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Can I Backup Entire Computer to Google Drive?

As the most popular cloud storage service, Google Drive provides you two apps for different users to sync files to Google Drive easily:

  • Google Backup and Sync.

  • Google Drive for Desktop (previously named Google Drive File Stream).

And these two Google backup software has some differences shows below:


Google Backup and Sync

Google Drive for Desktop

(Google Drive File Stream)


Individual Users

Team Users




Free Storage Space

15 GB

15 GB

Extra Payment for Storage

$19.99/Year, 100 GB

$29.99/Year, 200 GB

$72/Year: 30 GB/user

$144/Year: 2 TB/user

$216/Year: 5 TB/user

Use Files in My Drive

Use Files in shared Files


Sync other folders, like Documents, or Desktop


Upload Photos and Videos to Google Photos


Show Real-time Editing Presence in Office


Folders Avaliable Offline

File Avaliable Offline


  • √: means supported.

  • -: means not supported.

According to Google Drive website, you can only use Google Backup and Sync to backup Windows to Google Drive, or upload files and folders via Google Drive website.

Backup Windows to Google Drive with Google Backup and Sync

There are two steps for you to backup Windows local folders to Google Drive with Google Backup and Sync:

  • Check Google Drive storage space.

  • Backup Windows local folders to Google Drive.

Step 1. Check Google Drive Storage Space

To backup Windows files to Google Drive successfully, please check your Google Drive storage space is enough to hold all your Windows files:

1. Please log in to your Google Drive account, click Settings icon at the top right corner, then select Settings.

Google Drive Settings

2. Check the Storage information at the General tab.

Google Drive Storage Info

Step 2: Backup Windows Local Folders to Google Drive

Please download Google Drive Backup and Sync app to backup Windows to Google Drive easily.

1. Please install Google Backup and Sync and sign in your account.

2. Then you are able to set up the Google Drive sync settings in Google Backup and Sync app.

Google Drive Sign In

>> In My Computer tab, choose the Windows files and folders you want to sync by click CHOOSE FOLDER.

Choose Windows Folders

>> In Google Drive tab, Tick Sync My Drive to this computer option, then tick Sync everything in My Drive or Sync these folders only (then choose the folders).

Sync Google Drive to Computer

3. Press START button to backup Windows to Google Drive.

Besides, you could go to the Google Drive Preferences to change the Google Drive sync settings to backup Windows files to Google Drive.

However, you can only backup the following file types to Google Drive with Google Backup and Sync:

  • Documents

  • Images

  • Audio

  • Videos

If you choose the C drive to backup, you will find that the error message: Something went wrong, Choose a different folder to back up files from your computer as the selected folder is not writable.

Google Drive Cannot Backup C Drive It Is Not Writable

What should you do if you would like to backup other Windows files to Google Drive? Just take it easy, you will find answers in next part.

Better Way to Perform Windows Backup to Google Drive

To backup any Windows files and folders to Google Drive, it’s highly recommended to try the best free Windows backup software - AOMEI Backupper Standard to make Google backup Windows easily. Please download AOMEI Backupper Standard first and then follow the detailed steps to backup Windows to Google Drive:

1. Select Backup > File Backup at the AOMEI Backupper main interface.

Windows File Backup

2. Rename the Task Name, click Add File or Add Folder to choose all the Windows files to backup.

Choose Windows Files to Backup

3. Tap the inverted triangle icon and Select a cloud drive, then choose Google Drive and hit OK.

Backup to Cloud

Select Google Drive

4. (Optional) click Schedule to set up the intervals you would like to backup Windows to Google Drive.

Schedule Settings General

5. Press Start Backup >> to backup local Windows files to Google Drive automatically.

Then, once you set up, all the Windows files and folder you selected will be backed up to Google Drive at the time you specified. Besides, you coud sync files to Google Drive: Sync > Basic Sync, then follow the guide to sync easily.

Get More Google Drive Storage Space for Free

If your Google Drive cannot backup entire computer and you have multiple Google Drive accounts, you can merge Google Drive accounts to increase Google Drive storage for free via the free cloud backup service CBackupper, here it is:

1. Please create a free new CBackupper account, and sign in.

Sign Up

2. Click Added Clouds > Add Cloud, then choose Google Drive and click Add, and follow the steps to allow CBackupper to access your Google Drive accounts.

Add Google Drive

3. Then rename the Display Name, Storage Path, Allocate Space for Google Drive, and other settings, and then tick "Note: Please do not change the path directly in the third-party cloud disk, or modify or delete the backup file." option, click OK.

Add Google Drive Edit Settings

4. Repeat the 2-3 steps to add other Google Drive accouts, then your Google Drive storage will be expanded. Then you could backup files to Google Drive.

Besides, CBackupper offers you the desktop app to backup computer to Google Drive, or AOMEI Cloud in an easy way.


Althouh you could use Google Drive Backup and Sync app to backup Windows to Google Drive, but you cannot backup entire computer to Google Drive, please try the Windows backup software AOMEI Backupper Standard to backup entire computer to Google Drive with simple clicks. If your Google drive storage not enough to hold all the computer files, please try CBackupper to get more Google Drive storage space for free. even unlimited cloud storage space.