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Why Do You Need Cloud Backup?

  • Are you afraid of accidentally losing the data stored on your hard drive?
  • Are you anxious that there is not enough space locally for backup?
  • Are you panicked that you have lost all local backups due to local accidents?
  • Backup all your data to the cloud offsite, never lose data and recover them from any PC.

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Why Do I Backup Samsung Photos to Cloud?

Have you ever imagined what to do if your Samsung phone was stolen or accidentally fell into the sea while traveling? The loss of every photo taken and saved on the phone will be very painful for you. At this point, the importance of Samsung photo backup is self-evident. Among many backup methods, backing up photos to the cloud is the preferred method. This article will show you how to backup Samsung photos to Google Drive with detailed steps.

Backup Samsung Photos

Using an external hard drive is prone to failure, and it is difficult to guarantee that if your phone is lost one day, the hard drive will not be lost with it. Among many cloud storage services, choosing to transfer photos from Samsung to Google Drive is undoubtedly a good choice.

Besides, we have organized the following benefits of backing up files and galleries to Google Drive:

√Easy to use interface.

√Fantastic built-in image recognition technology.

√Clients for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

√Store various types of files including videos, pdf files, presentations, and photos.

√Share photos and videos with your contacts.

√Access your documents from anywhere in the world.

"How do I backup my Samsung photos?" If you can’t wait to backup gallery photos to Google Drive, you can continue reading to learn how to upload photos to Google Drive from Android and Samsung devices. 

3 Ways to Backup Samsung Photos to Google Drive

This chapter will introduce 3 effective methods to transfer photos from Samsung to Google Drive.

Method 1. Use Samsung Share Option

Samsung mobile phone has a sharing function, here will introduce the steps of how to backup Samsung photos to Google Drive.

Step 1. Find the photos that need to be uploaded on the phone, or you can directly open the Samsung Gallery.

Step 2. Click the “SHARE” button at the top of the screen.

Samsung Share Option

Step 3. In all options in the pop-up page, select Save to Drive.

Save to Drive

Step 4. Confirm the Google Drive account you used to back up the photos, click the box below Folder, and select the location where you want to save the photos.

Select Location

Step 5. You can also click the new folder icon in the upper right corner to create a new folder to save photos in Samsung.

New Folder Icon

Step 6. Click SAVE in the lower right corner of the screen and wait for all photos to be uploaded to Google Drive.

The above operation uses S8 as an example to demonstrate how to backup photos from Samsung S8 to Google Drive.

Method 2. Upload Photos on Google Drive

You can also directly upload Samsung photos that need to be backed up to Google Drive. If you also want to learn how to upload photos to Google Drive from Android phones, this method is common for Android phones.

Step 1. Enter Google Drive from the home screen or Play Store and log in to your account.

Step 2. After launching the application, click the red plus icon (+) in the lower right corner. Then click Upload.

Google Drive Upload

Step 3. Navigate to the folder where the photos are saved. On the "Open from" page, select the folder where the photos are stored. Select the pictures you need to upload, and then click DONE to backup gallery to Google Drive. Google Drive will back up these files to the cloud.

Upload Images

Method 3. Use Drive for desktop to Sync Samsung Photos

"How do I upload all my photos to Google Drive?" If you want to back up Samsung photos to Google Drive via a computer, you can also use the Google Drive client to backup all of them to Google Cloud.

Step 1. Connect your Samsung device to the computer (you can connect them via a data cable), and find the location of the photo folder locally.

Step 2. Download and install Google Drive for desktop to the computer desktop, start and log in to your Google account.

Sign In With Browser

Step 3. In the next step, click Add Folder under the My Drive tab to select the folder where the Samsung photos are stored. You can also select the Photo and video upload size (High quality or Original quality) from Drive for desktop Settings.

Add Folder

Step 4. In the pop-up window, select Sync with Google Drive > Done

Add Folder Sync With Google Drive

Step 5. And click Save to start the task of  automatic Samsung photo backup to Google Drive

Click Save

Frequently Asked Questions about Backing up Samsung

In addition to backing up Samsung photos to Google Drive, as a Samsung user, you may also encounter other problems during the backup process.

#1. How Do I Backup my Samsung to Google Drive?

In addition to the photos in the device, some people even want to back up the data of the entire Samsung device to Google Drive, following the steps below.

Step 1. Navigate to Settings on a Samsung device, and click Accounts and Backup > Backup and restore. Now you can find the backup settings of your Samsung account and Google account.

Step 2. Then click Back up my data under Google account. Turn on the switch to activate the function. If prompted, authorize your Google account to log in. The data in the Samsung device will be automatically backed up to your Google Drive.

Backup Samsung to Google Drive

#2. How to Backup Samsung Gallery to Google Photos

Sync Samsung Gallery to Google Photos is not a difficult task, you can do it in a few steps by the following method.

Step 1. Go to Google Photos application, toggle on "Back up & sync" and click Confirm.

Google Photos Backup And Sync

Step 2. The backup task will automatically upload photos and videos in the gallery to Google Photos.

Samsung Gallery To Google Photos

2 Tips for Backing up Samsung Photos to Google Drive

If you backup Samsung Photos to Google Drive, and you will find the Google Drive 15 GB free cloud storage will run out sooner or later. Meanwhile, any photos and videos backup to Google Drive will be count against the Google Drive quota after June 1, 2021, so you cannot use the High Quality in Google Drive to get unlimited Google Drive cloud storage.

What should you do to get more Google Drive free storage space? It’s highly recommended to try the free cloud backup service CBackup, which allows you to add multiple Google Drive accounts, even different clouds to CBackup, and combine them into a large backup space, then backup Samsung Photos to Google Drive combined space.

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Tip 1. Get More Google Drive Space for Free with CBackup

Here are the steps to merge multiple Google Drive accounts to increase Google Drive cloud spacee with CBackup:

1. Please sign up to create a new CBackup account and then sign in to CBackup desktop app.

2. Tap the Storage label, then choose Google Drive and click Authorize Now. Then follow the on-screen guide to grant access to CBackup, then edit the settings for Google Drive on CBackup.

Select Google Drive

To add other Google Drive accounts, please repeat the above process to add to CBackup. After adding enough Google Drive accounts or other cloud drives (OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.), you could combine multiple Google Drive accounts as follows:

3. Tap the Storage tab, and click + Add New Combined Cloud.

My Storage New Combined Cloud

4. Modify the combined cloud name if required, and check all the cloud drives you added above, and click Next.

Tick All Google Drive Accounts

5. Use the up and down triangle icon to determine the Google Drive order to store files, and press Combine.

Determine Google Drive Order

Now, your Google Drive cloud storage space has been increased successfully.

Tip 2. Backup Samsung Photos to Google Drive with CBackup

Besides, CBackup allows you to perform PC auto backup to cloud, like backup computer files to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, CBackup Cloud and the combined cloud, etc. Therefore, If you connect your Samsung phone to your computer, and then backup Samsung Photos to Google Drive with CBackup.

And it offers you powerful backup settings within Settings:

  • Scheduler allows you to backup Samsung Photos to Google Drive automatically on regular basis, like daily, weekly, monthly, or at a specific time.

  • Email Notification will send you the email after the backup task finished succeeds or fails if you want to perform the unattended backup.

  • File Filter enables you to exclude or include the file types you want to or don’t want to backup.

1.  Connect your Samsung phone to your computer and make it can be detected.

2. Tap the Backup> Backup PC to Combined Cloud.

Backup Pc To Combined Cloud

3. Choose the Photos from Samsung phone. Choose Combined Cloud as the Destination.

Add Destination

5. Set up the Settings for the backup task, and press Start Backup to Samsung Photos to Google Drive easily. 

Start Backup Files to Combined Cloud

The End

How to backup Samsung photos to Google Drive? There are 3 ways listed in the article with the step-by-step guide. Just find the right way to transfer photos from Samsung to Google Drive easily. And 2 tips for you to fix some problems while backing up Samsung to Google Drive and sync Samsung Gallery to Google Photos safely. If you find that Google Drive has insufficient space during use, you can use CBackup to combine cloud drives to get more cloud storage for free, and use the desktop app of CBackup to protect your computer files.

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