup.

Let us learn how to back up a computer to Dropbox via CBackup:

Step 1. Create a new CBackup account for free and sign in to the CBackup desktop app.

Sign In

Step 2. Go to the My Storage tab on the left side, then click Add Cloud > Dropbox > Add, then sign in to your Dropbox account to authorize CBackup to access the files on Dropbox.

Add Cloud

Step 3. You can edit the Display Name and Storage Path, then check the Note option and click OK.

Step 4. Then go to the Backup Tasks tab , click the New Task button.

Create Backup Task

Step 5. Click Add Source to choose files from computer, you can select only the folders that need to be uploaded to the cloud. And click Add Destiantion > Single Storage > Dropbox > OK to choose Dropbox as the destination, press Start Backup to backup files to Dropbox easily.

You can also accomplish the following goals through CBackup:

  • Get more Dropbox backup space for free. If your Dropbox cloud storage is not enough, you can use CBackup to combine the storage of multiple cloud drive accounts to back up more data.

  • Back up files between cloud storage services via cloud to cloud backup to prevent data loss. Supported cloud drives include Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

  • Cloud to cloud sync can realize seamless file transfer between cloud drives and enhance collaboration between different accounts.

  • Automatically backup your PC to a larger space in a professional way. CBackup provides a safe backup space. You can try a 15-day free trial to back up your computer to the 1000GB CBackup Cloud.


Final words

You can make Dropbox stop syncing folders through the 6 effective methods provided in this article, whether temporarily or permanently. When Dropbox is unavailable, you can switch to CBackup to synchronize PC files to Dropbox without waiting for the completion of the error repair.