6 Ways to Backup SD Card to Cloud on Computer or Android

Get to know how do you backup SD card to cloud from here! You will get the most efficient way to back up everything on SD card after reading the following post.


by Ailsa Lasted Updated April 10, 2024

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Can I backup my SD card to the cloud?

"I’ve been using SD card as storage for many of my memories, but I'm striving to know the methods for making a backup of my videos and photos on SD card, because I'm worried about the fragility of the SD card. Can I backup SD card to cloud so that it is always safe?”

Backup SD Card to Cloud

Why do I upload SD card to the cloud?

Why should you upload SD card to the cloud? A wealth of people use SD card to store local files, photos, videos and so on, but there are lots of unavoidable risks of SD card storage. So plenty of users may ask how to backup everything on SD card to the cloud. Don’t be nervous. Let’s see what are the benefits of moving SD card data to online storage together first.

Save SD card space. No matter how large your SD card is, its storage space will be run out someday as more and more photos, videos, software, etc storing in. Transferring the data to the cloud will save you a huge amount of space in SD card.

Protect SD card data. Your SD card data may be damaged, removed or lost due to unexpected errors, if you move them to a secure cloud drive, your important data will be protected forever.

Cut cost of SD card. When one SD card is full of storage, you need to buy a new one, which may cost you a lot. However, you are able to enjoy free storage with online storage services.

How to backup my SD card data online from the computer

Since so many of you want to backup your SD card data to the cloud, which is surely favorable for millions of people, how do you backup SD card to the cloud from your PC? Here, we will show you multiple ways to solve your problem as follows.

Way 1. Transfer SD card data to Google Drive for free

If you aim to upload the data on SD card to cloud drives from your PC effectively, here is the best free way for you, CBackup. It is a formidable and high-efficient cloud backup software with a supreme user-friendly layout. Using CBackup, you are allowed to backup SD card to cloud, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, CBackup Cloud (Free 10 GB cloud space), and the combined cloud easily and rapidly.

Main Page

 Besides, CBackup supports you to perform a large number of backups smoothly, and you can enjoy automatic backup of files in frequency, like one time only, monthly, weekly, or daily as needed.

Next, let’s see how to transfer data on SD card to Google Drive for example with CBackup.

1. Please connect your SD card to your computer and make it can be detected. Download and install the CBackup desktop app, create a free CBackup account and sign in.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Tap Storage on the left, then choose Google Drive and hit Authorize Now.

Select Google Drive

3. Hit the Backup tab, and choose Backup PC to Public Cloud.

Backup PC to Public Cloud

4. Choose the SD card data to backup in Source, and choose Google Drive as the destination, now press the Start Backup button to backup SD card to Google Drive cloud directly.

Backup SD Card to Google Drive

Tip: Before starting backing up, you could enable Google Drive automatic backup by clicking “Settings” and selecting ''Scheduler'', then choose one from 4 scheduled modes.

Scheduled Backup

Way 2. Backup SD Card to CBackup Cloud Directly

CBackup Cloud uses 256-bit AES encryption and End-to-End encryption to safeguard your data and provides you with 10GB of cloud storage, and you could upgrade to get 1TB or more at a good price.

Next, let’s see how to transfer data on SD card to the CBackup Cloud with CBackup.

1. Please ensure you have connected your SD card. Select Backup and click on Backup PC to CBackup Cloud.

Create Task

2. Modify the Task Name and select your SD card data to backup in Source.

Add Source

4. Lastly, click on Start Backup to back up SD card to CBackup Cloud easily.

Start Backup

In addition to PC-to-cloud backup, you are able to enjoy multiple services with CBackup as follows:
You could backup SD card to OneDrive, Dropbox, Combined cloud as well, and more clouds supported in the future.
Generally speaking, the public cloud offers limited cloud storage, if your cloud storage is full, you could transfer one cloud to another larger cloud directly within minutes, or merge multiple clouds to get unlimited free cloud storage.
Sync files easily to public cloud drive, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and others.

Way 3. Transfer SD card data to the cloud through the cloud folder

You may inquire how to transfer photos from SD card to cloud, like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc, these cloud desktop app could do you a big favor. So we’ll introduce how to backup photos from SD card to Google Drive below for example.

1. After you install the Google Drive for desktop on the desktop, you will see Google Drive disk in your File Explorer, so please open it first.

Google Drive Disk

2. Now, please open the SD card, and drag and drop (or use copy and paste) the photo files from the SD card to your Google Drive disk.

3. Finally, these SD card files will be backed up to Google Drive.

And you could use same way to backup SD card to OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

Way 4. Backup SD Card to Cloud via the desktop app

Another way to move SD card to Google Drive is using a cloud desktop app, like Google Drive for desktop, OneDrive desktop app, or Dropbox desktop app. Here’s how to carry it out via Google Drive for desktop for example:

1. Launch the Drive for desktop program on your computer first.

2. Next, you need to connect your SD card to a card reader with your PC. Then, click on Notifications and select the Add device option below.

Add Device

3. Choose Back up to Google Drive, and click Save to save your choice, then it will back up SD card to Google Drive for you.

Back up to Google Drive

Although you are capable of getting photos backup in different ways, it is more convenient for you to backup and sync photos to Google Drive with CBackup automatically.

How to store my SD card online from Android

What if you desire to backup SD card to Google Drive from your Android device? No worries. You may try the following 2 common ways to transfer data on SD card to the cloud storage, Google Drive.

Way 1. Use the Google Drive app on Android

1. Download the Google Drive app on your Android device and launch it. Then, please log in with your account.

Android Google Drive.

2. Next, click the Folder icon at the bottom right of the home page to select the folder storing your SD card data.

Open Folder

3. Select Create new icon (+), and click Upload. Now, select the folder you wanna back up, and finally choose Done.


Way 2. Use Photo Gallery 

Besides the above method, if you only need to transfer photo or video files from the SD card to Google Drive, you are recommended to use your Photo Gallery. Please do as follows.

1. Find the Photo Gallery of your Android, then click the Send or Menu button on the screen. If you are a Samsung user, just click SHARE to continue.

Share Option

2. After that, select Save to Drive to store your pictures or videos to Google Drive.

Share to Drive

Note: The backup progress will be shown on the page as “Backing up” to you, so please wait for all the data to be uploaded to Google Drive successfully.

Backing up


If you are concerned about the data fragility of your SD card and looking for a way to backup SD card to cloud from PC, you are highly recommended to apply CBackup to help you get PC auto backup to secure cloud storage, which is extremely easy and effective. Surely, you can also try other traditional methods mentioned here to transfer your SD data from PC/Android to Google Drive.

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