Review of Mega cloud storage Pros And Cons | 2024

This article will tell you everything related to MEGA cloud storage, including its highlight features, plans, speed and security. If you are interested, please keep reading below.


by Ailsa Lasted Updated March 20, 2024

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What Is MEGA Cloud Storage?

MEGA cloud storage is a file hosting service offered by Mega Limited, an Auckland-based company. Its service is provided primarily through web-based apps, but it also offers mobile app for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. With it, you can enjoy upload and download transfer, MEGAdrop folders, file versioning, MEGAchat, file sync & sharing, end-to-end-data encryption, zero-knowledge encryption, etc. In addition, it generously gives every free users 50GB cloud storage.

What we like:

  • Generous MEGA cloud storage 50GB
  • Share folders with the public
  • Upload from the mobile app
  • Upload whole folders and control speed via browser
  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Secure communication with MEGAchat
  • Stream audio or video directly, and preview

What we don’t like:

  • 10 GB bandwidth limit (refills every 30 minutes)
  • A bit expensive

Megacloud Icon

Highlights in MEGA Cloud Storage

File sync and sharing

MEGA allows you to share or sync whole folder & individual files from your account and anyone can download the shared data without a username and password. Different users can use different apps for file sharing and sync, such as, mobile app for Windows phone, iOS, Android, desktop app MEGASync for Mac, Windows and Linux, MEGAbird add-on for Mozilla Thounderbird users.

To sync files using MEGASync cloud storage desktop app, you can right-click the files you want to upload and select “Upload to MEGA”. Also, you can manually upload your files to sync folder via “Copy and Paste” or “Upload” feature in system tray to upload files to MEGA.

Upload To Mega

To share files with MEGASync, you can right-click the file or folders and select “Get MEGA link”, then it will be copied to the clipboard and you can paste the link to your friends.

Get Mega Link

Note: The MEGA cloud storage desktop app only generates a link without key protection. Also, you are not allowed to share with email address and don’t have the ability to grant permission for shared files or folders. In addition, you cannot invite others via folder generated-link or generated upload-link.

MEGAdrop folder

To invite other users to upload files to your MEGA, you can go to MEGA cloud storage website and select “Create MEGAdrop Folder”, then click “Create” and “Copy Link” subsequently. After that, you can paste it to anyone and they are allowed to upload files via the web browser.

Make Megadrop Folder

File versioning

File versioning is enabled on MEGAsync settings by default, which makes you have multiple versions of the same files. At the same time, when your files are deleted accidentally, you can restore the file to the previous version. Besides, the clock icon on the next side of the files indicates that the files have different versions.

Real-time collaboration

Thanks to real-time collaboration feature, MEGA allows two people to update the same file simultaneously and share data between users.

End-to-end encryption

Unlike other cloud storage, MEGA allows users to encrypt and decrypt data by the associated client devices instead of service providers. It gives users entire privacy.

MEGA Cloud Storage Plans and Pricing

MEGA offers users one free plan and four premium plans, including 50GB free cloud storage, 400GB Pro Lite for $5.45/month, 2000GB Pro I for $10.92/month, 8000GB Pro II for $21.85 and 16000GB Pro III for $32.78/month.

It marks the Pro I as the most popular, the reason may the 1TB cloud storage may satisfy almost users’ need. Meanwhile, it offers users who purchase one-year Pro plan two-months of free cloud storage. And the actual charges are in Euros for all transactions finally and the price in your local currency is for estimation only.

Mega Cloud Storage Plans

Please note that since 2017, MEGA will take away 35GB of space after one month of signup. Also, the free cloud storage will finally disappear after a year even if you can extend the date by completing the MEGA achievements, such as, installing MEGASync or mobile app, and inviting friends.

Security of MEGA Cloud Storage

Security issue is one of the most important factors for users who want to sync or backup files to cloud storage freely. Although cloud storage avoids local and natural disasters to some extent, your data is still at risk owing to hackers or ransomware.

With MEGA cloud storage for PC and mobile, you can use private encryption on the client side, AES 128-bit encryption at rest, TLS protocol in transit and two-factor authentication as well.

Speed of MEGA Cloud Storage

The transfer speed is an eternal topic in all cloud storage because faster transfer speed can help users upload more files in a very short time and have a better user experience.

In MEGA cloud storage, the file will transfer at the most available speed regardless of your own plan. But your speed may also be affected by local network and internet service providers. In addition, if you are using MEGA cloud storage in New Zealand, Europe, and Canada, the result may be better.

This article cover the overall of MEGA cloud storage, including its highlight features, plans, speed and security. Please share with your friends in need. Click to tweet

Is MEGA Cloud Storage Safe to Use?

From above, you may get an overall of MEGA cloud storage. End-to-end encryption is a massive plus-point advantage for users who don’t want other people to access and view their data. MEGA cloud access the encrypted files, but doesn’t have the ability to decrypt them. Meanwhile, the AES-128 encryption increases faster response time and decreases the lag. Besides, its 50GB free storage, password protection and link expiration for sharing files is a huge plus.

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