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User case

“This morning, I logged in and noticed that Google Drive was creating duplicates of everything! In other words, it was uploading the data from my PC to the cloud but creating duplicates of all the folders that were already there! Do you know how to stop Google Drive from duplicating files? Please give me some suggestions. Thanks in advance!”

Can I stop Google Drive from duplicating files?

As one of the most popular cloud service, Google Drive enables users across the globe to sync their data in an absolutely secure manner. Meanwhile, users can access their data on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and most importantly on their Android-powered smartphone.

However, the file synchronization function brings convenience to users while also bringing some inconvenience to users. Sometimes, Google Drive can’t detect duplicate documents and uploading the same file repeatedly, which will not only take up your storage space but also bring much inconvenience to you.

If you find your Google Drive are creating duplicates of files or folders, don’t be panic, you can take some measures to stop google drive from duplicating files. Please read on to learn more detailed information about how to solve duplicate files and folders issue in Google Drive.

How to Stop Google Drive from duplicating files?

The following contents will show you how to prevent Google Drive from duplicating files with 3 effective methods and will also introduce two additional tips to remove duplicate items from Google Drive and avoid duplicate files issue with CBackupper.

Method 1. Remove uploaded items from the source folder

If Google Drive is uploading certain items that are already uploaded to Google Drive, you can remove already uploaded items out of backup source folders. Moreover, you should also take care to avoid uploading the same files or folder via different devices (desktops, laptops, notebooks, or phones).

Method 2. Uninstall and reinstall Google Backup and Sync

Sometimes, there is something wrong with your Google Drive synchronization function so it creates duplicates repeatedly. You can try to solve this problem by uninstalling and reinstalling Google Drive Backup and Sync.

Step 1. Type Control Panel in the Search box of Windows 10 and choose the best-matched one.

Step 2. In the pop-up window, choose to Uninstall a program under Programs to continue.

Step 3. Then select the Backup and Sync from Google and right-click it.

Uninstall Google Drive

Step 4. Next, click Uninstall to continue.

Step 5. After that, you can go to and download the Backup and Sync from Google again.

Method 3. Turn off the sync feature and upload files manually

If all solutions above don’t work for you, I’m afraid you have to give up on the automatic file sync feature and manually drag and drop local files to Google Drive on the webpage. And, download directly from the cloud to the local.

Step 1. Go to the Google Drive website and sign in to your Google Account.

Step 2. On the main page of Google Drive, click My Drive and then choose Upload files... or Upload folder... to upload your files manually.

Googledrive Upload Content

Step 3. If you need to download files, you can right-click the file or folder and choose Download in the drop-down menu.

Google Drive Download

Bonus tips about duplicate files or folders in Google Drive

Tip 1. How to remove duplicate items from Google Drive?

To remove duplicate items like duplicate folders in Google Drive, you can choose to remove them manually or rely on a third-party duplicates cleaning tool. Actually, many users are unwilling to remove duplicates in Google Drive manually due to time-wasting. So, you can choose a suitable tool on the market. Here is an example:

Note: Please make sure that Google Drive does not perform a sync function from cloud to local. Otherwise, your local source files may be removed at the same time when you delete duplicates from Google Drive.

Step 1. Download the Easy Duplicate Finder tool on your computer. Then, follow the steps to install it on your computer.

Step 2. Once you have the app launched, select “Google Drive” under “Scan Mode.” Then, log into your Google account, give Easy Duplicate Finder access. When access is granted, the program will start scanning your Google Drive file’s metadata to identify duplicates.

Easy Duplicate Finder

Step 3. When the scan has finished, review the list of duplicate audio, video, and document files identified as duplicates. You can preview the files, select which files you want to keep, and seamlessly remove duplicates from Google Drive in just one click.

Tip 2. How to avoid duplicate files in Google Drive in the feature?

Although Google Drive is advanced in many aspects, it also brings some troubles to users and makes users feel upset. If you are fed up with issues with Google Drive, you can switch to other cloud backup services like CBackupper to do local items upload to cloud tasks. The client that CBackupper offers to do Windows cloud backup is clear and easy-to-use.

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Besides the PC client version for PC cloud backup, CBackupper also has a free web version that can help you add clouds like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc, and move files between cloud storage directly. So, no matter you want to find a Google Drive alternative or convert Google Drive to OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP, etc., CBackupper can help you achieve it easily.

You can follow the steps below to backup Google Drive with CBackupper.

Step 1. Go to the CBackupper website and create a CBackupper account freely. Then, sign in.


Step 2. Add and authorize your cloud storage services under the Clouds tab. Then select Google Drive and click OK. After that, sign in to your account, give access to CBackupper.

Add Google Drive

Step 3. Then, your cloud drive is listed on the left and you can see the free and used space of each cloud. You can create a backup task via CBackupper to backup files at any time according to your needs.

Create Task

Step 4. Click Add source to add Google Drive as a backup source and click Add Destiantion to add another added cloud storage as backup target. Finally, click Start Backup.

Add Source Destination


How to stop Google Drive from duplicating files has been shown above, you can try the methods one by one to solve your problem. However, Google Drive duplicating files will not only take up your cloud storage space but also waste your time to handle it. Therefore, to avoid this kind of issue in the feature, you can use the CBackupper PC client to replace Google Drive or use free CBackupper to backup and sync files to Google Drive or other cloud drives that you have.

And besides cloud backup, CBackupper can also help you combine cloud storage to manage multiple cloud storage in one interface and take full use of all the cloud storage space, saving both your time, effort and money. What’s more, it is a free web-based tool, so you don’t have to download any app and pay any fee! Don’t hesitate to use it!