Reactivate If Your OneDrive Account is Currently Unavailable

What should you do if your OneDrive account is currently unavailable. Scroll down to get 5 solutions to reactivate OneDrive, and 3 avoidance tips.


by Ailsa Lasted Updated March 24, 2023

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Your OneDrive Account is currently unavailable


Microsoft locked my account for no reason!

Hi, guys, please help me out! I got my account suspended. It happened for the second time already and all I was doing was just giving my family shared access to the albums! The message I'm receiving is as follows:

Your account is currently unavailable

Your OneDrive or Profile might be temporarily blocked because it has been experiencing an unusually large volume of traffic. In this case, the block will be removed after 24 hours.

It might also have been taken offline for suspicious activity or a violation of the Microsoft Services Agreement. If you believe this is not the case, request a review of the problem by contacting customer support. However, if customer support finds content that is in violation, then you'll need to remove all violating content within 48 hours or your account will be shut down.

OneDrive Your Account is Currently Unavailable

I tried to contact support and tried reset my password, and still no effect.

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If you meet the error message “Your account is currently unavailable” when you try to access OneDrive, you’re coming to the right place to find solutions.

Sometimes, it’s quite strange if you use OneDrive normally no unusually large traffic volume, suspicious activity, or a violation, just family sharing, and emailing some pictures. Before fixing, you should know why and just follow the below information to fix it.

Why Shows "Your Account is Currently Unavailable" in OneDrive?

According to OneDrive and our survey, it can be the following reasons why you get Your Account is Currently Unavailable:

  • An unusually large volume of traffic will make your account temporarily blocked. And it will be removed after 24 hours.
  • The inactive account can be blocked as well if you haven’t logged in to your OneDrive account for a long time.
  • Over your current OneDrive storage space and getting your OneDrive is full error for an extended period of time can also make your account blocked. If you exceed the OneDrive storage limit after 1 year and your OneDrive account and all files will be deleted.
  • Any violation of the OneDrive terms of use, such as sending spam, engaging in phishing, any illegal actions, engaging in activity that is fraudulent, false or misleading, and many more.

Although you don’t have the above actions, you probably meet the above problem: my Microsoft account got locked for no reason. What should you do?

OneDrive Your Account is Currently Unavailable

What Happened When Microsoft Account Locked for No Reason?

Before doing something, you have to face the facts after getting Your account is currently unavailable error message:

  • You cannot sign in to your OneDrive account.
  • Cannot do anything with the OneDrive desktop app or web app, you can just read only these files.
  • Can’t sync files to OneDrive, download files from OneDrive, or even edit OneDrive files.

5 Ways to Microsoft Locked My Account for No Reason

Way 1. Wait to Unlock OneDrive

If you just share a large number of files to trigger the block and show your account is temporarily unavailable, the block of OneDrive will be removed within 24 hours. Just wait for a day to unlock OneDrive.

Way 2. Reactivate Your OneDrive Account

1. Please go to OneDrive account reactivate page.

2. Enter your name, contact email address, blocked OneDrive email address, phone number, and any other additional information.

OneDrive Account Reset Page

3. Choose OneDrive in the What Microsoft product were you trying to use today section.

4. Select I am getting an error that my account has been temporarily blocked option.

Choose OneDrive Reset Option

5. Please input the captcha and hit Submit.

6. Then if Microsoft thinks your OneDrive can be reinstated, your OneDrive account will re-open for 48 hours, which allows you to remove all violating content. Or Microsoft will shut it down.

Way 3. Verify It’s You via Security Key

If your OneDrive is blocked by Microsoft for no reason, you can verify you own the blocked OneDrive account via the Security key.

1. Please go to

2. Hit Sign in with a security key.

Sign In with Security Key

3. It will show you like this, and pop up a window to insert your security key.

Verify It's You

Note: The Security key is a physical device with a unique PIN created by you. Or get more details about Microsoft security key if you want to know how to create one.

Wait for about 24 hours to ensure your OneDrive is unlocked.

Way 4. Verify it’s you via Security Code

You can send a security code via phone text messages to verify the OneDrive account that has been blocked is yours. Then the block will be removed from your OneDrive account, and you can use OneDrive normally.

Way 5. Free Up OneDrive Space on OneDrive website

If you can sign in to the OneDrive website, you can free up OneDrive storage space in the following ways:

1. Empty your OneDrive trash bin to make room for more files.

2. Delete OneDrive duplicate files to get more available cloud space.

3. Remove the shared folder from your OneDrive account or delete unnecessary files.

Then check your OneDrive available space is under your OneDrive storage limit, then your OneDrive account will be unblocked.

3 Tips for Your OneDrive Account is Currently Unavailable

Tip 1. Keep Your Microsoft OneDrive Account Active

Sign in to your Microsoft account at least once in 2 years. And you must log in to your account and OneDrive account separately within 1 year. And your OneDrive can be active then. And you can avoid the Your account is currently unavailable error message, as well as avoid the situation of deleting files.

Tip 2. Backup Your OneDrive Account

To prevent your OneDrive account and all files be deleted, it’s highly recommended to try the free cloud backup service - CBackup, to backup files from OneDrive to another cloud. You can restore OneDrive files immediately to any version even if you just lost all your OneDrive files.

Here are the steps to backup OneDrive to Google Drive automatically with CBackup:

1. Please download and install the CBackup desktop app, sign up and sign in.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Select Storage > OneDrive > Authorize Now in sequence. Follow the steps to complete the authorization. Add Google Drive in the same way.

Select OneDrive

3. Click Backup > Backup Public Cloud to Public Cloud.

Backup Public Cloud to Public Cloud

4. Tick OneDrive as the source, and select Google Drive as the destination.

Backup OneDrive to Google Drive

5. Pitch on Settings (bottom left) > Scheduler to enable automatic backup. Then press Start Backup to backup OneDrive to Google Drive in an automatic way.

Tip 3. Increase OneDrive Storage Space for Free

If you exceed your OneDrive storage limit and your files cannot be uploaded to OneDrive, and you cannot do other actions as well. Thus, you can free up OneDrive space to make more room, but it’s not the ideal solution, if you just want to store more files to OneDrive, you can try combine two or more OneDrive storage space into one, even combine with other clouds, like Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

Thus, you can merge the spare space of multiple cloud drives into a huge one with CBackup, and then store more backup files in it.

Here are the steps for merging OneDrive accounts:

1. Please add the clouds you want to combine, including OneDrive.

2. Hit Storage > + Add Combined Cloud after adding them all.

Add Combined Cloud

3. Rename combined cloud if required, tick all OneDrive accounts, and hit Next.

Tick All OneDrive Accounts

4. Choose the order to store backups, and hit Combine.

Determine OneDrive Order

Now, you can click Backup > Backup PC to Combined Cloud or Backup Public Cloud to Combined Cloud to enjoy the huge backup space.

Backup Public Cloud to Combined Cloud

Besides, you can enjoy the following useful features that you probably use while performing cloud backup or sync:

You can backup and sync files to OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, as well as other clouds directly without any file size limitations.
CBackup uses incremental backups to save the changed parts since the last (full) backup to save backup time and cloud storage.
Offers you its own server named CBackup Cloud, which provides you the free 10GB of cloud space, and you can expand to 1TB, 5TB, or more.

The End

Now, your account is currently unavailable problem should have been fixed, and now you can log in to your OneDrive account, and sync files to OneDrive, or more. To make your OneDrive files safe, it’s strongly recommended to try the cloud assistant for you to protect files online and manage cloud storage space more easily.

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