Backup Version Management Can Be Easy

Cloud Backup Version Is Messy?

Too many tasks and backup images stored on the cloud disk may cause disorder phenomenon. In that case, it is hard to find certain files or state to restore when you are in an urgent situation.

Backup Versions Make Quick Restoring

A complete backup version should contain all necessary information that helps us to make decision. Task time, the source, the destination, the type, total size, etc. are useful information in version control and image restoring.

Easily Manage Your Backup Version with CBackup

  • Clear Version Information

    Backup time, backup source drive and destination drive, amount of files, and total size are displayed on one interface. One can identify the backup state at a glance.

  • Restore to Any Version as Required

    CBackup uses incremental backup methods, and each backup is unique and separate version. You can meet restore requirements easily while saving backup storage space.

  • Unlimited Backup Versions

    No limit to the number of backup versions. Never miss any important state of backups.

  • Clean up Space for Further Backup

    Delete useless backup versions to free up backup space. Prepare for further tasks or just make management easier.

How to Manage Backup Versions in CBackup?

CBackup enables you a quick and reliable automatic cloud backup just in several easy steps

  • Right-click the task and select Versions.
  • Identify the backup versions and select one to restore.
  • Choose to restore to original or other locations on your computer.

Tips: Click “Learn More” if you’d like to get detailed steps.

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Why Choose CBackup?

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