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Cloud Storage vs External Hard Drive

In order to avoid the serious consequences of data loss from the computer hard drive, backing up data is becoming more and more important. But when faced with the two most popular backup ways: external hard drive or cloud backup, many people start to wonder how to choose.

Cloud Storage: Cloud storage involves storing data on a remote server, which can be accessed from any device via the Internet. With the development of the network, cloud storage provides many functions such as file sharing and data recovery, and most of them provide a certain amount of storage space for free.

Cloud Storage Pros Cons

External Hard Drive: An external hard drive is a device connected to the outside of the computer through a USB connection. Although in the long run, it does not need to be based on the network situation and is more cost-effective, the risk of loss or theft is also higher. In the event of an accident, your data will be lost permanently.

External Hard Drive Pros Cons

Should I Backup Hard Drive to Cloud?

Cloud hard drive backup is undoubtedly the right choice for you to protect your hard drive. Cloud backup is easy to maintain and usually does not require regular maintenance like an external hard disk backup system. Even if your hard drive is damaged and the computer crashes, you can still retrieve stored files from online and other computers, protecting you from all types of data loss.

4 Best Hard Drive Cloud Backup Services

Products in the cloud storage market are constantly being updated, and you may feel at a loss for this. Don’t worry! In the following, I’ll show you the 3 best hard drive cloud backup services. You can choose the most suitable one according to your needs.

Google Drive

Google Drive, which has a large number of users worldwide, is still one of the best online backup hard drive services. It provides 15 GB of free storage space for each user with a Google account, and you can subscribe to more advanced storage plans, with prices ranging from $1.99 per month (100 GB) to $9.99 per month (2 TB).

You can upload any type of files on your hard drive to Google Drive, and you can invite others to access, download, and collaborate on all files. Google Drive performs very well in documents. It supports real-time collaboration and can be edited in the form of plain text, presentations, and spreadsheets.

As a part of Google Drive, Google Photos shares all the space with the Drive. If you choose to upload with High quality, you can back up photos and videos in the drive without limitation.

Google Drive

You can follow the steps below to backup hard drive to Google Drive:

Step 1. Download and launch the Google Drive desktop application to the local hard drive.

Step 2. Log in to your account and set it up, select the files you need to back up the hard drive.

Select Folder

Or, you can also go directly to the Google Drive webpage, and click Upload files or drag and drop files to backup hard drive to cloud.

Upload Files to Google Drive


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage for individuals and businesses. Dropbox is very intuitive and convenient to use, which creates a folder locally and then synchronizes it with the Dropbox server and other user-connected devices. The backup content can be updated at any time.

The paid plans it offers are designed for personal and business needs. Dropbox provides 2 GB of free storage space for each account, which can then be expanded by 1TB of storage by subscribing to Dropbox Plus, and has more advanced features such as offline file access, remote device wipe, and priority email support. The functions supported by business users include setting file collaboration permissions and enabling password protection.

Dropbox Sign Up Page

You can follow the steps below to backup hard drive to Dropbox:

Step 1. Connect to the network and download the Dropbox desktop application to the local hard drive.

Step 2. Log in to your Dropbox account and click Open Dropbox folder.

Step 3. Then drag and drop the file or folder into the Dropbox folder.

Upload Files to Dropbox App


OneDrive is a cloud storage service tied to a Microsoft account. If you have a Microsoft or Outlook account, you can use 5GB of space for free. For a monthly payment of $6.99 or an annual payment of $69.99, the cloud storage will expand to 1TB and grant you the right to download the entire Office 365 application on your computer.

Due to Microsoft OneDrive can be connected to other popular Microsoft products, it performs well in collaboration. It works perfectly with Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and can easily edit or share documents in collaboration. And in terms of speed, it is also ahead of most cloud storage options.

OneDrive Sign up Page

You can follow the steps below to backup hard drive to OneDrive:

Step 1. OneDrive is pre-installed in the Windows OS, just click the Search button on the desktop and enter OneDrive, click it to start.

Step 2. Log in with your Microsoft or Outlook account information.

Step 3. Click Upload on the page and select the Files or Folder to be backed up on the hard drive.

OneDrive Upload


Unlike the other three cloud storage services, CBackup is a professional cloud backup software. It can help you automatically cloud backup hard drive of your Windows computer, and these data will be saved to a safe cloud - CBackup Cloud, which provides 1000 GB of backup space. And it is very cost-effective compared to most cloud backup products.

In addition, another advantage of using CBackup for cloud hard drive backup is that it supports automatic restoration of your backup. If your local data is lost due to improper operation, system failure, etc., you can immediately restore the data you need from CBackup Cloud.

You can follow the steps below to backup hard drive to CBackup Cloud with CBackup:

Step 1. Download and install the CBackup PC client, and then log in with the registered account.

Sign In

Step 2. On the main interface, click the New Task button under the Backup Tasks tab.

Create Task

Step 3. Next, click Add Source to select the files that need to be backed up in the hard drive, click Add Destination to select CBackup Cloud as the backup destination. If you want to save files to public cloud, you can click Single Cloud to select cloud drive as the target.

Add Source

Select Destination CBackup Cloud

Step 4. And finally, click Start Backup to confirm that they will be backed up to CBackup Cloud.

Start Backup

Get More Cloud Space for Hard Drive Backup

Although every personal free cloud storage service provides a certain amount of space at no cost, the cloud backup hard drive is a project with a large amount of data, and the free space is far from enough.

If you don't want to invest in cloud backup, I suggest you use the free cloud backup service CBackup to merge the free space in multiple cloud drives. It does not limit the number of accounts added, so you can even have unlimited cloud storage.

1. Enter CBackup, and if you are using it for the first time, go to website to create an account, then sign in the software.

2. Under the My Storage tab, click Add Cloud to add and authorize your first cloud drive account. Follow the same steps to add all your cloud drive accounts.

Add Cloud

Select Google Drive

Note: After your authorization, you can access the cloud storage service you added in CBackup, CBackup will not save your login information, you can cancel the authorization at any time.

3. Then you can modify the Display Name to make it easier to distinguish.

Complete Google Drive Info

4. And then navigate to My Storage > + > New Combined Cloud, tick all the cloud drive accounts you want to merge.

My Storage New Combined Cloud

5. All added cloud drive accounts and Combined Cloud will be listed under the My Storage tab, and you can also check the combined total space and used space.

Combine Cloud Storage


Speaking of the best hard drive cloud backup services, the above three are good choices, and they come from well-known providers and have good guarantees in terms of data security. You can choose according to your own situation.

But the free space is limited. Therefore, you can use CBackup to get more or unlimited space. You only need to connect enough clouds, this software can handle the rest.