3 Easy Ways to Upload Files to MEGA Cloud Quickly

Read this article and you will get 3 effective ways to upload files to MEGA Cloud, just follow the step-by-step guide to upload, and some FAQs for you.


by Ailsa Lasted Updated May 31, 2023

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About MEGA

MEGA is one of the most popular cloud drives in the world, you might have used it already. MEGA provides you with 20GB of free cloud storage after creating a MEGA account, which is the largest free cloud storage space ever than others. Because Google Drive provides only 15GB free cloud storage, OneDrive provides 5GB of free cloud space while Dropbox offers only 2GB of storage space on the cloud.


MEGA uses Zero Knowledge Encryption (also called user controlled End-to-end encryption) and Two-factor authentication (2FA) to safeguard your data, and is available on multiple operating systems, like Windows, macOS, Linux, iPhone, and Android, and provides you with different apps on different devices. Besides, MEGA is capable of backing up or syncing computer files to MEGA Cloud, doing file version management, collaborating, etc.

Therefore, you might want to upload files to MEGA to store files online safely. So, here comes the question, how to upload files to MEGA easily? Don’t worry, here you can find answers.

3 Ways to Upload Files to MEGA for Free

Now, we will show you different three ways for uploading files to MEGA easily. One takes advantage of the MEGA website, another uses MEGAsync.exe, which is the MEGA desktop app, and the third is an effective way to upload folder to MEGA. Let’s look inside about MEGA file upload.

Way 1. Upload Files and folders to MEGA via MEGA website

Once you have created a MEGA account, you can sign in to your MEGA account, and do the following steps to upload a file to MEGA:

1. Click the folder icon on the left to go to MEGA Cloud.

Tips: Hit the Upload section on the Get started banner, it will show you how to upload items to MEGA on the website: drag and drop files directly from your computer into the MEGA Cloud, or use the Upload button.

MEGA Get Started Banner Upload

2. Press the Upload button on the top right corner, and select Upload folder or Upload file.

MEGA Upload Menu

3. Locate the computer files that you want to upload to MEGA, and choose Open to upload files to MEGA directly.

You can hit the Shift key while selecting files to select multiple files to upload to MEGA if you have to.
You could also drag and drop the files to the MEGA website to move files to MEGA Cloud, and the screenshot is listed below.

Drag and Drop Files to MEGA

This way only works for a few files upload and general files, if you have to send large files to MEGA, it’s recommended to try the MEGA desktop app in the next part.

Way 2. Upload Files to MEGA via the desktop app

If you have already installed the MEGA desktop app on your computer, you could use it to make the MEGA drive upload.

Here are the steps to upload to MEGA via the desktop app:

1. Please sign in to your MEGA account, then tap the MEGA icon on the system tray, and then hit the Upload icon.

MEGA Upload Icon

2. Select the files and folders in the popup window, and hit the Choose button, it will help you upload files and folders to MEGA Cloud.

There are more than one ways to upload files to MEGA on the desktop app:
Solution 1. Tap the MEGA icon on the system tray > Show options icon (vertical three dots) > Upload.

MEGA Desktop App Upload from Menu

Solution 2. Tap the MEGA icon on the system tray > hit the Open transfer manager button behind the Up to date > Upload.

Open Transfer Manager

Way 3. MEGA File Upload via MultCloud

If you want to upload files to MEGA in an effective way, you could try the multi-clouds manager - MultCloud, which not only allows you to upload files and folders to MEGA easily but also allows you to transfer MEGA to Google Drive, or other clouds directly without downloading and re-uploading. And it supports more than 30 types of clouds including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, MEGA, and more.

And most importantly, there is no file size limit or upload speed limit, the time you upload only depends on your Internet connection.

The listed below are the steps for uploading files to MEGA on MultCloud:

1. Apply for a MultCloud account and sign in.

2. Click the Add Cloud button, select MEGA on the right, and input your MEGA credentials to add your MEGA account to MultCloud.

Add MEGA to MultCloud

3. Open your MEGA Cloud on the left control panel, press the Upload File button, choose files, and hit Open to upload files to MEGA.

Upload Files to MEGA from MultCloud

Then, your files will be uploaded to MEGA immediately.

We want to clarify that the remote upload is different from the upload feature, remove upload allows you to download an item to your cloud from an URL and it’s very useful to get Torrent files.

If you want to know how to upload MEGA files to Google Drive, click MEGA to Google Drive article to get answers.

Besides, you could enjoy the other useful features while protecting files:

Cloud-to-cloud sync, which allows you to perform one-way sync, two-way sync, and real-time sync.
Cloud-to-cloud transfer, which transfers files between any two cloud drives directly and quickly.
Cloud-to-cloud backup can make a backup copy of one cloud to another cloud and restore it easily if required.

FAQs about MEGA Upload

Is there any file size limit for MEGA upload?

From MEGA's official information, MEGA does not have any file size limits. But if you want to sync large files to MEGA just try the MEGA desktop instead of the MEGA website.

How much time does MEGA spend to upload a large file?

The time it takes to upload a large file depends mostly on your connection's available upstream bandwidth.

Why you can’t upload files to MEGA?

Sometimes, you might find that you cannot upload files to MEGA Cloud, if so, please check the following things:

  • MEGA Cloud is full, which will prevent you from uploading files, please remove something unneeded and spare some time and upload again, or you could upgrade MEGA account to a higher plan to get more MEGA cloud storage space.
  • You excluded the file types in MEGA Settings under Folders, remove this exclusion and try again.
  • You excluded the file size smaller than ** or the file size bigger than **. Just uncheck the options for them in Exclude by size section under the Folders tab, and try to upload files to MEGA again.

Exclude Settings in MEGA

  • Try closing and restarting the mobile app, or restarting your phone

Can People upload to your MEGA folder?

Of course. MEGA provides you the make MEGAdrop folder feature, which means allows anyone to upload files to your MEGA account even without a MEGA account.

Make MEGAdrop Folder

After you created a MEGAdrop folder, you will get a link about the MEGAdrop folder, which you can paste to the person you want to get files from.

The End

Now, you have mastered how to upload files to MEGA easily, just refer to the above solutions to make things done effectively. Besides, there are some FAQs about uploading files to MEGA, just read it carefully. If your MEGA Cloud space is not enough, you can move MEGA to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Or try another way to increase MEGA cloud storage for free, even unlimited free cloud storage.

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