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People are getting used to saving photos and videos taken or browsed on the Internet on their mobile phones or computers at any time. As more and more videos fill up the storage space of the device, are you considering deleting these awesome images but are reluctant; or, are you worried that the device may be affected by local disasters or natural disasters, resulting in the loss of videos and pictures?

In many ways, backing up videos and photos to the cloud is the most suitable way to protect image security today! As one of the best cloud storage services, Google Drive is undoubtedly a good choice for backing up videos - if you choose high-quality upload, you can enjoy unlimited storage.

Google Drive

What are the Benefits of Backing up Videos to Google Drive?

Search efficiently: Google Drive has excellent built-in image recognition technology that can recognize the content of your images, so you can search for people, places, and things in your images to navigate to a specific one.

Excellent sharing function: With the sharing function of Google Drive, you can share any beautiful moment with your family. You can also use Google Drive to send large files directly from your email account to your contacts.

High scalability: The first time you register for Google Drive, you can get 15GB of storage space for free, which is higher than most free cloud storage; and you can subscribe to storage expansion plans according to your needs.

Then how to backup videos to Google Drive maybe the question you most want to know the answer at the moment.

How to Backup Photos and Videos to Google Drive?

This chapter shows how to back up photos and videos to Google Drive, including cloud backup methods for videos from computers, Android, and iPhone.

How to upload videos to Google Drive from a PC?

First, go to through a browser on your computer and log in with your Google account. If you want to back up videos to an existing folder, open the folder or create a new folder.

Drag and drop

Step 1. Reduce the size of the browser window, then open the folder where the video is saved on the computer and shrink the window.

Step 2. Place two windows side by side. Then drag the video from the folder to the Google Drive folder you want to upload. The video will start uploading immediately.

Drag and Drop Google Drive

Step 3. The upload progress bar will be displayed at the bottom right of the browser. After the upload is complete, the progress circle will turn green.

Upload Progress Complete

With the New tab

Step 1. Open the folder where you want to upload the video in Google Drive. Then, at the top left of the window, click New.

Google Drive New Icon

Step 2. Among all the displayed options, click File upload.

File Upload Google Drive

Step 3. Navigate to the location where the video is saved on your computer, then select the video you want to upload, and click Open. The upload progress will still be displayed at the bottom right of the window.

Click Open

How to upload photos to Google Drive from Android?

Step 1. Download and open the Google Drive app on your Android phone.

Android Google Drive

Step 2. Click the Folder icon located in the lower right corner of the app and select the folder to upload the photo to.

Android Open Folder

Step 3. At the bottom right of the screen, click the Create new icon. Then, from the displayed options, select Upload.

Android New Upload

Step 4. Finally, select the video or photo you want to upload to Google Drive and click on it. Then it will be uploaded to Google Drive.

Android Uploading

How to backup videos to Google Drive from iPhone?

Step 1. Download and open the Google Drive app on your iPhone, then log in.

iPhone Google Drive

Step 2. There is a Folder icon in the lower right corner of the app, click on it. Then select the folder where you want to save the video.

iPhone Open Folder

Step 3. Click the Create new icon at the bottom right of the screen and select Upload.

iPhone New Upload

Step 4. Click Photos and Videos at the bottom of the screen, select the album to save the file, and tick the file to be uploaded. Finally, click UPLOAD in the upper right corner.

iPhone Upload

What if Google Drive has not enough space?

#1. Get Unlimited Storage on Google Drive for Free

Although Google Drive has generously provided 15GB of storage for free, this is very limited for users with a large amount of video backup, and a few videos may be used up. So you need more Google Drive space, it's best to get it for free. I strongly recommend you to use the free cloud backup service CBackupper, which has a very useful feature: Combine cloud storage, which can fully combine the free space in the cloud disk for backup.

Step 1. Just go to the main page of CBackupper, under the SIGN UP section to create an account.

Sign Up

Step 2. Click the Clouds tab, and click Add Clouds in the lower left corner, select Google Drive and click OK. Use the same method to add multiple accounts, including free cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox and OneDrive.

Add Google Drive

Step 3. In the next window, modify the Display Name and click Allocate to allocate space for file backup. Then, click the checkbox before Note and click OK.

Allocated Space Google Drive

Now you have completed the process of adding multiple cloud drives. It is worth mentioning that CBackupper will not limit the number of accounts you add. If you have enough accounts, combining their free space can even reach unlimited cloud backup space.

#2. Backup videos to AOMEI Cloud (1000GB)

In addition, for users who need to back up videos with a large amount of data, you can switch to a more cost-effective cloud backup tool - CBackupper. It can perform cloud backup with large storage space (1000GB) at a lower price ($6/month, $60/year). And compared with free cloud storage services, as a cloud backup software, CBackupper has a more professional backup method and provides an automatic data restoration function, so that you can restore the files you need to your computer at any time to continue using it.

CBackupper provides a 15-day free trial of the application, you can log in to your account to experience it. After the trial period is over, CBackupper will keep your data for 7 days and you can restore them at any time within 7 days. Download and experience it now!

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The method of how to backup to Google Drive videos from PC, Android, and iPhone has been listed in the article. You can find the corresponding method no matter which device you use. But the free available space of Google Drive is only 15GB, and it will be full soon. In this case, you can choose to use CBackupper to get unlimited cloud storage.