How to Sync Computer Files to OneDrive: Two Ways

Don’t know how to sync your computer files to OneDrive, you should keep reading to get more details and also you will get a New and FREE way to sync your computer files.


by Jonna Lasted Updated August 30, 2023

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Why Sync Computer Files to OneDrive? 

OneDrive, developed by Microsoft, is a cloud-based storage solution. There are some reasons to sync computer files to OneDrive.


First, access your files from various platforms. OneDrive offers the convenience of syncing files seamlessly between your computer and the cloud, granting you access to your files from various locations: your computer, mobile device, and the OneDrive website at Whether you're adding, modifying, or removing a file or folder within your OneDrive directory, these actions are mirrored on the OneDrive website.

Second, protect your files from data loss. The vulnerability of data stored on computers to potential loss arising from hard drive malfunctions, system crashes, inadvertent mistakes, and malicious virus intrusions is well-established. However, OneDrive’s online storage can offer a protective buffer to safeguard crucial data.

How to Use OneDrive to Sync Computer Files?

Throughout our daily routines, a multitude of vital information finds its abode within the desktop folder for the sake of expediency. Yet, this also renders them susceptible to inadvertent deletion. In the following steps, you can sync your computer files, especially, sync desktop to OneDrive with ease.

Tips: For those operating Windows 10 and 11, the OneDrive application comes pre-installed on your computer. Hence, you can proceed directly to the following steps. For those not operating Windows 10 and 11, it becomes imperative to install the latest version of the OneDrive synchronization application tailored for Windows.

1. Execute the OneDrive client application and input your email address.

2. Then on the “Your OneDrive folder” screen, click on the "Next" option to confirm your acceptance of the default folder destination for your OneDrive files. Should you wish to modify the folder location, you can do so by selecting "Change location".

OneDrive Folder Location

3. On the “Get to know your OneDrive” screen, you will receive an overview of various features inherent to OneDrive.

4. Now click on "Open my OneDrive folder" to back up your computer to OneDrive.

Open My OneDrive Folder

A Free Helper to Sync Computer Files to OneDrive

Even though Windows 10/11 PCs already have the OneDrive app, which can auto backup files to OneDrive using OneDrive folder. However, the manual process of moving folders could potentially demand time and effort from your end. So there is a highly favorable option for syncing files to OneDrive - "CBackup," a free cloud backup service. Compared with OneDrive, CBackup offers more convenience for you to choose it.

CBackup offers a specialized synchronization feature known as "Sync PC to Public Cloud." This feature extends its support to a diverse array of data categories, encompassing files, folders, applications, hard drives, and even complete system backups. Impressively, CBackup creates public cloud connections with a multitude of prominent cloud storage providers, including but not limited to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other widely used platforms.

Let’s get started on how to use the powerful assistant - CBackup to sync your files to OneDrive. Please keep reading!

1. Download and install CBackup on your computer. Register for an account and log into CBackup desktop application.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Now you need to click “Storage” on the left pane to select OneDrive, then click “Authorize Now” to grant CBackup access to your cloud storage.

Select OneDrive

3. Now, you can click the “Sync” tab on the left menu choose “Sync PC to Public Cloud”, and then start to sync your files.

Choose PC to Public Cloud

4. Choose your computer files that you want to sync to OneDrive, and then select a folder as the destination. Now click “Start Sync”, your OneDrive sync desktop files from now on.

Select Target Location

 Tips:  If you want to sync your computer files to OneDrive automatically. You can set your task as a scheduled sync task, you can click “Settings”> “Scheduler” and set the time you want.

One Time Only

An Easy Way to Increase OneDrive Space for Free

OneDrive has 5GB of free storage and you can get more storage space only by subscribing to its paid plans. As your usage of space increases, so does the corresponding expenditure. But CBackup offers the capability of consolidating an unrestricted number of accounts, whether originating from the same cloud drive or distinct cloud drives. The combination gives you the ability to increase OneDrive storage without limitations as long as you have enough cloud accounts.

1. Now open your CBackup, let’s go on! You need to click Storage > Add Cloud.

My Storage Add Cloud

2. Now, click “Add Combined Cloud”, then choose the storage accounts that you want to combine, and click “Next”.

Add Combined Cloud

3. By the way, you can decide the cloud order in which your files will be stored and click Combine.

Combine Multiple Clouds

4. Now you can choose “Backup PC to Combined Cloud” or “Backup Public Cloud to Combined Cloud” to enjoy the combined huge space to backup your files.

Create Task


In a word, from this article, we know how to sync computer files to OneDrive, and besides that, there is an easier way to sync your computer files - CBackup. Compared with the limited OneDrive, CBackup is the best OneDrive alternative, which offers a free and convenient way to sync your files. Give it A try, you gonna love it.


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