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“I don’t have enough space for Windows 10 update!”

“My tablet doesn't have enough space for a Windows 10 update, but every time I shut it off, I'm forced to download it. And then it fails and messes my tablet up. How to solve this problem or free up some space for the Windows 10 update?”

Windows Need More Space

When you want to upgrade your computer's system to Windows 10, you will also be prompted with a question like the one in the image above, where you will be faced with a “not enough space for windows 10 update” issue. This issue may be caused by low disk space in Windows 10. To keep this prompt from bothering you several times, perhaps you could free up some PC space for the “not enough space to update Windows 10” problem.

How to free up space for Windows 10 update

If your Windows has not enough space to update, don’t worry, these 5 effective methods may be helpful for you. To solve such a problem, you can refer to the step-by-step guide below.

Solution 1. Remove useless files and programs

Basically, to free up space in Windows, you can try removing some useless files and programs on C drive. To prevent deleting important data by accident, you can backup C drive to external hard drive or other location for data security. After that, you can delete files on C drive, and delete programs or applications in Control Panel to get more space for Windows 10 update.

Solution 2. Use external storage devices

You can also use external storage devices to update Windows 10. Here is the instruction to use external storage devices to finish Windows 10 update:

1. First, go to Start to select the Settings section, and click Update & Security > Windows Update, then press Check for Updates. Then the “Windows needs more space” message like that in the user case will appear, then you can select an external hard drive with more than 10GB storage free to update your Windows and click Next.

Check For Updates

Use External Drive

2. Connect an external storage device to your PC. Then follow the instructions the computer provides to complete your Windows 10 update. After that, remove your external storage device safely and restart your PC.

Solution 3. Free up C drive

If Windows update has not enough disk space, you can also free up C drive to get more space for Windows 10 update. There is a disk clean-up tool called Disk Cleanup to solve your problem easily:

1. Go to the Start menu, and search for Disk Cleanup to choose the Best Match.

2. Select C: drive in the Disk Cleanup: Drive Selection window.

3. Then select Clean up system files in the Disk Cleanup for Drive (C:) windows.

4. Check the files you need to delete, then press OK to clean up the C drive easily.

Clean Up C Drive

Solution 4. Extend C drive

If there are lots of important files on your C drive and you feel it is difficult to free up the C drive, you can consider using Disk Management to extend the C drive. Here are simple steps for it:

1. Go to the Start menu, search for Disk Management and select the Best Match.

2. If you have unallocated space in the C drive, right-click on it to choose Extend Volume and add the unallocated space.

Extend Volume

Solution 5. Use Media Creation Tool

Besides, you can use Media Creation Tool to solve the “not enough space for Windows 10 update”. Just follow these steps to do with it:

1. Navigate to the Download Window 10 website, and click the Download tool now button to download the Media Creation Tool.

Download Tool Now

2. Launch the tool, and click Upgrade this PC now. Then you can set up Windows 10 following tips.

Upgrade This Pc Now

3. After completing the update process, you can restart the computer to enjoy Windows 10 system.

Solution 6. Transfer data from PC to cloud

If your Windows 10 update has not enough space, you can transfer data from your PC to the cloud so that you can have more disk space for Windows 10 update. For this, we prepare a professional cloud backup service - CBackup.

CBackup provides a great PC to cloud backup feature that allows you back up data from your Windows PC to clouds easily. For example, you can back up Windows to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive easily. What’s more, CBackup provides 10GB of free cloud storage space in CBackup Cloud, which can be used as a backup destination as well.

For example, let’s see how to backup personal files  to Google Drive via CBackup for free:

1. Download and install the CBackup desktop app on your Windows PC. Create a new CBackup account, then launch the client and log into it.

Download CBackup Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Select the Storage section to add your Google Drive account.

Add Cloud

3. Click Backup to select Backup PC to Public Cloud to create a backup task for your Windows PC.

Create Task

4. You can change the Task Name. Then add your personal files on C drive for backup, and then select the Google Drive account you added.

5. Finally, click the Start Backup button to transfer files from the C drive on your Windows PC to the cloud.

Start Backup

Note: In addition to PC to cloud backup, there are many other useful features in CBackup you can use for free.

• Combine cloud storage: If your cloud storage space is not enough for data, you can merge unlimited cloud storage accounts to one combined cloud to get more cloud storage for free.

• Cloud to cloud sync: With this feature, you can transfer data between two accounts from different cloud drives or the same cloud drive with ease.

• Restore files: If you use CBackup to create backup tasks, you can restore any version of the files once your files are lost.

Wrapping things up

You may find a suitable solution to the “not enough space for Windows 10 update” issue after reading this article. You can free up your PC space in many different ways. To clean up the space and protect your data at the same time, you can back up your data to the cloud with a stable personal cloud backup service like CBackup.

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