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Why backup computer to Google Drive?

In recent years, people have gradually realized the importance of backup. And tend to back up data to a remote location. Therefore, offsite backup solutions like Google Drive is one of the most popular backup solutions for users. Generally, user backup computer to Google Drive for two main reasons as below:

Protect data: As we all know, as computers have been used longer and longer, we have more and more important data stored on the computer. However, after using the computer for a long time, various accidents are prone to occur, such as hardware damage, system crash, virus invasion, etc. So, backup the computer in advance is a good way to protect your important data.

Save disk space: As the data on the computer increases, the disk space will become less and less. Too much data on the disk will cause the computer to slow down. Therefore, backing up the data to a remote location other than the computer and deleting the files on the disk can free up some disk space.

How to backup computer files to Google Drive?

Actually, it is quite easy to backup files from a computer to Google Drive because you can rely on two official tools offered by Google Drive. Both of the tools are easy to use, please read on and learn how to backup computer using Google Drive.

Backup Computer to Google Drive

Part 1. Backup PC files to Google Drive via web app

To help users backup computer files to Google Drive easily on computers, Google Drive offers two upload tools. The first tool is the Google Drive web app, which can help you back up files manually with a browser. Here are the steps to use the Google Drive web app:

Step 1. Visit the Google Drive website on your Mac and log in to your account. If you use it for the first time, you can apply for an account first.

Step 2. Click My Drive on the main page, and then you can choose to upload files or Upload folder from your Mac computer.

Upload Files To Googledrive

Step 3. Then a window will pop up, you can select the file to be backed up and click Open to upload. This process can be repeated every time a file needs to be backed up.

Part 2. Backup PC files to Google Drive via desktop app

The second tool is a desktop app called Backup and Sync, which can help you sync files from your local computer to Google Drive automatically. When you set up the app on your computer, you will be asked to select the local folders that you want to sync to Google Drive.

And after setting, you will have a Google Drive folder on your computer, which can achieve two-way sync between PC and Google Drive. Please follow the steps below to backup PC to Google Drive via Google Backup and Sync:

Step 1. Download and install the Google Backup and Sync, enter your Google account on the Sign in page, and log in.

Google Drive Sign In

Step 2. In the second step, you can select the folder to be backed up. If you only want to back up a specific file, click CHOOSE FOLDER to select the folders, and then click NXET to continue.

Choose Windows Folders

Step 3. On the last screen, choose whether you want to sync your existing Drive files to your computer. Finally, select SRART, and the syncing will begin. As long as the program is running, all future changes will be automatically synced.

Sync Google Drive to Computer

How to backup entire computer to Google Drive?

If you want to backup entire computer including your system and all the data on your local hard drives to Google Drive, you should rely on a third-party tool that allows you backup entire computer to Google Drive easily. AOMEI Backupper Standard is such a backup tool that you can try.

AOMEI Backupper Standard is a free and professional backup software that can help you can backup files, systems, and disks to cloud drive, local hard drive, external hard drive, NAS, etc. easily and quickly. If you happen to need this, you can learn how to backup entire PC to Google Drive via AOMEI Backupper Standard with a few steps in the following.


Make sure that you have sufficient backup space in Google Drive to store all the data on your computer. If space is not enough, the backup task will fail. So, upgrade your account for more space if needed.

Download and install the Google Drive desktop app on your computer in advance. Remember the location of your Google Drive folder on your computer because you will need it later. The default folder location on your Windows 10 PC is set at “C:\Users\Your User Account Folder\Google Drive”.

Step 1. Download, install and launch AOMEI Backupper Standard. Click Backup > Disk Backup.

Disk Backup

Step 2. Select the disk in the computer you want to transfer everything from, and click Next.

Select Disk Source

Step 3. Click where the arrow point to select a destination path to store the image file. Click Select a local path and negative to the location of your Google Drive folder and choose it as your Backup destination

Disk Backup Destination

Bonus tip: get more backup space in Google Drive

Generally, Google Drive offers 15 GB of storage space for free, which is only enough for storing a few computer files. If you need to backup much computer data to Google Drive, you must need more storage space in Google Drive. To get more storage space, the easiest way must be upgrading your account. However, if you don’t want to pay for more storage space, you can also try to get more storage space by merging Google Drive accounts.

Since each Google Drive accounts provides 15 GB of free storage space, you can register multiple Google Drive accounts and merge them to enjoy countless 15 GB. There is a cloud backup service called CBackupper that allows you to add multiple Google Drive accounts on one interface and merge them with ease.

Step 1. Get started with CBackupper and sign in.

Sign Up

Step 2. Click Added Clouds > Add Cloud, then choose Google Drive and click Add, and follow the steps to allow CBackupper to access your Google Drive accounts.

Add Google Drive

Step 3. Then rename the Display Name, Storage Path, Allocate Space for Google Drive, and other settings, and then tick "Note: Please do not change the path directly in the third-party cloud disk, or modify or delete the backup file." option, click OK.

Add Google Drive Edit Settings

Step 4. Repeat the 2-3 steps to add other Google Drive accounts, then your Google Drive storage will be expanded.

Final words

The contents above show you how to backup computer files to Google Drive or backup the entire computer to Google Drive. No matter which methods you selected, you can follow the steps to achieve your goal easily.