Ultimate Guide: Backup APP Data to Cloud from PC/Android

Aiming to backup app data to cloud? Don’t be hesitated to look through the recommendations in the article to upload app data to cloud from PC or Android easily.


by Ailsa Lasted Updated April 29, 2024

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Can I backup app data to cloud?

Nowadays, with a great deal of apps emerging in people’s life, ranging in the field of enterprise, music, entertainment and so on, app data safe becomes much more essential to us. And many of you may be anxious that whether can you save all app data to cloud or not. The answer is absolutely yes!

No matter you attempt to achieve app backup to cloud on Android or PC, the article will enlighten you definitely. Please keep on reading and you will be aware of it.

How do I backup app data on my computer?

Are you concerned about important data loss of your PC applications? Do you wanna find a way to backup all your app data to a secure cloud drive? If so, you are highly recommended to try a valuable online backup software, CBackup, to perform data backup effortlessly and speedily for free forever. As a CBackup user, you can enjoy 10 GB of cloud storage for free.

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With the lucid interface design and undemanding operations of CBackup, you are likely to transfer any files to  safe clouds and don’t need to worry about data fragility anymore. Besides CBackup Cloud, the third-party cloud drives, like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, etc., are accessible with CBackup and as backup destinations, which enables you to manage multiple clouds more conveniently.

Next, let’s have a view of how to transfer data on your apps from PC to CBackup Cloud with CBackup.

Note: If you already have a Google Drive account, you may backup files to Google Drive as well, and backup app data to Google Drive accordingly.

1. Download and install CBackup at first, sign up for a free account and log in to it.

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2. Then, click on Backup on the left bar and choose Backup PC to CBackup Cloud. While creating the backup task, you can modify Task Name as you appreciate.

Backup PC to CBckup Cloud

3. Now, please choose files that need to be backed up as your source. It will determine CBackup Cloud as the backup destination.

CBackup Cloud

4. Please click “Settings” on the bottom left and ''Scheduler'', then choose the one you prefer from the 4 scheduled modes, and it will automatically backup files as your settings.

Schedule Backup

5. Lastly, please click on Start Backup to start the backup task.

Backup App Data Start Backup

Note: With CBackup, not only can you backup PC data to cloud, but also enjoy multiple services with CBackup as follows:

Cloud to Cloud Backup: CBackup enables you to backup data from cloud to cloud for free easily with CBackup.

Cloud to Cloud Sync: You’re able to conduct files sync from cloud to cloud on the same platform directly through CBackup Web APP.

Special Services: You can also enjoy multiple unique services, like schedule backup/sync, file filter, email notification, backup scheme, flexible restore and so on with CBackup.

What’s more, CBackup charges monthly only $4.99 for 1,024 GB and $14.99 for 5,120 GB, which is rather cost-effective and it offers higher security with 256-bit AES encryption, OAuth authorization system, etc.

How do I backup my Android app data?

What if I aim to save app data to cloud on Android devices? Please put down your anxiety. Here, we will recommend 3 wonderful Android backup apps for you. Please have a check one by one if you like.

1. Google Drive

Normally, Google Drive mobile app doesn’t support a feature of live backup and only allows you to upload files manually. However, if you’re a Android phone user, it’s fortunate that your phone will be connected to your Google account and offer a built-in backup service. So it’ll save data like app data, contacts, SMS messages, Google Photos, system settings with free storage of 15 GB.

Google Drive Mobile APP


It is easy to use for Android users, since you don’t have to download the app and just sign in to your account is OK.

It supports data sync to your new devices easily.


Low security, and there is no private encryption for you.

Data that has been backed up automatically can not be checked.

2. Sync.com

Sync.com app also enables you to generate a live backup of all your photos and videos on phone. With Sync.com, every user has 5GB of free storage space. In addition to backup automatically, you can choose to manually save any downloads, pictures or other files in the app as well.

Sync.com Mobile APP


 High security with its zero-knowledge encryption, pass code lock and vault.

 Multi functions with easy operations.


 Limited free storage space.

 Its syncing speed is slower than other services.

3. pCloud

pCloud mobile app may be the best choice for backing up photos and videos, for it is capable of backing up your media folders automatically. Besides, it offers users 10GB of space for free. And you can even use pCloud account to transfer your PC files to cloud with the pCloud backup desktop app if you need.

Pcloud Mobile APP


It offers zero-knowledge encryption to protect your privacy.

It allows you to get special live image backups based on individual preferences.

Both mobile and desktop backups are available.


The backup may be not complete and likely lack some media data.

It costs high to the private encryption.

All the 3 backup tools displayed here can help you backup app in the cloud from Android effectively, so you can choose one in terms of your personal requirements.

Tip: Get more free cloud storage with CBackup

What should I do if my cloud storage is inadequate? Don’t be worried. You are lucky to enjoy extra and even unlimited free cloud storage via the online backup service, CBackup that mentioned in the foregoing part. How does it work? Here are the directions.

1. If you have multiple cloud drive accounts, you can click "Storage"> "Add Cloud" to add them one by one into CBackup storage, and hit "Storage" > "Add Combined Cloud" to combine the free space of various clouds together to get a New Combined Cloud.

Tick All Cloud Drives

2. After you create the Combined Cloud, when you wanna back up the files into New Combined Cloud, just click Backup PC to Combined Cloud and select the Combined Cloud as your destination.

Combined Cloud

Note: if you wanna know more information about combined cloud, please click here to learn more details.

In the end

All in all, in order to protect your data in applications, it’s preferable for you to try CBackup to backup app data to cloud on your computer for free, which is fully convenient and cost-effective. Meanwhile, you are also able to select a suitable Android backup app to store your mobile app data online.

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