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About Synology NAS and Google Photos

Nowadays, storage space in your PCs and mobile devices fills up faster than ever. So, users need high-capacity storage that can store huge data remotely to free up local space. For users, NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices and cloud storage are both good choices because both of them offers huge storage space.

Meanwhile, since NAS and cloud storage can keep your data far away from your physical devices, you can avoid data loss in many cases like system crash, hardware damage, natural disasters, and so on. Therefore, more and more users prefer to store and protect their data within NAS or cloud storage. Among them, Synology NAS and Google Photos are both well-known products.

As we all know, Synology NAS can connect to your home or office network so that you and other users you designate can access your files from PCs and mobile devices without plugging into the drive, which is very useful for both individuals and organizations. Although the initial cost of NAS may be higher due to equipment, in the long run, NAS is a cost-effective data storage solution.

As for Google Photos, it is one of the most popular cloud storage for photos and videos that famous for its generous storage space and unlimited storage space service for high-quality photos and videos (but this service will end on June 1, 2021).

In addition, it offers multiple useful apps to help users backup and access their files across different devices. What’s more, the initial cost of Google Photos is very low. It provides each user with 15 GB of free storage space and a cheap monthly subscription plan for a few dollars.

Can I sync Synology NAS with Google Photos?

“Hello, today I made a decision. I will use Synology for photo backup/sync photos solution. I have about 3000 photos/videos in Google Photos and want to sync them to Synology. Is there any way to do that? Looking forward to your kindly reply.”

Why sync Synology NAS with Google Photos?

Although both Synology NAS and Google Photos can keep your data safely, they also have their own disadvantages. For example, NAS devices are connected via a private network, steps need to be taken to ring-fence backup files from common security threats, such as ransomware. Meanwhile, cloud storage like Google Photos still faces the risks of malware infection, hacker attacks, etc. And if your provider suffers a security breach or closes their service, you will need to go elsewhere.

Therefore, to apply an extra layer of protection to their data, users may choose to backup Synology NAS to cloud. And users who use Synology NAS and Google Photos simultaneously and plan to sync files between them. In this way, even if there is something wrong with one backup solution, you will still have a backup version in another backup solution.

Besides that, since Google announces that they will end the unlimited storage space service in 2021, many Google Photos users may plan to transfer their data from Google Photos to another storage solution like Synology NAS. Thus, they can keep all data on one interface. If you have such requirements and looking for ways to achieve that easily, please read on to learn the detailed methods.

How to Sync Synology NAS with Google Photos securely?

As we all know, to help users sync Synology NAS to Dropbox, OneDrive, or other public cloud storage, Synology released a professional tool called Cloud Sync. However, this Synology Cloud Sync doesn’t support Google Photos directly. So, you can check the workarounds below to solve your problem.

Way 1. Sync via Symbolic Link Subfolder

Users of Google Drive or Google Photos must be familiar with Backup and Sync, which is the official desktop app for Google Drive. Once you download this app on your computer and set up a two-way sync between cloud and local computer, you will have a folder on your computer, which is synced with the cloud.

Therefore, you can set up the desktop app on your computer and let all your photos in Google Photos be synced to a local folder. Then, you can map the NAS device to a network drive on your computer and create a symbolic link and point it to the NAS drive. Then, all your contents will be synced automatically.

Step 1. Download and install the Backup and Sync app on your computer to have the sync folder on your computer.

Google Drive Folder

Step 2. Map the Synology NAS to a network drive on your computer.

Map Network Drive

Step 3. Then you need to create a symbolic link of your Google sync folder and point it to the NAS drive that you mapped. Then, the Google sync folder will treat it as a normal folder and sync its content, which means that a folder is synced with Synology NAS data.


Way 2. Sync via a Third-Party tool

It is not hard to see that though the method above is feasible, it is also complicated. Therefore, if you want to sync Synology NAS with Google Photos in an easier way, you can rely on a third-party tool like MultCloud. It is an online cloud to cloud sync service that covers more than 30+ leading clouds, including Google Photos, Google Drive, OneDrive, NAS, and so on.

Please follow the detailed steps to sync Synology NAS with Google Photos:

Step 1. Create one MultCloud account and it’s free of charge. Then, log in to your MultCloud account.

Sign Up

Step 2. Add your NAS account to MultCloud by clicking the Add Clouds button and then choose NAS.

Add Clouds Nas

Note: You should enable WebDAV service on Synology NAS before adding it. After enabling the service, you need to select NAS among cloud providers listed below, click on the Next button, authorize MultCloud to get access to your NAS account.

Step 3. Similarly, click on Google Photos and follow the instruction to finish adding your Google Photos to MultCloud.

Add Clouds Google Photos

Step 4. Since you want to achieve NAS sync to Google Photos, tap on Cloud Sync, select your NAS as the source, select Google Photos as the destination, click on Sync Now and the process will start.

Sync Nas To


Actually, syncing Synology NAS with Google Photos may be a little complicated because you can achieve that with Cloud Sync directly. However, it also can be easy if you follow the right method or rely on a useful tool like MultCloud. You can choose the way that suits you best.