Take a PC Auto Backup with 2 Free Backup Software

Are you trying to find a free PC auto backup software that can help to automatically backup Windows files to external hard drive or cloud? If you are, click this article to find the way here to achieve it.


by Jonna Lasted Updated August 30, 2023

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How do I automatically backup folders in Windows 10?


I am using a Samsung computer with Windows 10 system, which contains many important work files and images. I want to perform a Samsung PC auto backup because I need to protect the data and I don't want to use the traditional download and upload method. Is there any PC automatic backup software available? How do I automatically backup my computer?

Whether using a computer for office work or completing study materials, these processes generate a lot of important data. But we are facing threats of theft, power outages, system crashes, and even disasters all the time. Human error is even the number one cause of data loss. Therefore, you'd better back up the files on your computer.

PC Backup

Why do you need to back up your computer automatically? Manually uploading a large number of files in the PC to an external drive or cloud will waste a lot of time and effort. And your data will constantly change according to your operations. If you do not back up new files in time, important data will be lost, which greatly reduces the efficiency of the file migration process.

Next, we will introduce 2 automatic PC automated tools to backup your data from a Windows computer to an external drive hard disk or cloud backup services with ease.

2 Windows PC auto backup software

Does Windows 10 have an automatic backup? Yes. Windows has an automated backup tool called Backup and Restore, which is suitable for Win 10, Win 7, and Vista. It allows users to create backups to external hard drives and restore file backups, as well as create and restore system images.

You can also automatically backup Windows PCs to cloud using CBackup. Using portable storage may cause loss and natural disasters, and online backup can get rid of this trouble. CBackup is a professional and free cloud backup service. With this tool, you can not only perform automatic computer backup and restore but also make the backup process more efficient through file filtering, incremental backup, historical version, and other functions.

How to automatically backup PC with Windows Backup and Restore

You can use the following steps to automatically backup a Windows PC to an external hard drive with Windows Backup and Restore.

Note: First, you need to connect a removable storage device such as an external drive hard disk or USB to the computer, and make sure that the PC can access the disk.

Step 1. Click the Start button and enter backup and restore in the search box. You can select Backup and Restore, Backup and Restore (Windows 7), or Backup settings in the result list.

Step 2. Click the Set up back-up button in the next window to create a backup.

Set up back-up

Step 3. Select the external hard drive you connected to the computer to save the PC auto backup.

Select Backup Destination

Step 4. Select Let me choose on the next interface and click Next.

Let me choose

Step 5. Select the data files and partitions to be backed up, and then select Include a system image of drives: EFI System Partition, Recovery, (C:), (D:) option, and then proceed to the Next step.

Create Disk Image

Step 6. Click the Change schedule button to set up daily/weekly/monthly automatic backup of the computer according to your needs.

Change Schedule

Step 7. Then click Save settings and run backup at the bottom of the window, and the tool will automatically start backing up your files.

✎ Note:  You need to make sure that there is enough space in the destination drive to save the backup, otherwise the automatic backup will stop.

How to automatically backup PC with CBackup

Backing up data to the cloud can protect your data remotely. You can follow the steps below to use CBackup to take an automatic cloud backup for your PC data. Here we take backing Windows 10 to CBackup Cloud as a demonstration.

Note: CBackup supports backing up computer to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and multiple cloud storage services, also it offers to backup to CBackup Cloud, giving 10GB of free cloud space.

Step 1. Download and install the CBackup app to your computer, it is suitable for Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP. Sign up for an account for free and sign in. 

Download CBackup Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Click Backup PC to CBackup Cloud under the Backup tab to create a PC to cloud backup task.

Backup PC to CBackup Cloud

Step 3. Select the files you need to back up to the cloud. the CBackup Cloud will be selected automatically as the cloud backup destination.

Note: CBackup attaches great importance to the security of user data and privacy. The service is based on OAuth and applies 256-bit AES encryption during data transmission, which can effectively ensure that your data is not tampered with, blocked, or destroyed.

Step 4. Click the Settings button in the lower-left corner, and then select the time you need to automatically backup under Scheduled Backup, or you can choose to automatically back up PC files to the cloud daily/weekly/monthly.

Schedule Backup

Step 5. Then click Start Backup to start Windows 10 automatic backup to the cloud.

Start Backup

In the end

Two methods for automatic Windows PC backup-use Windows Backup and Restore tool and CBackup cloud backup service. You can choose the appropriate pc auto backup software according to the destination location (external drive hard disk or cloud) you need to backup to.

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