By Kelsey / Last Updated April 21, 2021

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Can you save Outlook emails to Google Drive?

“Recently, I need to back up some important Outlook emails to Google Drive for safekeeping. This will also help me access emails from the mobile terminal, but I don’t know how to proceed. Is there any expert who knows how to backup Outlook emails to Google Drive? Looking forward to a useful reply.”

If you are a Windows user, then you may be using Outlook developed by Microsoft. Outlook is an integral part of the Microsoft Office suite and can be used to send and receive e-mails, manage contact information, and schedule schedules.

However, Outlook is not always stable. Many users have reported its problems, such as crashing, corruption, and inability to access email successfully. Therefore, many users have begun to consider uploading Outlook emails to Google Drive, a cloud storage service that provides large amounts of free storage.

Backup Outlook emails to Google Drive

If users save Outlook emails to Google Drive, users can access their emails through Google Drive when Outlook does not respond, and there is no need to worry about emails being lost due to program errors or system crashes.

You may just need to backup Outlook to the cloud and click on this article. Please continue reading to learn how to save Outlook emails to Google Drive.

Additional causes for backing up Outlook emails to Google Drive

You may also need to backup Outlook to Google Drive for other reasons:

Easy sharing: After users back up emails to Google Drive, they can use the powerful sharing function of the service to share Outlook email content with team members.

Avoid data loss: Google Drive is a safe data storage place. After you save Outlook data to Google Drive, your emails will always be backed up on the cloud, so there is no need to worry about them being lost.

Flexible accessibility: Google Drive provides apps available on various devices. If you want to access Outlook email on your own device, just log in to your account on the Google Drive app. Because after you backup files to Google Drive, these files will be synced to the device where you have logged in to your Google account.

How to backup/save Outlook emails to Google Drive?

You can export Outlook emails to Google Drive in just a few steps.

Step 1. Export Outlook emails

1. Open your Microsoft Outlook and click Import/Export under the Open & Export option.


2. Select Export to a file in the pop-up window and click Next.

Export to a file

3. Select Outlook File Data (.pst) in the next interface and click Next.

Outlook Data File

4. Then select the mail folder that needs to be backed up to Google Drive, and then click Next.

Select email folder

5. Select the location and name where the backup file needs to be saved, and then click Finish to confirm.

Save Location

Step 2. Back up files to Google Drive

Then use the following simple steps to move files from computer to Google Drive:

1. Enter the Google Drive website from any browser and log in to your account with free storage.

2. Click the New button, or select Upload files/Upload folder under the My Drive tab.

Google Drive upload files

3. Navigate to the location where you saved Outlook emails in the pop-up window, then select your emails, and click Open to transfer Outlook emails to Google Drive.

Save to Drive

Note: The Google Drive web app is very dependent on the network and bandwidth. If you want to back up a lot of emails, it will take a long time. You can also use other more easy ways to backup laptop to Google Drive.

Use third-party tools to directly transfer files from the desktop to Google Drive, such as the free data backup software - AOMEI Backupper, which only needs to be set once, and then you can easily upload Outlook emails from your computer to Google Drive and external hard drive disk, USB and other locations.

Get more Google Drive backup space for free

As we all know, Google Drive generously provides 15GB of free storage space for each personal account, but this space is co-owned with Google Photos, Gmail, Google Docs, and other services under the same account. So all kinds of files may fill up the storage space of your account very quickly. Apart from upgrading the account, is there any way to increase the space of Google Drive for free? The answer is yes.

We strongly recommend that you try the professional cloud backup service - CBackupper. This method is very suitable for users who have multiple Google Drive or other cloud storage service accounts. CBackupper can merge multiple Google Drive accounts to form a complete and huge backup space for free.


Step 1. Go to CBackupper to create a new account, and sign in.

Sign Up

Step 2. Go to Added Clouds > Add Cloud, choose Google Drive, and click Add. Then follow the guide to allow CBackupper access to your Google account.

Add Google Drive

Step 3. Customize the Display Name, edit the Storage Path, Allocate Space, and other settings, then tick the Note option and click OK.

Step 4. Then repeat the step 2-3 to add all of your Google Drive accounts.

Cloud List

Now, your Google Drive backup space has been increased, and you could backup files to Google Drive freely.

In the end

With the methods above, you can easily backup and save Outlook emails drive to Google Drive. You only need to export the email to the local first, and then choose a method to back up the file to Google Drive.

If you are worried about the lack of cloud storage space, don't forget to use CBackupper to get more Google Drive backup space for free. In addition to combined cloud storage, it can also help you perform automatic cloud backup at the lowest price to protect PC files to CBackup Cloud with large storage space.