2 Easy Ways: How to Restore OneDrive Files to PC

How to restore OneDrive files to PC? If you have any doubts about the backup, dismissal, and restoration of files, you will find the answer in this article.


by Jonna Lasted Updated November 16, 2023

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How Do I Restore Files from OneDrive to My Desktop?

Nowadays, computer users find themselves creating a vast volume of data. And there comes the problem "We don't have enough space to place our data". OneDrive emerges as a prominent example of such cloud-based solutions to help users sync computer files online and free up space on computer.

However, the question that follows is if OneDrive files are deleted or lost by accident, is it possible to restore OneDrive files to PC? Of course, there are some solutions but you have to spend a lot of time to restore your data because OneDrive provides users with the capability to upload their files online. In other words, which means your files will move from your local location to OneDrive.

Restore OneDrive Files to PC

Can OneDrive Files be Restored?

The primary focus of OneDrive is not made for backup. Rather, it serves as a virtual storage platform that allows users to maintain their files online, eliminating the space to store them on the local computer. This approach proves particularly advantageous for devices constrained by limited disk space.

However, instances have emerged where users experienced the missing, or deleting of their files following backup or synchronization. Inquiries like "my OneDrive files are missing!" have been raised by certain users. Undoubtedly, there are some solutions to restore OneDrive files to PC. Keep reading, you will figure out what you need!

Restore OneDrive Files to PC - Two Solutions

Within the Windows operating system, the OneDrive folder functions as a local directory that undergoes consistent uploading to the cloud. So there comes a problem "When I backed up desktop, documents, and pictures, they all were removed from my PC and only available on OneDrive".

Don't worry! After reading, you will know how to restore files from OneDrive to PC and find a powerful alternative to solve the issue.

How to Restore Files through OneDrive

If your files still exist in your OneDrive, the following steps can quickly help you restore your files. Please check it out!

1. Sign in your OneDrive account at the link: https://onedrive.live.com/login/.

2. Choose the files you want to restore and right-click > Download.

Download OneDrive

3. The last step is to choose a location for your files.

If you unintendedly delete your files, there is a possibility to recover them from the recycle bin.

1. Log in your account > Recycle Bin on the left pane.

2. Select the files you need and click Restore.

Recover Files

But it is crucial to remember that, as a default behavior, any content you delete will persist in the Recycle bin on OneDrive for a maximum of 30 days. And the official announcement said, "If a file has been permanently deleted from your OneDrive recycle bin, it can never be recovered".

Therefore, if you delete your files from the recycle bin, you need professional help to restore files from OneDrive to PC. By the way, you already know the disadvantage of OneDrive and it wastes much time to restore your data. So why not choose a reliable and convenient way to backup and store your files? Here you can choose a powerful assistant to solve your problem with simple clicks.

An Ideal Alternative Perform OneDrive Backup and Restore

The vulnerability of data stored in the cloud exposes it to potential loss, requiring much time and effort to restore. Not only OneDrive, but various other cloud storage providers such as Dropbox and Google Drive have encountered instances of missing files. To change the situation, we strongly advocate the utilization of a proficient cloud backup software - CBackup.

CBackup Main Page

CBackup safeguards your files by backup to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other clouds. This software is further enriched with many functions, including scheduled backups (in advanced version), file sync, email notifications, and so on. You can set up backup routines for Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox—all for free. Here let's see how to use CBackup to perform  OneDrive backup and restore your files.

There is no version limit or time limit to restore files from CBackup to PC. In other words, as long as the backup version is saved in CBackup, it can be restored no matter whether your files saved more than 30 days or not.
In addition to backing up your local files to OneDrive, CBackup also supports backing up your important OneDrive files to Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP/SFTP, or other OneDrive accounts. In this way, you can access your files from different locations.

1. Download the CBackup app and then register an account, and open CBackup on your desktop and input your email and password > click Log In.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Now click Storage on the left pane > then add your first cloud drive, click OneDrive > Authorize Now and sign in your cloud account to complete the authorization.

Select OneDrive

3. Click the Backup button on the left side and choose Backup PC to Public Cloud.

Create Task

4. The final step is to select the files you want to backup and choose your file's destination. Click Start Backup.

Start Backup Files to OneDrive

Look! With just a few clicks, you already backup your important files. Now, let me introduce how to restore OneDrive files to PC by CBackup.

1. Click Tasks on the left pane, and click the three-dot icon > Restore.

Find Restore

2. Choose the files you want to restore, and decide the Restore Destination, and click Start Restore.

Ready to Restore


We hope this article will help you to solve how to restore OneDrive files to PC. In order to easily operate your computer to backup and restore files, CBackup will provide an extremely powerful assistant. Wish you have a nice day!

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